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I live in Colo. and absolute despise the Buffs. They always find a way to play over their heads against us and it retards us down to their level. They are a weird team at home. I wonder if they get so amped up that it hurts them eventually (save 2001 of course).

Well there's a lot on the line. What a scare game this is. We need the momentum. Bo has us in a good place on the road. I like how we play on the road. Buffs have 2 extra days rest and naturally our defense was on the field for so damn long last night.

I hope that other teams in the conference have overlooked CU so as to explain why they've kept themselves close against TX and OSU. I do know their O-line is ripe to get abused. But their defense has played pretty inspired despite the knack for giving up huge plays. I heard they've given up more than 50 plays of 20 yards or longer this year. Can we exploit that? I don't think we will, but we'll grind out a tough one. I see us winning the game 23-16.

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Colorado needs to be destroyed!!!!!!!! As always of course. Dan Hawkins will be everyone thats not a CU fan. Hope he gets a nice box for his crap. I also, have a deep seeded loathing for everything Boulder Buffalo! MOST of their fans are pathetic. I really shouldn't throw the blanket over all of them but after living amongst them it's VERY tempting.
I don't know that I will ever be able to accept this game as a true rivalry. I need the competition to be more evenly matched year for year.
The last few years, decade perhaps, have been more balanced. But I grew up watching the buffalos get treated like prison bitches before the big dance against Oklahoma. If they want a true rivalry, they need to kick our asses for at LEAST two more decades b4 we take them seriously.
With all that said, their fans won't make a peep until they pull off a miracle win! Then they are insufferable. If they beat the huskers and finish 4 and 8, 3 and 9, or 1 and 10, they will consider the season a winner!
Thats why they need to be destroyed. So that all the fans of CU can finish the season feeling sick. Empty. Let down. Angry. Frustrated. Stupid! for rooting for the tatonkas. And obviously, jealousy. Because they can't have a team like ours!
This game has that trap feel again. I think more than a few fans are looking past it and already getting ready for Texas. I'm sure Bo will have the team focused and ready to go Friday, we as fans need to be ready as well. This is CU btw, every now and then they like to put a few shivers up the Husker faithful spine.
I will be the first to admit that I nearly forgot about this game once we had clinched the Big 12 North Title. This is funny because one, I hate the Buffs with a passion, and two they think it's a rivalry when we just see it as the last game before we go bowling.

I will admit that this is a dangerous game. Colorado is not very strong on defense (giving up huge plays), but does have the tools to score some points on offense (great running back and a really good tight end). I know our defense will be tough and is looking to tighten things up before the showdown in Dallas so I don't see Colorado scoring more than one TD even in their last home game.

The offense is going to run over these guys with inspired play from Roy Helu and Niles Paul. this will be the first team we dominate on the other side of the ball since we played Louisianna-Lafayette. I know Colorado usually plays us tight being the last game of the season, but F^#$ them!

NU - 45
CU - 17

Fearless Prediction: Dan Hawkins is hit with a bottle (or some other hard object) by his own fans and will be carried off the field in his last game as the Buffs head coach. Niles Paul and Roy Helu each score 2 TD and SUH and Crick combine for 5 sacks on the day (maybe one more from Dillard). Asante knocks a receiver unconcious and Matty O gets one more pick before the seasons end.

NU 17 CU 7 I think CU has been playing the second best football in the Big 12 North. This game will not be a gimme for sure.

Where the hell did this so called "rivalry" come from for the COLO and NU game? COLO has never been a rival of NU...Can anyone answer this question?
I always beleived that a game became a rivalry because over the years the two teams played tough /close games, the outcome of the game determined a champion, and because the fans (on both sides)beleived it was a rivalry.

Lets break this down a just a little:

If you ask any Husker fan "Who is Nebraska's rival" they are going to tell you that it is Oklahoma! Thanks to the switch to the Bi 12 (north/south) Nebraksa now only gets to play Oklahoma every two years (I along with just about every sports writer and fan in the country thinks this is a travisty). Oklahoma holds a slightly better record against Nebraska (44-37-3) with each team holding a better record at home (Nebraska 22-18-2 at home and Oklahoma 23-16 at home). In addition some of the best games in college football history took place between these two teams leading one or the other to the National Title (Nebraska - 5 Oklahome - 7). Nebraksa and Oklahoma have won a combined 88 conference titles (NU 46 and OU 42) with 8 Heisman trophy winners (5 OU and 3 NU), and 122 All Americans (NU - 52 and OU - 70).This my friends is a rivalry!!!!!

Now lets take a look at the (so called) Colorado Vs. Nebraska Rivalry.

As of today Nebraska hold a record of 47-18-2 aginst Colorado in the 67 games the two have played against eachother with Nebraska dominating in both Lincoln and Boulder. Nebraska's longest winning streak during that time was 18 games (Colorado an impressive 3). Nebraska has gone on to win 5 National Titles (all undefeated seasons) while Colorad has one 1 (1990 with one loss and one tie (should have went to Georgia Tech who finished undefeated)). This is not a rivalry game!!!!

In the past few years Colorado has managed to pull off a couple of wins (4 of the last 10 games) and somehow beleives it is up to Nebraska's level. I'm sorry to all of you Buff fans!! Nebraska vs. Colorado will NEVER be a rivalry because Colorado will never get to the level of excellence that Nebraska has held for years. Colorado will never have the fans, the players, the coaches, or the storied history that Nebraska takes so much pride in.

Thank you for that GOOD answer...... Let's mop COLO and get ready to stomp Texas.

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