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Well I think we hang around. There's literally zero pressure on this team to win this game...which really can work both ways. Play relaxed, have fun and stay in the game...or play relaxed, get down and not care. I'm hoping on the former. Kessler averages 292yds/game in the air with a 70% completion rate. 36TDS and 4INTS. NFL QB. We do not have that. And our defense is still a big question mark to me. Unless we are a perfect storm....there will be continued disorganization from this staff at some point, especially if we get down. Decent effort comes up short.

USC 38 NU 27

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'Going against NU?   Such blasphemy from the Trashman!

Bowl games are often times full of upsets.  That's why NU is only .500 in them in past history. 

USC is favored by 7.  That's about right IMO.  Homefield advantage to the Helmeted Guys.

I see an upset.

Bo'less CornSmackers  31

TrogJam Swordwielders  28

if you just cherry pick Kessler's passing stats then yes he's the clear cut winner but if you add in his -149 rushing yds and add Tommy's 664 rushing it's 279.7  to 248.2 total offense. 31.5 yds difference total between the two which is easily offset by the Husker rushing advantage and dont forget the Gregory factor (NFL prospect) in this NON NFL GAME ;)

that said and having dispelled all the myths both teams have really good offenses with middle of the road defense and great Special Teams (a little advantage to Pierson-El over Agholor)

advantage USC in turn over margin +11 to -2 on the year

Advantage Huskers on sacks allowed -18 to -30

this will be a shoot out if Armstrong & Co can hang onto the ball and Kessler doesn't get rag dolled to much

High Octain Grain 37

Ribbed Condoms 35

Gregory will finally have his ears pinned back in this game and Jack Gangwish may be foaming at the mouth but thats a different storyline

Because this is a Bo built team and many of the players kind of developed a Bo type attitude while here, I think this game will not go down as some believe it will.  Our defense is just bad against decent teams and this will be the best team we played this year since Wisconsin, Michigan State and Minnesota  We are away from Lincoln and are again in the national spotlight and that usually spells disaster for Bo designed teams.  I said many years ago Bo's teams play with no heart and Bo refers to it as "want to" and "mentally weak players".  When you abuse players minds, they tend to fall apart when faced with any kind of adversity.  One thing that could help them is if they get off to a good start and start rolling.  Without the sideshow over on the sidelines to worry about, they could do the unexpected and the younger players that have the future to look forward to with a real football coach may step up.  The question is, how will they all respond?  I believe with all of the nagging injuries, all of the changes in the last thirty days, the Bo speech and their "us against the world" mindset Bo taught them, it may be a blowout.  I say 45-10 USC.  This would put the final touch on the Pelini era and then Nebraska can look forward to the future under new and knowledgeable leadership.  We will see tomorrow evening.

your not even gonna qualify it with a "hope I'm wrong" are you?

Here is a quote from Steve Sarkisian:  "I said this to our team when the game got chosen and you started to look at the film, 'This is the best football team we've played all year'....Nebraska is a couple of plays from being 11-1 and playing in a conference championship."

Wow...ya gotta love coach hype, eh?

Boomer,  now why would I do that?  I would have not said a thing if that were the case.   Let it go, Bo was fired because he lacked class, integrity, sportsmanship and  couldn't win the games that mattered per the University of  Nebraska.  Bo was reprimanded on his second day of his new job at YSU.  Some people will never learn!  Some of us always knew he would be fired unfortunately, we had to wait a number of years.  I would have fired him for his childish behavior at the Texas A & M game.  

Lol. Yet another person who wasn't paying attention to Husker football this year. 11-1? Yeah, right.

Huskers will play loose and free.  Hey, it's the holidays and there is no pressure!  And no cussin' and spittin' and finger pointin' and blamin'....  I see a good game, but not a win for NU. 

Scarlet & Cream: 23

Cardinal & Gold: 38

Well, I was wrong on the final score (45-10 USC), but was spot on with USC's total points.  This game had it all and our seniors sent Bo out with yet another  Bowl Loss.  The empty bus seat, the Pelini name on the arm tape and Bo written on the back of the helmet didn't help the team effort in the end.  It was just the another display of poor judgement and teamwork by a few of the players! The defense gave up over 500 yards and allowed 45 points in the loss.  There was a sideline scuffle by Bo's staff which was also a nice reminder of Bo. Beck coached the offense from the sidelines probably because Bo was no longer there to disrupt his train of thought.  The Bo era officially ended last night with a total of 28 losses that can be attributed to the fired former Husker head coach.   I say that because if they would have won the game, the win would have surely been due to Bo.  The bottom line is; it is finally  over.  If any of the hangers on want to see Bo perform now, they will have to go to Ohio to see him perform!  Riley's first act will be to rebuild the players mentally. The changes coming in the  S & C program should help weed out those that can't or won't make the mental adjustments.  Once the players become a team again, the march to National respect will begin.  Bring on Winter Conditioning!  Don't forget in your rebuttal,, USC had four losses and was ranked at the bottom of the Top 25.  So this wasn't a good loss and we finished Bo's final season out of the Top 25 again!  It is in the History Books forever!   

Bo did a lot of good things here (and a few bad) but time to move on to the Riley era

trust me when I say I will still be supporting Riley long after the fair weather fans have thrown in the towel

as always GO BIG RED and


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