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Do you agree with the way coach pelini has handled the aftermath of the oklahoma game?

coach pelini did not let any players talk to the press after the game. right or wrong? is it better to not dwell on the blowout loss, or, do you allow the players, fans, and press to get it out of their system?

another thing. i like how pelini protects his players by putting all the blame on himself, but is their a downside to this as well, like in recruiting? i mean, if you keep telling everyone that you, as a head coach keep making mistakes, who is going to want to play under you? i do not advocate "throwing the players under the bus" but is there/should there be another way to explain mistakes?

also, what is the short answer for not giving more playing time to thenarse and culbert? could those two actually play worse then asante and ohanlon?

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It was a joke. Blame yourself but reward RESULTS with playing time. Guys keep making the same mistakes. Simple crossing routes and guys running open with no one in site for twenty yards. Why do our d-backs play off ten yards when they are on the seven? To me that's coaching. Watch Tx or Ou or whoever.....their d-backs don't play off any more than four or five yards...tie them up and disrupt the timing.
The OU game reminded me of an adult flag football game. They didn't need to do laundry after the game. Poor effort.
Anyone else see this? I caught it on

Pelini acknowledges he needs to control temper for good of program
Associated Press

Updated: November 4, 2008, 6:24 PM ET
LINCOLN, Neb. -- Bo Pelini knows he needs to cool it.

The first-year Nebraska coach acknowledged his volatile sideline demeanor is casting a negative light on himself and the program.

Big 12 blog's Tim Griffin writes about all things Big 12 in his conference blog.

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Pelini has drawn unwanted attention for his tirades against officials, assistant coaches and players. He said Tuesday at his weekly news conference that he knows his temper could hurt the university's image and work against the Cornhuskers in recruiting, especially with videos of him seething and screaming readily available on YouTube.

A montage of Pelini blowups was posted on that Web site Monday and had generated more than 1,000 hits by Tuesday.

"Perception is reality, so that's something I've got to fix," Pelini said. "I understand that. I'm a highly emotional guy. I've got to be careful."

Pelini, whose bickering with officials earned him an unsportsmanlike conduct late in a loss to Virginia Tech, had downplayed his sideline conduct before this week. But he said he realized he had a problem when a couple lip-reading family members pointed out their disapproval of his behavior in last Saturday's 62-28 loss at Oklahoma.

"I regret that," said Pelini, married with three young children. "There's a difference between being animated and using some words you wish you didn't use."

TV cameras showed Pelini consoling quarterback Joe Ganz after an interception return on Nebraska's first play from scrimmage gave OU a two-touchdown lead. But as things unraveled -- the Huskers trailed 28-0 six minutes in -- Pelini's anger revved up.

He was shown repeatedly yelling into his headset, badgering officials and quickly grabbing the facemask of a player who had just been ejected.

"I'm not perfect by any means, and I understand that," Pelini said. "What I try to do is evaluate what's happening with me and try to learn from it.

"My job is to coach and represent this university in a particular way all the time, and if I ever fall short, that's something that hurts me personally. And it's something I have to fix."

The Big 12 supervisor of officials, Walt Anderson, has received no complaints about Pelini's conduct from any referee or official, spokesman Bob Burda said.

"It's encouraging that Bo recognized the problem and has decided to self-correct," Burda said.

Pelini said he initiated a discussion about his behavior with athletic director Tom Osborne this week. Osborne, known for his stoic persona during a career that netted 255 wins and three national titles in 25 years, was supportive and told him it's imperative to comport himself the right way, Pelini said.

Osborne declined an interview request Tuesday. He said after the Sept. 27 Virginia Tech game that any discussion between him and Pelini on the matter would remain private.

"Coach Osborne knows the type of person I am, the kind of heart I have, and he also understands how emotional I am," Pelini said. "From my standpoint, I've got to be smarter."

Pelini said there is no connection between his behavior and the rash of 17 personal fouls called on the Huskers through nine games.

"I will say this is not an undisciplined football team in how it acts on or off the football field," he said.

His players don't seem to have a problem with Pelini's temperament.

"Every coach has his way of getting his views across to a player on the sideline," defensive end Zach Potter said. "He's a get-in-your-face kind of guy. I don't think he's going to change because some of us might not like it or the media is coming after him saying you shouldn't get into players' faces like that."

Linebacker Cody Glenn said Pelini's just trying to manage the game.

"I don't think he's attacking the person or yelling at them. He's trying to fix the problem," Glenn said. "There might be someone who's not on the same page as everybody else."

Pelini offered no apologies for briefly clutching defensive tackle Terrence Moore's facemask after Moore had been ejected late in the game for trying to punch an Oklahoma player.

"He's a young man who took a swing at somebody on the field," Pelini said. "To me, that's something very undisciplined and not going to be tolerated on our football team. If I need to grab his facemask so he gets the point and he looks me in the eye, I'm going to make a point.

"I'm not going to hit the young man. I would never do that."

Copyright 2008 by The Associated Press
The reason the backs play so far back is that we don't have the speed to keep up with Texas or OU and if you really look at it thats why Bo made everybody lose wight. I think he's doing the best with what hes got and we have to give him time. We have three games left and they are veary winable games. Bo's anger issuses are probably comming fom the lack of talent and knowing that we are better then how we have been playing and what our record shows .
THANK YOU Jason. Too much bitching is going on about BO being a big "meani" on the sidelines. That is how you coach football my friends. The Players aren't fragile. They will be ok. I promise.
One of the most important things, from my point of view, is that our coaches appropriately represent the values of the University.

Bo does not. His tempermental style is a distraction. It serves no purpose.

He was a hiring mistake...we have 5 wins; the most significant of which is vs. Western Michigan.

We could have done much, much better.

I'd rather be stuck with DUI Solich.
Bo is similar to Coach Bible, and Coach Devaney. We're so used to T.O. that we're not used to the fire and lightning bolts approach any more. He'll calm down some in the next couple years, but this is his style. He'll learn exactly how far he can go without getting flagged, and cross it every once in a while.

Let's not talk wins and losses until the season is done. We can't say Solich would have won T.T. , VT or OU this year, and we can't assume we'll get no more wins this season. It's a moot point till the season is over. Give Bo a chance, or root for Ohio if you really want Solich. Either way Bo is here as long as T.O. is/
cmon really tom he was a hiring mistake? give it a few years i bet you will see two things happen first of all his sideline damenor will level out and once he starts winning and gains some respect in the big 12, more and more calls will go his way

Only time will tell. In 2004 many were drinking the Callahan Kool Aid. Now we've moved on to the Bo Pelini Kool Aid.

Ours is a winnable division.....ISU, KU, MU, CU and KSU. None of these programs have any real football tradition.

If we were in the South we'd be dead.....

MU crushed us for the 3rd time in 4 years. Pinkel is a great coach. It took him a long time after leaving Toledo to build a program at MU as they had no football tradition.

We have (had) a football tradition but have not won the Big 12 in forever...even in 2001 when Miami made fools of us in Pasadena.

In direct contrast, look what Saban has done at Bama. They had ZERO players drafted by the NFL last year but got off to a good start (and slow finish including a loss to LA-Monroe).

Their QB, John Parker Wilson, could not hold Ganz' jock strap. In year 2 he has them 9-0 in the SEC with a win vs. UGA.

He is a football coach. So far, Bo is a Coordinator who hopes to become a head coach.

No real proof yet other than our continued wishful thinking.....
I'm with Jason here. Sure Bo has made mistakes, but he's done way better than Callahan would have this year. We're a game away from going bowling. At this point we could be looking at a 8 win or even 9 win, if we win a bowl, season. Either way we won't know a lot about Bo's team until we're looking at Bo's team. He done wonders with Callahan's team, but face it, he's had to start from scratch with them.

On another note, if Jason is saying to give him time, you should listen. Jason hates loosing! I mean HATES loosing. He's not a moral victory fan. So if he's still on board, we're showing the right signs! Rainbows and sunshine on the horizon!
Got me. I'm moving on. We got Kansas tomorrow, got to go find my lucky shirt.

I think the way Pelini is handling things is alright. Yes, it is different than what we are used to, but hey, a emotional coach might be what this team needs right now. We all look at Coach Osborne as the best role model to have in coaching, he is the one that brought in Pelini and we should trust that decision. Personally, I like it when a coach fesses up to making mistakes,it shows that he to is learning and growing with the team. Give Pelini time guys, he is the right man for the job.
We all look at Coach Osborne as the best role model to have in coaching, he is the one that brought in Pelini and we should trust that decision.

Coach Osborne brought us Frank Solich. Frank may be a nice guy with a DUI; but how good of a coach is he?

HINT: Check the record of the Ohio University Bobcats since 2004!
They all are Coordinators looking to be HC's Tom that is the progression, you cant be a HC first then a Assistant, it just doesnt work that way. If needed I can explain why your usually not hird to be the head and then promoted to the tail... Everyone in CFB would be in trouble if they were in the Big 12 South, that isnt a argument with value.
We beat the crap out of MU for years and you want to hold the record of the last 5 yrs up as History of the 2 teams... The reason MU is having some reasonable succsess now is they didnt do what you are advacating and fire a HC in the first 2-3 years they were in place, Pinkel was terrible his first 3 years a t MU.
Do you really think Nick (I have no personal integrity Saban) would have taken the NU job with all the problems we had in and the recruiting needs we have? The succsess he is having isnt based just on his coaching but his staff, there schedule, injuries, and the ability to have players buy in to the system. We are making alot of headway on our team, our D was 118th last year we were horrid... horrid! The D line has made hugh strides we have gotten better. We have some glaring holes to fill in our roster, but the the major accomplishmnet we made was redshirting 23 kids this year, 3 years from now a few will be All Big 12 players (how long has it been since we had more than 2 of thos in a season) and we will look back and see a blueprint to rebuild, and it was done with hard work and persiverence not Saban Magic.

Go to the Game today, get behind your team, stay till the end, and do the mature thing hold on till a prudent time frame to judge the job BO has done, 5 years is prudent in my eyes.

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