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How many Husker fans typically show up at the Fairfax watch location?

Is the location dedicated to Husker Fans, like the Union Pub, on Saturdays?

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ICONS is not dedicated to only Nebraska fans. But a few of us that were attending Damon's are going there. ICONS would love to have a discussion with the Alumni Chapter to be a second location dedicated to Husker Fans but until the chapter is willing to have that discussion, ICONS cannot make that promise. I asked the chapter if they would consider hosting a second site since the Washington alumni chapter in Seattle hosts two separate locations but I have not heard from them. In the meantime, if we can get more and more Husker fans to attend there, we might be able to get some interest.

How big is the crowd? I am going to the Taste of Nebraska for the K-State game and I can bring it up with Kelly (?), the Chapter Pres. He would have to realize any dent in the Union Pub crowd would likely NOT be that noticable, as the 300+ during the last few games has been TOO much.
How may went to Damons in the past? I like large, but not too large. I just moved here from Georgia and it was a struggle to get any commitment down that way too. The VFW hosted us...all 10 of us, in Brunswick, GA.

I think it would be great if you could mention it to Kelly. I have no doubt that the DC alumni chapter could support two locations and that the Capitol Hill crowd would not be impacted.

For the Washingon game there were three of us. But no one really knows about ICONS at this point. There were times at Damons that there were 10 of us. And sometimes during the Holidays there might only be one.

I, too, am going to the Taste of Nebraska. But I don't like going to Capitol Hill partly because you have to be there two hours to get a decent seat, the food is not that great, and the sightlines to the television were not great.

So I am really, really hoping that we can get more people to join us at ICONS.


Good evening and GO BIG RED. I just moved to Haymarket VA. I have been down to Union Pub and agree with what you are saying. I am looking for a watch sight closer. I would like to see you at ICONS. Do you sit in one spot? Do they have sound dedicated for you all during the game? I have never been there, but would like to make the number one or two more (whenever I can talk my wife into coming). take care and let me know. Thanks!
Hello, MM!

It would be great to be able to consistently get a dozen people at ICONs. So I hope you can join us.

This appears to be a fairly new place. And they don't seem to have a fan base for any team yet. I am sure Virginia Tech will have the most fans there. But I have not seen many there yet.

They have been working on wiring the place for sound so that it is possible to have various areas with sound more dedicated to a team. But when Mike, Dee and I were there for the Washington game they put us in front of a nice television and turned up the sound so we could hear it. But they had the sound for one game on in the place. But that did not disturb us.

When I go to the Taste of Nebraska I will mention it to others. Hopefully, we can get more thre.

I hope to see you and your wife at the Texas game!

Gordon- Have you thought of telling the web managers of They might highlight it on their website like they have others...that might give it a little more viz.

Huskerpedia and HuskerMax have listed it on the game watch site. Are you thinking of other things that can be done.

I have also asked ICONs if they would give me one of the display cases to display husker stuff. I want as much visibility as possible from and plus any walk-in folks. I have not heard whether ICONs will give me that spare display case.

And I will be talking to Kelly at the Taste of Nebraska. I hope the alumni chapter is receptive to a 2nd game watch site to help promote it. And if you can mention it to them, too, that would be great!

I am hopeful that we can get a small group and begin to grow it.

That would be great. My niece and I will show up for the OSU game at ICONs.
See you at the Texas Game. GO BIG RED. - Mark
Great, Mark! It will be fun to have a group of us at ICONs.
You can expect two more fans at ICONs for this upcoming OSU game.
ALL - is it pretty much guaranteed that ICONS can get any NEBR televised game, even if its regional? I see the ABC regional map shows limited broadcast in the US of the NU @ OKST game and hope that ICONS can get it.


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