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In my defense, when I posted a comment about this game possibly being a blowout, I guess I was counting on the RECEIVERS CATCHING THE DAMN BALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Coaches made two BAD mistakes. One, they should have reviewed that Kyler Reed catch because it was a catch (1 foot down) and a first down! Second, you DON'T onside kick the ball with 3 minutes left and two timeouts. And as far as our receivers are concerned, they should replace them all with walk-ons from the middle of “corn country” because they would sell their souls for a chance to catch a football in Memorial Stadium!

This team did not have it from the beginning of the game. Texas was well prepared for "T-Magic" although I still love the way he balls. I thought Zach Lee did a great job coming in and made some nice throws. I guess the hair gel was not getting into his eyes. Where to go from here? Oklahoma State will be tough. Colorado, Kansas, and A&M are very beatable. Unfortunately, we are not even guaranteed the North Division because Missouri will be no pushover.

Nebraska came back down to Earth today and left behind a deep smoking crater.
Is it just me, or are they playing better ball on the road?!
Seems like it. National Championship is obviously TOTALLY out of the picture now. All we can do is win the Big 12, and that's very unlikely. I don't see this Nebraska team beating a Bob Stoops coached Oklahoma team. Oh well. There's always the Holiday Bowl...
most likely although seems almost all teams have one loss already and Oregon st got another loss and nevada making boise states schedule even more laughable. I am not sure that they would stay ahead of a one loss team even if they do go undefeated.
bob let me get this right a schedule that include so far virginia tech wyoming oregon state new mexico state toledo san jose state is totally laughtable. however a real serious schedule includes idaho western kectucty (i believe had the longest steak in the nation) south dakota state (a division two team who was winless) kansas state texas washington. Bob i realy believe there is a chance if we would had been preparing our freshmen qb for a team like texas by playing some average football teams in the preseason perhap we would had been more prepared and perhap won the texas game. the nebraska schedule for 2010 in the pre conference was a total joke at nebraska.
I don't get blaming this loss on our having a freshman QB. Taylor is fast, really fast. But I think it is illegal for him to throw it up in the air and go catch it himself. Can't blame the QB when he has 6 dropped passes and at least 3 of them should have been for 6. We should have won this game no problem and it's not T-Marts fault. This one is on the receivers and particularly a one Niles Paul who's been saying "Get me the ball". Sit down and shut up Niles. Bo shouldn't let him see the field again.
I am curious to where the creativity is on offensive plays. I am sick of seeing the hand off to Niles Paul. Has that worked once? I love the martinez runs but it is all we have done all season until we put Lee in. Does Martinez not know the offense? Or do we not have an offense? It seems like Watson has a formula and is unwilling to adapt no matter what the situation. I do give him some kudos for putting Lee in but why not put Martinez in too? he is athletic enough to play slot or something else when not in at qb. We could have run some wild cat or something. anything. instead we kept to the same plan that went no where until the game was over. I am having a hard time believing in Watson. I would love to see more play action pass or option. we have the offense to do it. I would love to see more trickery. I know we dropped a lot of passes. I know we could have won if we caught some passes but I am not liking our offensive scheme. with the talent and speed we have we could have a much better offense.
still can't talk about it.
Well, there's not much to say about the game since it's already been said. I really wasn't that upset and I'm not 100% sure why. I guess maybe it's because Nebraska beat themselves. It wasn't like UT came in and smashed them in the face. Paul was obviously correct when he mentioned if the balls would've been caught the game would've been won. It would've been awesome if Nebraska won though. It wouldv've felt like old times back in rival days with OU #1 against NU #2, or vice versa. Still, NU should be playing OU in the Big 12 game and still have a great season but it's not the same with UT beating us. Fuck Texas!...I mean that in the best way :>)...Hey, Mack Brown is a good guy and a good coach. :>)

Peace Out.
Did I say Nebraska has a real serious schedule? Our schedule is much stronger than BOise St but not a super crazy hard schedule. Next year it should be a bit better. And we do actually play some teams that should be ranked at the end of the season. My point was not the games played so far. It was based upon once the season is over and the rankings and the records of the teams at that point. My point was that although our schedule is not super tough, it may end up being a whole lot tougher than a lot of other teams schedules.
The difference between our schedule and Boise's or TCU's is that we actually play quality teams in the conference side of it. If Boise wants to be taken seriously they need to schedule tougher early season teams. We can get away with weaker preconference teams because we still have tough games ahead of us. I'm not saying their crappy shows Boise isn't a good team, I'm saying it makes it hard to gage them against teams with tougher schedules. We tried to schedule Boise for nonconference, and they were unreasonable about it. If you know your conference schedule is crap, play someone early.

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