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I love Coach Bo's fire and intensity, but I gotta admit, even though the press can be a bunch of loser, stupid, jerks, it might do Pelini well  just to exhibit  a tad more restraint and composure when fielding their questions.....I think some of them just ask him stupid s#!+  to get an emotional reaction from him......

The Dirk Chatlein incident aside I'd say he's better this year. However, I agree with you. to be fair it's part of the media culture. With so many more outlets covering the team, you lose that one-on-one rapport an it turns into an attack dog mentality. Bo, however, does himself no favors by preaching double messages. He'll get abrasive and say, "I don't care what you (fans or media) think." BS, if you don't care then why are you reacting?

Bo is an asshole. Does he represent the "values" of the university? I don't think so. Get rid of him. He has not shown the ability to get the program to the next level.


High pre-season and early season rankings due to the UNL "name" never materialize.  He's a coach who will win us 7 to 9 games a year.  Some programs would kill to have a record of 7-5, 8-4 or 9-3; but are we one of them?


We have not won a conference championship in football since 1999. Does anyone really think that we will be better than MSU or Michigan in 2012? Each of those teams returns many, many starters. 

Just remember. Change only guarantees that things will be different but different does not always mean better. Fans wanted change from the Solich years. Look what that got us. The Callahan years. Am I thrilled with everything Bo has done? No. There are a few things he needs to do different but if you want change, be careful of what you wish for.

Honey Badger don't care.

I (like most Husker fans I assume)was excited to get Bo as our head coach after the Callahan fiasco. The intensity that Bo brought back, particularly on the defensive side of the ball was needed. My issue with Bo has to do simply with the already worn-out act of seemingly always being mad at someone or something. In this case the victims are the local media that simply trying to do their jobs.

I hate to draw the parallel already, but if we remember Bobby Knight's demise, it started with Knight always being at odds with the media. Press conferences were unpleasant at the very least.  In the end, those same members of media that heaped praise on Knight in earlier years, were the same ones that kept digging and found some incidents that eventually cost Knight his job. The media can be your friend if you learn how to play the media game. Bo needs to remember that the media are there to ask the questions that we fans want answered.We fans do not have direct access to the team, but the media does. They are simply our conduit.

Secondarily, you would have thought Bo would have learned some things from his mentors Bob Stoops and Nick Saban in the time he spent with them about how to play the media game. Saban and Stoops don't really love the media, but they treat them with respect generally speaking.Yes, it gets old being asked the same questions time and time again. But that is part of the job as Head Coach of the Univ. Of Nebraska. Bo knew this going in.

Some assistant coaches think they can be head coaches, based on successes as an assistant. Others simply cannot make the transition to head coach for a variety of reasons.

My mind is not made up yet on Bo's future at Nebraska. What I do know, is that he at times is an embarrassment to the program, State as well as to himself because is his constant tirades. He can embarrass himself, but the program and State deserve more.

It would end with Bo admitting that his team is nowhere near Big 10 championship material. I hope that our fans will not be foolish enough to buy 10,000 Big 10 Championship Game tickets in July, 2012.


Bo can fool them once; but.....


Wake up and smell the coffee, Jason. We have not won a conference championship in football since 1999.


If we like 7-5, 8-4 or 9-3 every year Bo will be suitable here.  Many programs are happy with that.


OH...aren't seasons like those what Solich got fired for?

RB - 100% agree with you.


Things could be worse. Brian Kelly could be our Head Coach. He's a jerk and a kid died.


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