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Maybe this is a better place to discuss?  I'm a huskerspot virgin!

Lest be told, I need to do a little "comparison" notes with other coaches to determine a differential factor. But anyway .....Bo is 46-18 here. Crazy, I know. In his 46 wins, the opponent's combined win percentage is 48% (256-277). His best wins in this time frame are: 2008: West MI (9-4), KU (8-5) or Clem (7-5), 2009: OU (8-5), AZ (8-5), 2010: Ok St ((11-2)best win ever?)), MU (9-3), 2011: MSU (11-3), PSU (9-4). In his 16 losses, the win total equals 171-61, or a 74% win percentage. A quick overview (correct me if I'm wrong) puts us at about a 9-12 record vs ranked teams during this time. That's a 43% win percentage vs teams that win nearly 75% of the time in over 4.5 years.

Let's hear it Kool-Aid HOF'rs...especially Nish.

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Well I'll be damned.  Trash is still walkin' the earth.

Hey, great analysis . . . Al Gore.  :) (Jk, man)

We got 4th quarter staying power this season.  Haven't really had that since Bo has been here, so we got that going for us.

If we keep it close, we seem to win late.  If we let them get on a roll on offense, we are in trouble.

Where's the Pelini analysis for November games?  That seems appropriate as well.

Was lurking on the LITR last night, and saw Trash's same post there.  I won't touch that virginity comment though.


I'll add this to Country's comments ... PSU has won big over the weaker B1G teams like Illinois and Purdue, so if the turnover stats that is decidely in PSU's favor don't bite us, I think we'll be OK.



if I understand this right we win 72% of the time overall but only 43% of the time over 74% win teams like ourselves, it would be interesting to see how that breaks down year by year

we are on pace with last years w/l with perhaps an easier shot at winning out against the remaining teams on the schedule and with a seemingly improved defense I dont know what the stats say but it feels like this could be our best season to date

boom....Not exactly what I was pointing out.  In Bo's 46 wins, the teams that have lost to us have a combined sub-.500 winning percentage overall at 48%.  And out of Bo's 18 losses, those teams combined winning percentage of 75%.  Sooo, from a kool-aid drinker's perspective, we're at the very least beating up on the crappy Wyomings and Fresno St's of the world....and then taking the losses mainly to quality opponents.

From more of a nelly's (or evenmore logical) perspective....we're beating the teams we should be beating at NU, and rarely beating any quality opponents.

I don't have time now as this takes a bit of time in the research department, but I plan to look into another coach or two.  The problem I see is that I probably have to pick someone who's mildly (or greatly) successful in our same type of location.  If I just check into Saban's record at Bama or Bobby Bowden's or Gary Patterson's etc....everyone will point to the "southern advantage".  The only guys that come to mind are TO or Bill Snyder.  But then if I use TO, everyone will point to the "times used to be easier in the Big 8"card or "deeper scholly advantages" etc.  Snyder has proven himself in several decades.

Snyder would be a good choice because many point to him as successfull and yes should be a current coaching record and similar strength of schedule in a bcs conference to be fair


how about Brett Beliema

Wisconsin has had some success in recent years and common foes for the last 2 years

Trash finally made it to Huskerspot.....Good to see!  About 7 more regular posters and it will feel like home here!  


Husker Win!

Glad you decided to pay a visit and hope it's often. You know that I jinx them when I predict, so I won't. In a game that doesn't mean much to most Husker fans... I'll venture an upset for the Alabama/A&M game.   I'll say the Aggies lose, but cover the spread.

Trash...90% of your numbers are 10% correct.  Or is it 10% of your numbers are 90% correct? Either way, it makes my head hurt to read all that info. Maybe 99% of the numbers are correct 99% of the time?....If that's true, then you should have Jethro BoDeen from the Beverly HillBillies show you how to 'Cipher' would appear that <1% of the time, you just MIGHT be off a wee bit.  Unless it was a full moon on a Tuesday and then of course, you would be 100% correct.  Needless to say, this still means that Bo has a current batting average of somewhere close to 72%.  There's a whole lotta folks out there that would LOVE to have that 72% overall win ratio, even if his stats are poor against ranked teams as you point out.  Especially in this era of parity. I REALLY have a headache.  Thanks for enlightening us all, Trash.  Glad you're lurking and posting here. 



My head just exploded!

Amen brother.  Bo has done a heck of a job after the utter destruction of our program during the Pederson/Callahan era.  It takes a long time to come back from something like that and Bo is doing a great job.  Also considering that this is our second year in a new conference we are doing very well.  We will be in the Big 10 Championship game against a team that we had a great comeback win against earlier this year.  Go Big Red!!!

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