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In my opinion the conference should simply split east west. Lately people have been pushing that Nebraska should play Penn State every year and that the traditional east west wouldn't be fair because the east would be so much stronger. I strongly disagree with this view. As we have all probably read, in the past decade Wisconsin and Iowa have a better record than Michigan and Penn State. Further more, Penn State is the eastern most team in the league and we are the western most team. Also, in my opinion in the next few years both Penn State and Michigan will have new coaches. There is a real possibility that by the time we play Big 10 opponents Joe Paterno and Rich Rod will both be gone. How strong will those teams be then? Talk lately is that a rivalry cannot be forced, yet in the same breath someone will mention that we should be rivals with Penn State. I would much rather have Iowa and Wisconsin then rivals than Penn State. Although a great rival cannot be forced I do believe a rival can be. A rival in one sense is just a team we play every year. In the coming years, whether we play Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin or whoever I expect us to have a major win advantage over them. After Penn State loses Joe Pa i see them only to be another Colorado (rotten fans and a sure win for Nebraska). With Wisconsin we have the Alvarez and jersey connection not to mention I believe it would be a game played with respect and Iowa we would be border states. Finally with Ohio State, Michigan and Penn State, if they keep it a 8 game conference schedule (like I would like to see), we would play at least one of them on a bad year, 2 every other year. And on a good (or on an expected year as I see it) we would then play one of those 3 teams (probably Ohio State) in the Big 10 Championship game.

So what is your opinion. What should the divisions be and why?

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YES, YES, YES !!! Michigan is 8-16 the last two seasons. Keep Penn St. in the East, leave Wisconsin in the West with an emerging Iowa and a new Nebraska. The West will be the better division, even without Penn St. Keep it simple, stick with geography, and everything will turn out fine...
I understand what they are trying to do, however, what happens if Penn St. is in Nebraska's division and Michigan never really recovers in the near future (i.e. post Switzer Oklahoma)? That means Ohio St. could become the lone wolf in the (eastern) hen house. Oh well, I guess we'll find out either way...
geographically I'd think NU would put up a stink about travelling so far every other year to a place that is the furthest East. If the conference is like every other conference, they'll spilt the divisions accordingly to geographic representation.
"A rival in one sense is just a team we play every year. In the coming years, whether we play Penn State, Iowa, Wisconsin or whoever I expect us to have a major win advantage over them. "

Bob - Is this because we haven't won a conference championship since 1999? Each of those teams has.

Think that we may need to temper our expectations a bit....too much Bo KoolAid could be hazardous to your health!
I love the Bo KoolAid, it tastes like victory.
I drink Bo KoolAid every day, and chew Big Red, Usually, but not always at the same time.
Myself I think the best way to do this is to split it in to 4 divisions of 3 ( Ohio St., Illinois, Northwestern in one division call it lake division,East) 2nd division East plains division Penn st. Indiana, Purdue) West division lake,Michigan, Michigan St., Wisconsin) west division Plains Iowa, Minnesota,Nebraska) Then all West teams play West teams , East plays East,Plains plays Plains, Lake plays Lake.
This would keep most of there trophy s and .rivalry games in tact and also would allow for them to set up a nine game conference play by rotating the ninth game between the 3 remaining teams in the other conference. in other words Nebraska would play
Michigan St
Penn St
with one team out of the lake east every two years(Ohio st, Illinois, Northwestern)
This would also allow for them to have a East vs West Championship Game or Plains vs Lake Championship game.

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