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Quickly I'll share mine:


1. Television announcers are acting like our players are dirty cheap shot artists....conclusion is the folks at ABC/ESPN are  Husker Haters.


2. Had to have been tons of Mizzou holding calls that were not made by officials, plus a couple of other calls that were bogus...conclusion is Big XII officials have become Husker Haters.


3. Don Bebe calling for one of our players to sit out on, up to this point, the biggest game of the year for the North Division crown( I'll become a conspiracy theorist with that action LOL).....conclusion, Don Bebe is King of the Husker Haters.


4, With all this Hating on the Huskers going on, my conclusion is....THE HUSKERS ARE BACK....GBR !!!!

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In my prediction, I said the Huskers need to have a great start and get after Gabbert and that is exactly what happened (I'm sucha genius). I don't think that safety blitz on Gabbert was a dirty hit and these types of calls (not called in this case) are getting way out of hand in my opinion. Helmets are going to touch in football. It was a good non-call. Totally agree on Mizzou's holding. I think we need mix things up just a bit more as a QB can only hit the ground and get hit so many times before something happens. The defense shut Gabbert down, and the pass rush was mostly because of our great coverage. Great job by Ciante Evans stepping in for Dennard! I thought we were in trouble there but he stepped up big-time!
Maybe theyre Husker Haters cause we defeated to the Big 10???? But you're right, theyre pissed cause we look like the Huskers of old, and nobody liked us, did they?

I also saw some bad/missed calls. You know something is wrong when the guys on the radio make comments like 'UN-BEE-LEE-VA-BULL!!!' (ya know, the supposed forward pass that we ran in for a touchdown in the 4th). Just to name one out of a few.

Otherwise I thought we did well. In my opinion, we should move into the top 10 again. But then again, the Husker Haters might still not respect us quite that much...

By the way, its the first time in 11 years we beat back to back ranked teams....according to Lee Corso anyway!
OK, this team looked a lot like a Husker team I remember growing up. Love it.

I understand trying to remover purposeful head leading, head to head shots, but at some point you have to let the Defensive player make the tackle and take into account that the guy with the ball is moving too. Let them play ball!

Now please tell me I'm just remembering it wrong and we actually did beat Texas. Because everyone else has. In fact, I think South Dakota State is going to make the drive down to Texas for a shot.

Bebe is a hater, and I hope he's unemployed soon.
" The Texas Longhorns present the Big XII, and our obediant slave, Don Bebe" appears to be dying a slow and painful death....I bet Iowa State has a helluva better chance of getting an exclusive television contract, as opposed to Texas LOL...
this is a good football team however I know i will be called this and that by some of the chatters in this room but I really think another top recruiting class is needed before we can truely be deserving of completing for the top shot in the nation.
Lucky for you we are working on a pretty good one right now :)
I was correct: we moved back into the AP top 10. As we very well should have! Thought we should have moved up anyway after last week's win, but oh well....
Great win this week. Nebraska defeats two top 20 opponents in consecutive weeks. There was one play where Blaine Gabbert was running for his life for so long he was able to commit, de-commit, commit, de-commit, commit and de-commit again to 3 other teams.
Really....LOL! Thanks for getting this clarified. I didn't even bother. What are they thinking?

My kid actually went to one of THE Don Beebe's speed camps in 1997 before his Jr year in the Ivy League. Great guy....great camp! He's from the Chicago area.

Must his long lost 1/2 brother overseeing those "Husker Hating" officials.

Paranoia strikes deep...into your heart it will creep!
"just because you're paranoid, doesn't mean they're NOT out to get you."

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