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Time for a quick exhale after the unexpected events of last weekends disaster against McNeese State. In all fairness without some huge turnovers, Jake Cotton tripping and playing receiver, Ameer getting almost no carries in the second half, and some key losses at WR this game probably would not have been as close as it was. That being said the overconfident Huskers did not do themselves any favors last week with their poor performance. This week the boys in Red head to Fresno State to take on a Bulldog team that has been trounced in it's first two games by USC and Utah making it clear that this is not the arial assault that was seen last year with little Carr at the helm. Unfortunatly for the Huskers this is yet another game they will need to win by a large margin just to stay in the top 25.


Offense: If not for the amazing catch and run at the end of the game the Heisman talk for Ameer could have ended last week as the Cowboys front four were in the UN backfield miliseconds after the ball was snapped giving the RB no time at all to make plays. This week the Oline has a lot to prove and will bring the Hell in a Helmet mentality to California in a big was opening holes you could back a truck through and and flattening Bulldog defenders for a late night panacake dinner. Westercatch will continue to shine as he and his roomie Touchdown Tommy Jr continue to hook up for long yardage plays and 1 TD. Alonozo Moore will finally show that big play potential the coaches have been talking about for months and we will see him make some Calvin Johnsonesque catches in the second half. Imani Cross will get some tough carries at the goal line and will finish with 2 TDs. De'Mornay Pierson "HIJK" El will have two huge kick returns and will cement his place as NUs #1 return man. 


Defense: I know that the depth up front has taken some hits lately, but it seemed like Collins, Valentine, McMullen, and Gangwish were in on almost every play last week. It will help to have the Sack Machine Randy Gregory back this week (if he is 100%), but the boys in the middle looked tired last week and if someone can't step up and give them a breather this season is going to go downhill in a hurry. The Junk Yard Dog Josh Mitchell (JYD) will continue to lock dow receivers and playing in his home state will give him some extra motivation. JYD will force a big turnover in the first half giving Nebraska some much needed momentum to start the game. This will be the game where "White Lightning" Nathan Gerry and "Black Thunder" Corey Cooper really step up and make sone huge plays including a sack for each on the safety blitz.


Big Red Wrecking Crew - 41

Pound Puppies - 21


Fearless Predictions: I have probably made to many predictions already, but here is one more...Tommy Armstrong will make better decisions with the ball this week and will complete 70% of his passes with no interceptions. Ameer with bring his numbers up with 150 on the ground and Alonzo Moore will have his first TD catch! GBR!!!!!       

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Bo took Beck for a visit to the woodshed on Sunday morning to work out the offensive issues.  The mad scientist will go back to using his skill players more instead of using his own playbook skills.

Ameer will get more touches.  TA will improve.  Special teams continue to shine.

Gregory is back this week and the Blackshirts will 'execute'.  Nebraska's players won't allow another debacle like last week.

Odds-makers favor Nebraska by 10 points, but the Huskers will win by more than that, 'cause they have something to prove to the communists over at ESPN.


Final score:  

Cornsmackers  35

Bad Dogs         17

Huskers return to Lincoln 3-0 to host the 'Canes.  

the passing game might still be a little out of sync due to injuries but the defense should be back on track this week

high octain grain 27

bull puppies 7

Welp, I am totally clueless about whether Fresno is really bad, or just seem that way.

I think the late start time, and the expected high temperatures in the stadium will have an effect. Plus, from what I read, Fresno will be all jacked up on adrenaline and 5-hour energy just itching to get that first win.

So, this could be another down to the wire game like McNeese if we let them keep the score close and keep giving them hope for a victory. Or, Husker offense and defense could come out firing on all cylinders and make it a blowout.

Which Husker team is going to show up? The new shiny 2014 one that looked unstoppable the in the first game, or the "second week let down" team that looked way, way too much like last seasons chokers. Yep, I said it. Chokers. We have to figure out how to get out of the funk when things start going bad, not collapse into a heap of coaching anxiety and bad play calling and execution.

I'm optimistic that we have enough weapons to easily defeat Fresno. Just depends on whether our coaches have them ready and able to get it done.

Husker Schizophrenics - 38
Fresno Underachieving Canines - 27

(Yep, we're gonna beat the spread by 1 point. . . . . . . well....... or it could be by 30 points. Maybe we should let Joe Ganz take a crack at play calling during the game, eh?)


Speaking of play calling.  That cheerleader that was calling plays in the Spring Game looked like she was gettin' it done.  How 'bout we give her a shot, Bo?  When Beck goes into his death spiral of calling the same play that doesn't work repeatedly in the third quarter when we desperately just need to get a first down, so we try to do it by tossing the rock 30 yards downfield three times in a row, just put the headset on her......Or maybe she and Ganz can take turns.

Whelp it only took two games this season for Husker fans to hit the frustration wall.

McNeese who?

So we press on this week. I was originally very worried about Fresno St before the season started.

Then I watched Fresno play against USC......

Then I watched the Huskers play against McNeese St.....

Huskers 35

Fresno St.....21

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