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It seems like I hardly ever have time to look around the other Huskers sites anymore and living in Montana I often have to search to find other like minded people. It's nice to have a place like this to just unload all of the thoughts that are going through my head all week as we get closer to kick off time. Anyway...What a great win last week against a tough Miami team. The offense did a great job of moving the ball down the field with ease and there is nothing else to say, but AA was PERFECT in ever part of his game.


This week the Fighting Illini come to town with a very versatile offense and a QB who may be getting a little more hype than he deserves up to this point in the season. The Illini are 3-1, but without some serious second half scorning there season could look very different.


Offense: I have a feeling that TD Tommy Jr is going to have a huge game this weekend. The kid is improving each week and is making a lot better decisions in the pocket. His skill players are getting more comfortable with the flow of the game and the offense and this could be the week we see a big jump in his numbers. AA will be AA and will again roll over 150 with one running and one receiving TD (I would say he would have more, but he is going to get some bench time this week to save his strngth for Sparty). Cross and Newby will get a lot of touches and Westercatch/Westerstasche/Beasterkamp (there are just so many possibilities) will return to the endzone this weekend and will go for over 100 yards receiving. The fro will also be in full affect and will have a nice TD grab after he blows by an overmatched CB. Alonzo Moore had some nice catches last weekend and I still think he is primed for a big game soon (will it be this weekend???? We shall see).


Defense: Is it fair to say that NU has the best Defense Line (starters) in the Big 10...I know it is a bold statement, but the talent of those big boys up front is scarry. The Junk Yard Dog Josh Mitchell will have himself another outstanding game shutting down some inexperienced WR and a buzz will start around the Big 10 about him being the most underratted defender in the Conference. I haven't heard a lot from Corey Cooper in recent weeks, but I think that is about to change and hope to see a lot from him this weekend. Kalu will get a lot of time at nickel and Daniel Davie will take and INT to the house.


Huskers: 49

Non Offensive Illini: 17


Fearless Prediction: Gregory will light up the the stats chart with 3 sacks on the day and 2 TFL. Alonzo Moore will find the End Zone on a long bomb from TD Tommy Jr and Imani Cross will break a safety in half on his way to the endzone (let me check my math thats 2 AA, 1 Cross, 1 Westy, 1 Alonzo Moore, 1 Bell and 1 DD on the INT - There is probably as good a chance that I win the lottery as I am being right about all 7 TD predictions, but that would be cool if I am).    

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Crossroads.  I love your stuff.  You need to come and chat with us.  We love a good time.  Along with anybody else that is reading this.  the more the merrier.

Whelp the kool-aid is flowing these days. What a wonderful change verses last year...remember the UCLA loss! Ouch!

I say this is the game the Huskers put it all together.

Defense finally gels.

Lots and lots of sacks and turnovers for the visitors.

Husker pull back on Ameer carries but he still goes for a buck 50.

Cross and Newby have their biggest games as a Husker and K. Bell has a great game as well.

Huskers 45

Illini 21.

Keep it coming

So what the heck is a fighting Illini?  

Originally the mascot was adopted in 1926 and featured a student dressed in Sioux regalia complete with headress to represent the Illinewek namesake in the state of Illinois.  For more than two decades, controversy surrounded Chief Illinewek.  Several groups protested that the Chief's portrayal was stereotypical and so the NCAA in it's infinite wisdom termed Chief Illiniewek a 'hostile or abusive' mascot and banned the university from hosting postseason activities as long as it continued to use the mascot and symbol. 

The University of Illinois retired Chief Illinewek as a mascot in 2007, with his last official performance on February 21, 2007.

*     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *     *

It won't matter what mascot Illinois brings to Lincoln.  This game will be over by half-time.  Husker reserves come in mid 3rd qtr and finish up.

Final Score:  

Cornsmackers   42

iiiiiiiiiii's             21

I would love to PT...New job and two little ones keep me really busy, but I will try and make some time!


Well, using only the finest of wild ass guessing methodology and farm boy mathematics, I have come to the conclusion that our Huskers will win in fine fashion, our 2nd, 3rd, and 4th stringers will get some dandy second half playing time, and the Illini will score some points, but the game will not be that close.

Or, I am completely wrong about that.

BIG RED WRECKING MACHINE POWERED BY AA8 (and those ugly assed uni's)!!! - 40

Orange and White Illini Swirls - 27  (but only after some late scores against our cheerleaders playing the last 5 minutes)

GO BIG RED!!!  Hope Abdullah breaks Helu's single game record of 306 yards!

Even if Ameer breaks Helu's single game record, it won't be enough to win the Heisman.

These days, the Heisman is only given to Freshman...who are then required to do stupid, dumb and idiotic things for the rest of the year.

ie. See Johnny and Jameius behavior in 2012 and 2013. 

Abdula leaves the game after 100 yds Cross looks good toting the load

high oxtain grain 38

fighting illini 17

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