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For those of you who pop in to read my ridiculous rants I should probably clarify a few things. 1) I have been a Husker Fan my whole life and have followed the team closely since I was able to walk 2) I currently live in Montana where Husker Fans exist, but finding ones who are really up to speed are tough to come by so this is only outlet after a week of frustration 3) I love our team and no matter what our record or who is leading the team I will always be a Cornhusker Fan.  


That being said I rewatched the Purdue game for the third time last night as I was folding a  pile of clothes that have sat on  my couch for waaaay to long and there I was able to see a lot of positive that I had not noticed through my tears the first two times I watched the game and this gave me some hope for the upcoming match-up against the Spartans. First I am really excited to hear that Michael Rose-Ivey will be back in pads and that we may have both kevin Williams and Kevin Maurice back to assist up front. This will help a ton with slowing down the Spartans offense and helping to get some pressure on Connor Cook.


Offense: TD Tommy Jr is scheduled to make his return to the field after a nagging "turf toeish" injuries made him a spectator last week. Hopefully this doesn't slow him down too much as he will be running for his life if the tackles can't lock down Calhoun. The Huskers are going to have to get some production out of Cross and Ozigbo who I think will both do some damage running hard and strong at a tough Michigan D. If those two can get the ball moving forward it will really help to open up the passing game where Westy, Moore, and Reilly can all win one on one matchups. If the running game stays staled it will be over early.


Defense: Some of our key defensive players will be back from injury and other emergecies (hopefully) including Williams, Rose-Ivey, and Cockrell. The front 7 should be solid and if we can get some pressure up front it will really help the secondary that has struggled all season. I thought the Williams boys looked pretty good last week and hope to see more of them this weekend. This will be a great opportunity for Collins and Big V to shine and keep the Huskers in a position to get the W.


Huskers: 24

Spartans: 21


Fearless Prediction: The Huskers will be up by three with just over 2 minutes left on the clock. Connor Cook and the Spartans will be driving down field when Josh Kalu picks off a pass thrown behind the receiver. Kalu makes a good return and runs out of bounds with less than a minute left. Tommy kneels on the ball and the fans rush the field. Mile Riley gives an "Awe Shucks" as media commends him on a well coached game.     

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upset alert

Well, Crossroads, I like your optimism.

I, too, consider myself a fan, win or lose.  For as tough as this season has been as a fan, I can only imagine what it's been like for the players who love playing for NU.  

I sure don't fault their effort.  I fear we are just not that good.  Sipple and his "well they look big and beefy so it's not a talent issue" comments seem worthless at this point.  Just because our boys pass the eye test apparently isn't translating to performance on the field.

My opinion?  We aren't as good as we would like to think we are.  I also firmly believe we aren't as bad as the record shows.  Several close losses due to bad decision making, by coaches AND players in the closing moments of close games.

Of course, wouldn't it be great if those games weren't so close?  Of course it would, but the fact that we play average teams so close pretty much sums up where we are at.  An average team.

I believe things will improve with this staff in place.  I think Nebraska is a fantastic destination for a player.  I also think there are coaches and staff that can develop NFL quality talent.  And who wouldn't see Riley as a guy you would trust with your kid?

So anyway, here's hoping for a big upset of Sparty!

NU 19

Sparty 17


the cupboards are bare argument as to why a 5 win coach only has 3 wins? I aint buying it

we dropped a couple easy wins this year or we would be at .500 now seems more reasonable an explanation

Bankers defensive scheme would require a handful of Green Bay Packers to implement

tossing it 50 times a game is not working with our dual threat type Qb's on the roster

I'm not advocating changing the staff.......change the schemes to fit round holes until you get some square pegs in here for gods sake

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