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Yeah...we're prepared all right!


If TMart doesn't make the play of his life we're down 35-3 midway in the 2nd.


Will this be a comeback for the ages?




Bring on the SEC...NOT!

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Ouch!  63-17 in the 3rd.  When did Oregon start wearing red with a W on their helmet? 

with all the comebacks this year, people stopped asking a basic question-why are were we even down to mediocre teams?

I blame pelini; we have played sloppy all year, and have frequently been out of position and not disciplined on defense, turnovers on offense; we just got exposed for what we were in this game.

i am definitely down on pelini.

Join my club.


If Nebraska fans want to settle for this keep him for 20 more years.


If not, time to move on.


His team was not prepared and his team quit on him.

New AD could make things interesting.  I just heard on Big Red Over-Reaction that we could be in the Outback Bowl against LSU.  In that case, I think we should refuse the invite out of concern for player safety.


Oh, and I'm being SERIOUS!

Sadly I don't think the team did quit on him.  To me they looked to be playing the entire time.  Why did I say sadly?  Because that means that we got 70 points put up on a team that was trying.... This blow up was all coaching.  Sure the officiating was crappy, but it certainly didn't have anything to do with the outcome of the game.

Anyone else remember when TT scored 70 on Callahan's team and Bo's jaw dropped when a sports caster told him.  Well Bo?  Where's your jaw now?  

Played bad enough that the Cap one bowl is going with Northwestern.  Really.  Going to get our b**t kicked by the 4th place team in the SEC not the 2nd.  Great. 

I think we have matching talent, we have beat Wisconsin but I really don't think Bo is a good defensive game planner or he is leaving too  much on the assistants who don't know what to do. We were lost and never seemed to know what to do. It was like Callahan all over, Wisconsin ran some of the same plays and beat us every single time. Our defensive ends never figured out to contain and stay as most middle school DE's know to do. We are going to be on talk radio for two weeks. That no down line man defense formation: I didn't know that was allowed. I thought 3 men had to put their hands on the ground on defense. The first time it would have surprised me too, but after that, I would have told Taylor and the gang to quick snap it on them, QB sneak it and get the easy 5 yards they were giving in that formation. Bo has set lots of team records this year. Most come from behind wins, largest come from behind wins. most largest scores put on our defense. OSU and Wisconsin. Most yards put on Nebraska e.g. UCLA, OSU, Wisconsin. I'm not looking forward to who ever we play for a bowl game, we will help them set a record for most of something put on a Nebraska team. I wonder what the most points or largest come back on a team coached by Osborne or Delaney.Usually they set the record the other way. I'm posting this at around 2:30am because I have an upset stomach from the terrible game, I blame Pelini and his staff.  The women's basketball team average about 70 ppg and keep and keep their opponents to around 50ppg. It's getting to be embarrassing to hear us referred to as the Blackshirts, we don't deserve the moniker.Usually they set the record the other way. Pelini and the defensive coaches need to run stadiums after practice everyday. A row for every point we gave up.

Only difference between when  Texas Tech put up 70 pts on Nebraska and Wisconsin putting up 70 pts was TT's offense was built to put up that kind points on a team.  Wisconsin's Pro Style offense is built to grind it out.  Our lack of being able to stop the run absolutely took NU out of the game too quickly.  No adjustments were made and the Huskers were pummeled AGAIN on national TV.  How anyone can call for Bill Callahan's head and not Bo Pelini's after being completely undressed again in a big game has been drinking the Kool-Aid for too long.  Bill Callahan could recruit but not coach at NU.  Bo Pelini can't recruit or coach at NU.  The new AD needs to make a change.  Yes i would take Bobby Petrino.  

bo's gotta go.

we were a mediocre team this year. ditto on pelini not being able to recruit.  callahan, for all his faults, was a great recruiter.

i think he can coach us to 9-10 wins a year; but with 4 loses

this is not acceptable for NU.

i get a bit annoyed at all the people who compare the time it too for TO to win a national champsionship and say we should give bo that kind of time.

first-football has changed since TO's time.

second-TO's teams finished no lower than 11th and were in the tope 10 in 3 of his first five years; the same can't be said for bo.

the recruit thing is killing us.

we should get patterson (from TCU) or chris peterson from boise.

Was John Papuchis ready or was he set up for failure this season by his HC?  I'm not saying fire the guy, but he should be dropped back to a postition coach and the university needs to dish out the clams for an experienced coordinator or someone that can take the job.  Big changes need to be made and every position on the front seven is up for grabs next year.  We need to find a couple of JC defensive lineman that can make an immediate impact.  We haven't had a real defensive end since Adam Carriker and we used to be "Defensive End U."


I agree with Damon Benning 1620.  If you care about this team and the university, some painful decisions have to be made.

sloppy tackling, players ripping at the ball instead of wrapping up and nobody on the edge to contain the fly sweep

 it was a bad loss but still only 1 loss and Bo and Co can scheme for any team so the roller coaster ride isn't over yet

You left out that Tom NEVER had 63 and 70 points put up on him.  EVER.

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