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"Mark Mangino to Nebraska?" I would Love that, He's an Offensive Genius..

Mark Mangino to Nebraska....Hmmm that would be a Nice fit....Hard nose Coaches on Both sides of the Ball, The only thing that killed him from winning a National Championship was his Defense...Remember the 12-1 Year...Beck is there.. but Will His Firing from Kansas Land him a Job at Nebraska..?? Time Will Tell... What Do you think Husker Fans.....If not Mark Mangino...What OC would you reccommend?

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Duh... I know that....there's Still 4 more Coaches that are suppose to be hired.... Whos Gonna be in the Box..?? Huh...

The offense was better because of Joe Ganz.  He has easily been the best QB since Crouch, and the most prolific passer in recent memory.  Problem is scoring 30 points a game does not mean jack when you let the other team score 50 and 70.  We never were much of a rushing team under Callahan (see Marlon Lucky) hence we always forked over possession and kept an awful defense on the field longer. 

Callahan is probably a decent NFL coach, however, I consider NFL and NCAA entirely two different sports when it comes to football.  Hence why more often than not, college coaches make poor NFL coaches and vice versa.

Bo did the right thing in keeping Watson at the time, because the defense was in such massive need of repair, it probably required a full time job.  Now it's time to move on. If Beck calls plays the way he recruits, then we have something to look forward to.

I dumped him.  I'm going to ban him everytime I'm sure it's him.  I'm done with him.
I loved Joe Ganz!
You Dumped and Banned Who..?
Who Are you talking about..??? (Great he is Back..)??? Me..?? That Could Cause a Problem Bro....

Well...that makes two of us.  Things haven't been the same since he left.


Tomko - I hear that BJ Luke is available.


the Tom Jones guy (aka Tony Huska, aka Van Brownson) that posts those crazy long posts with all the bad spelling and rants and rants and rants with hardly any punctuation.  Latimer you're a regular and a welcome member of the Huskerspot Universe.

Well, him and his son beat us 30-0 my senior year...

I like the urban myer spread option offense, Thats what Pelini tried to do with the offense this year. Where Pelini messed up is not realizing, Taylor Martinez is no where near good enough for an offense like that , in other words Taylor Martinez, is not Tim Teebo, I'm starting think I wouldn't mind seeing this urban myer spread option offense type next year, just not with Martinez as Quarterback, maybe with Jamal Turner, but the mangino offense is a good spread run and shoot with some running mixed in, its not bad, it doesn't look like Mangino will be at Lincoln though, but It looks like Pelini knows he has to do something to get an effective offense back in Lincoln next year.

Well, him and his son beat us 30-0 my senior year...


Dropped one 30-0 to WVHS?  Did you play at Aurora East?  Other team in the conference?


Unfortunately during my son's 4 years at Naperville Central we only got a shot at Waubonsie during his soph year.  We beat the piss out of them in the playoffs something like 48-7.  They scored early on a Herschel Dixon TD (he was a true freshman that year) and then the rout was on.  Dixon was a stud but never had any real help there.


Prior to the '95 season when my son was a senior RJ was a soph.  We got to face WV in in 7 on 7 passing camp at the Brook.  We had the #1 team in the state and a Top 10 USA Today team that year and everyone was fired up to face WV and overhyped RJ.


Son was a first year starting LB after switching from TE.  He got to go one on one vs. RJ during our entire scrimmage.  He dominated RJ and we wailed on them.  Wasn't RJ about 22 before he graduated from HS? 


IMO, there was no way that RJ was a Top 25 recruit in the country, much less a Top 25 in IL.  He was a spectacular failure at PSU.  They even red-shirted him after his soph year in hopes that he could get it together...and he couldn't.  When have you ever seen a major program redshirt a healthy player at that point?


He ended up as a decent player at Western IL (BJ's alma mater) and probably should have gone there to begin with.


No way that a player with my son's talent could ever hang with a Top 25...NEVER.


Ditto for Corey McKeon....two peas in a pod.  Luckily NU only ended up with one of these jerks.


The RJ hype was just that.  BJ ran shuttle pass after shuttle pass to the kid to boost his stats at TE.  I never thought that he was anything special at DE.  IMO, his sister Ashley was the best athlete in the family.  She was a VB and BB player and also went to PSU for VB.  Of course they have one hell of a program and she also left PSU for Loyola before graduating.


What's funny is the BJ ultimately did so poorly coaching up here, and he was under so much pressure to make the playoffs, that he quit and took the HC job at his hometown HS in Danville.  Somewhat surprisingly, during the past 2 years his Danville teams have been unbeaten in the regular season...that's been all well and good; however, when he faces Chicago area competition the story always has had the same ending.  "L".


I still love going to HS games whenever I can nearly 20 years later.


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