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Pinkel wants the Big 12 to review to hit on Gabbert by C. Osbourne late in the game. By the time their done reviewing our players for helmet to helmet hits we won't have a team.

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"Pinkel said he doesn't think Osborne intentionally acted maliciously, but the Tiger head coach wants conference officials to review the play to see if the hit was illegal."

What an ass... The Martin thing (although I don’t fully agree with) I can at least see that it was away from the play and the kid got carted off the field, but this is beyond nitpicky.

What next, are they going to review Osbourne's hit on Dennard?
I agree Tomko, "What an ass," I don't think he intended anything by it I just want to stab him in the back anyways.

Like Pelini said, he's gotta do what he's gotta do, but we'll keep doing what we've been doing.
There are definitely some hits that people purposely hit helmet to helmet on and those I think are the ones that people need to worry about. Even when I watched the replay, it just doesn't look like that is what he was doing. He seemed to be low and the top of his helmet hit. I know they need to remain low so the helmets don't hit - but why does it feel like we are the only team they are pointing out. They can't tell me there aren't some hits that other teams are doing but aren't getting the same kind of attention.
It is NOT possible to eliminate ALL helmet to helmet contact. Heck, I was taught several times to use my face mask when making a tackle and that we were fine as long as we remembered the golden rule: "keep your head up."

Look, if a safety goes helmet to helmet with a defenseless wide receiver, fine. I'm all for penalties, suspensions, whatever. But we can't review this crap on EVERY SINGLE TACKLE!

It seems the last few years we are not allowed to tackle QBs anymore. Would they rather have players stick their shoulder into the QBs knee then? Let’s just make all sacks 2-hand touch then.
Mizzou Cry Babies.....
Well...I agree with Abby..nowhere else in college football are you hearing about these penalties except Nebraska. So I guess the Huskers will have to get use to the Big 12 uping their bully game till the end of the season...bunch of crap.
There will be one on the Oregon Defender, i have no doubt. that was an ugly hit.
I heard about that hit..will see if anything becomes of it.
Tale of the tape, Gabbert is 6'5 and Osbourne checks in at maybe 5'9 5'10 tops. If you watch the replay on this one (it's all over youtube) yes even with Gabbert having the proper knee bend he still is shoulders above Courtney. Then Gabbert looks to hi right and he sees Courtney coming and he lowers his shoulders and head so they meet. Courtney does wrap, does hit him front poads to front pads and they are looking at each other facemask to facemaks. That is how you are taught to tackle from pee-wee all the way up to the NFL, look at the target.

Gary Pinkel, if this does get a suspension better start looking for a job in the WAC since it appears the only teams allowed to play defense this year is anybody playing against Nebraska/.

On a side note, check and see if suspensions come from any other hard hits from the week. I for one doubt it, including the Oregon hit.

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