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After 2 interceptions why is Taylor Martinez left in the game?

Is his back up that bad?

Is Bo scared of Taylor's dad or shattering T.M. 's sensitive confidence?


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Bo Pelini is NOT a good football coach.
I don't agree with this, but I will say just as any other person he makes some bad choices.  I think that we need to give him some time - just like NE did with Osborne and Devaney.  I do think that he needs to really evaluate Martinez and maybe look elsewhere or at least take him out when his confidence is shaken so that Martinez wakes up and realizes he can't be that way.  I know he is a young man and it is a lot of pressure but he chose to be in that spot and he either needs to step up or step out.
Amen Abby.......Amen......GBR !!!!!

I really don't think it's Bo.  I think that it is probably T.O..  He was the master of riding a dead horse around even tho we would continually lose because he would not change players when it was needed.  I think it is an institutional mindset that had permeated the program and Bo is afraid of what T.O. will say if he benches the star player of the team. 

I'll not rant anymore on TMart's piss poor performance in yet another big game, until I see how we handle Ohio State.  If the outcome is anywhere near what just happened, I see Martinez on the way out.

Wisconsin is flat out good.  Easily the best in the Big Ten.  Russell Wilson is as good of a quarterback as there is in the nation.  Taylor Martinez, with his side arm delivery will probably not even be drafted in the NFL but will not be benched because BO seems to have softened in his criticism of his players, at least to the media. 


A pathetic effort by all.  Coaching especially.  Bo got schooled.

Bo got schooled for sure.  But did he learn anything?  Sort of hard to understand how the offense was "built" around TMart and he can't seem to run it.  I think we're having a coaching problem.
Russell, I'm not sure I'm seeing much improvement with TMart.  I say no more passing until T learns how.  How would the game have looked with only a running game and very limited passing, say 4 or 5.  Wisconsin scored 21 points from those interceptions, that's hard to overcome.  As far as confidence, TMart and the coaches surely can't look at the passing game and have much confidence to begin with.  I'm just overwhelmed, as I seen little last night to be hopeful. 
Thank you. From the first game, this looks like a team that has not practiced since the Holiday Bowl. The Fresno St. game rose HUGE red flags. Trying to turn T-Mart into Scott Frost is a bad idea. The defense is no longer anything special and that was about the only thing Pelini did what do we have?

I'm not shocked that we lost.  This was one of my preseason picks for a loss, but I am embarrassed by the score.  All week I'd been saying that the only chance we have to win, is to avoid turn overs, and hope Martinez doesn't get happy feet.  Well, guess what.  Happy feet T-Mart is still throwing the ball behind his receivers.  This time the other team was able to capitolize on it.  He's still running away from imaginary pressure, and looking like an inconsistant kid.


My question is, what happened to the Blackshirts.  Can't blame this one on the young 2ndary.  Wisky scored at will.  The score could have been much worse, but they ran the clock down (THANK GAWD!).  We can't stop the run, blitzing doesn't work because they forgot how to wrap up, and if a team feels like passing on us, we're getting shreaded.  Is there just no chemistry with this group?  Is there no true leader amongst them?  Was all the hype nothing more than hype?  Bo, time to talk to Carl.


Lastly, I just want to say that Rex, Turner, Abdullah, and Bell are ballers!  if we can keep the ball out of Martinez's hands and get it in their hands.  The last play of the game summed the entire game up.  Rex pounds it down to the 1 yard line, then Martinez decides to keep it for himself, and gets stuffed. 

Russell, I'm not sure I'm seeing much improvement with TMart.  I say no more passing until T learns how.  How would the game have looked with only a running game and very limited passing, say 4 or 5. 


I can answer that would have looked like Ohio State vs. Michigan State...except OSU has better running backs.


Rex had what...about 20 yards when they were relevant?


Taylor Martinez is no Denard fact, Taylor Martinez is no Smokey  Robinson!  At least Smokey can sing!




I am not sold on Rex...I have never been sold on Rex other than as a team leader.


Turner?  Outstanding athlete.  Need to get the ball in his hands anyway possible.


We are going nowhere this season.  OSU will beat us.  Don't be fooled as they have had Top 10 recruiting classes for the past decade.  They have athletes.  Not sure yet if Luke Pickle can coach.  As bad as Bo is he may be able to outcoach Pickle.  We have a chance to win (35%).


Which of these two teams looked worse yesterday?



I think your criticisms of Bo and co and Martinez are pretty understandable, but Rex is the real deal.

While maybe not a premiere back I would want 11 Burkheads on the field. He is the man Tom. He 

is what more football players should be. this being said, Turner is an amazing athlete and I agree 

that we need to utilize him more, but don't take anything away from Rex. If you forgot how important

he is go back and watch some games from the last two years where he saved our ass! be it a slow

pounding 80 yard drive, or 2 passing touchdowns while T-tragic is on the sidelines throwing a shotput

to warm up his throwing motion after an interception. 

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