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Wow! what a game! I would love to know your final thoughts as Nebraska closes out the 2008 season with a 9-4 record! I hearby think that the defense won us this game. Our offense was slow at first but picked it up in the second half. Ndamukong Suh had an incredible game with a blocked field goal, 2 sacks and many tackles. I also would like to hand a game ball to Castielle for rushing for over 120 yards. Ganz started out plain bad but got his rythym in the second half and played very well. Overall it was an impresive win for Nebraska and I wish Bo and the players coming back next year a very successful 2009 season. I also wish all the seniors the best of luck as they pursue careers in the NFL or somewhere else. Happy Holidays Husker Nation!

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Great game. The defense played its best game of the year. All 21 Clemson points came off turnovers. I can't wait til next year. Our D will be the best in the Big 12. Bo redshirted a lot of players so our bench will be much deeper.
FANTASTIC GAME!!!!!! I just want to express my HA HA to them questionable, pessimistic so called Husker fans that al they could do is say negative all year. Bo turned this program around in the first year and if you figure two plays decided 2 losses. Va tech and Texas Tech. Yes, we got beat bad by a very good Sooner team and if we could play Mizzou again, I feel we would win that game. GO HUSKERS and shame on all the pessimist.

I was getting worried there for a while and didn't know if we could pull it out. My heart was skipping beats when Witt ran the ball the only play he was in and almost fumbled! Henery proved once again that he deserves a scholarship, Suh played amazing, Ganz was awesome as well. I think that more hubbub would be made about how great Ganz was if we was a quarterback in a different conference. With Bradford, Harrel, McCoy, Daniel and all the others his name seems to be mentioned last but he proved today of what a great playmaker he is.

I'm so happy for Bo and the coaching staff, the seniors, and I think the state of Nebraska just breathed a sigh of relief - things kind of feel normal again with us winning a bowl game!
most of the team played good i didnt think ganz played very good untill about half way through the 3rd then he started to come back. I think we should have won that game by alot more then we did.
I posted this in a different thread, but it might belong here:

The Blackshirts played a great game. 3 out of 3 Clemson touchdowns came off of turnovers. Hard to pin that on our "D". Though the one that came from the Niles Paul return-bobble was far enough out of the Red Zone for the Blackshirts to make some plays and they blew the coverage on a big pass play. So I'll make them take 1/2 responsibility for that one. Besides I can't tell you how many holding calls, and block of the back calls there should have been for Suh. I'm not saying they were bad, I'm just saying if Suh can't find his wallet after the game to check the guys in Orange jerseys for it.

Ganz started out a little off, but man did he come back in the 2nd half. My question is "Why was Watson doing that weak-side run so much. It seemed like we did it every 1st down. Nothing like 2nd and 12 every drive to kill your chances at scoring. I understand it worked once, so you try it again, but after it's been shut down 5 straight tries... try something else. When we finally did switch it up we produced.

MVP of the game: Suh
Honorable mentions: Ganz, Peterson, Swift, SteinKuhler, Henery

Season ending thoughts: 9-4 could have just as easily been 11-2 with two close losses. Though 9-4 is nothing to turn your nose up at. Bo took a team that played the worst season I've ever seen in my years as a Husker fan and turned it around in one season. Same players, new attitude... or Old Attitude reborn.
Clemson collided with the Husker Pain Train ......Clemson is Dead....GO BIG RED !!!!
"I have the runs now"

Way more info than we needed! lol
It's so amazing what feeling out what works and sticking with it will do to a football team. How many times has Castille run the ball this season. Probably a third of the times as Helu and Lucky. Yet when Castille was the more productive back, he was kept in. Kudos to the coaching staff for being intelligent!! Boo to Callahan! The defense was terrific! 2 rushing yds for Clemson? Really!!!??? Tackling was suspect the first quarter or so, but someone got them going. Carl? Other than the turnovers, NU DOMINATED!
I was getting really nervous that the announcers hadn't mention that "Those aren't boos, they're saying Suh" But they made everything better with 4:45 left in the fourth. The world is right again!!!! Anyone else noticed that EVERY GAME they have to say it?
tackling was mostly suspect in kick and punt coverage. That needs some serious work!
I'll give more of a thorough look in my blog post, but in a quick retrospect of this game, wow. You had two very good defenses not giving up a inch and then the third quarter started. I will say this, I was on all game long talking with fans nationwide and about mid way through the 3rd quarter the Clemson fans vanished. Way to end year one of the Pelini era.
Way to go Huskers! I was online on various discussion boards and all our Big 12 brothers were out giving congrats to our team ...what a feeling. The best thing was how many times I saw the word "Heart." We truly did have a lot of heart in this game. The Blackshirts, in a major way, showed up for this game. Suh and Steinkueler were great in keeping pressure on the QB. Can't wait till next year when Barry Turner returns. Can you image the pair he and Suh will be? Blackshirt domination! I am also with Jason in saying best of luck to our seniors what ever your endeavors may be. GBR
MVP of the game: Suh
Honorable mentions: Ganz, Peterson, Swift, SteinKuhler, Henery

Team was a mess in the first half but made the necessary adjustments.

I'd say that the players of the game were:

1) Castille...without a running game we lose big. Helu disappeared. Clemson matched his speed and his lack of power showed.
2) Ganz - Knocked silly but still made the big plays when he had to.
3) Suh and effort of the year by our DTs. Blocked FG was huge.
4) Instant replay for reversing the TD on Witt's addition, I was very surprised that Swift's TD in the corner of the end zone was not reviewed. I think that we got a break there. Had one foot in but may have been bobbling the rock as he went OB.
5) Henery...duh....time to give him a scholarship.

Key to 2009 will be productivity at QB.

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