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Spread Offense, Mobile QB, and a good running back, this games is starting to make me a little nervous.

Offense: Nebraska has all of the tools on offense to dominate this game. With weapons like Martinez, Burkhead, Abdullah, Bell, Turner, Enunwa, and Reed we should be able to put up some ridiculous numbers in this game. If the O-line can get a good push and wears out the Wildcats D-line this game could be over in a hurry.

Defense: Im not sure where to start here. After the OSU disaster I am curious if the D will show up with a chip on their shoulder or if they will come in questioning their ability. The D is talented (dont role your eyes) and when they play to their potential they can get the job done.

Huskers: 45

Kittycats: 28

Fearless Predictions: No Turnovers for the offense!!!! Compton is sick of the D getting put down and runs wild sacking Colter twice. Bell has a huge game and goes over 100 receiving yards with 2 TDs, 

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Northwestern doesn't have a 'fervent' fan base and there may be as much red in the stadium as purple so throw home field advantage out of the mix

Beck will be testing their weak secondary while NW is exposing our weak run defense so once again it comes down to who makes the fewest mistakes, takes advantage of opportunities and puts points up

so far Northwesterns kicker is perfect on the year for field goals and extra points

high octane grain 41

fighting fitzies     37

fearless prediction: more than 30 pass attempts and less than 30 minutes TOP

Northwestern 38


Heads will roll after this debacle.

NU only 17 points against NW? Don't see that happening. Hope they leave Colter on the sideline like they did last week....doubt that one too.

NU 41

NW 38


I hope

FP: Abdullah rushes for over 200 yds

Northwestern - 56

Huskers - 49

We have a fumble and that's the ballgame.  Sorry.

Well, usually our Husker gridiron gladiators respond well following embarrassment.  Usually........

This will be another B1G slugfest in my opinion.  Once again, the team that wins the second half, and more specifically the fourth quarter will come out on top.

With a bye week to heal up and coach up, we should be firing on all cylinders.  Big question is "will that be enough?"  One thing I think I know is that Northwestern is a smart, well coached, disciplined team.  They probably won't make many mistakes.

If we can avoid self foot shooting, and if our athletes play up to their potential (neither of which we seem to be able to do consistently) then I believe our superior athletes should win the day.  You can't tell me that Northwestern has superior athletes as, let's face it, not every good athlete can keep from flunking out of that place, we should have the edge in talent.

I think they have the edge in coaching.  Shames me to say that, but we just flat got out coached last year.  Them smart fellers came to town with a game plan that worked well and made it a close game that they came out on top of.

So, I will speculate that Bo has his team properly prepared and ready to face another B1G onslaught of power football and clever play calling that will result in a HUSKER VICTORY!



I may have to erect a safety screen in front of the tv by Saturday at 2:30 pm as I fear things could get thrown in my living room.


Real NU 37

Not NU 33

Northwestern oversleeps their pre-game nap and is late for the game.  The refs dock them a 7 point penalty. Nebraska will need this as the offense clicks but the Blackshirts allow too many scores.  Huskers win by a field goal in the end.


Final Score:  Corndogs 41

                    MildCats  38


why dont' you go to the LITR or OWH  should find some company there.  I come to here to get away from knuckleheads like yourself     this is for coopster

Just the facts ma'am, just the facts. Can't suck me into your hype - been there done that, too many years.

Nothing will come easy in this game.  NU offense will score plenty of points, but I am afraid will have also have problems holding onto the ball either through fumbles or dropped passes.  Gotta figure this one out.

Defense will take their knocks and give up yards and points.  I ain't drinking koolaid this week.

In the end the score will be 38-35.  Coinflip at the start decides the winner.

The Husker coaches have said this week that mobile quarterbacks scare the begeezus out of them.....and this is an away game....don't believe we'll win any championships with this D and TM turning over the ball all the time.....hope I'm wrong.  Get ready for the hype about how good we'll be next year.


Northwestern  45

Nebraska      28   

As goes this game so very well may go the Husker season.


If I am Pat Fitzgerald Colter is my QB for 80% or more of the snaps in this game.


One can NEVER turn their backs on Northwestern. Every NU fan in America had the game vs. the Wildcats penciled in as a "W" in 2011.




Even if we beat them by 4 TDs this year we MUST NOT take them for granted next year.



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