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It's finally time! Pull out your red and support your Huskers in what some people (including yours truely) are calling the most improtant game of the season. Sure Texas is 3-2 on the season, but anyone who has watched them beat us 8 out of the last 9 times we have played (including the last second nightmare we all remeber from last year) will tell you that this one is still circled on their calander. A big win over the Longhorns will pump the team up and help them roll over the rest of this years competition.


In my opinion I think Texas is going to stack the box with 8 guys and do everything they can to stop T-money, Helu, and Burkhead from racking up big yardage on the ground. T-Magic is going to have to prove he can throw the ball in this one making it the perfect time for Niles Paul, Mke Mcneill, and Brandon Kinnie (and the rest of the  receiving crew) to show that they are the class of the Big 12 receivers. I have faith that these guys can deliver and when Texas is no longer able to keep all those men on the line the running game is gonna go wild.


The D should be able to hold Texas under three scores on the day and will hopefully cause a few turnovers giving the O some short fields.


Fearless Prediction: Burkhead runs and throws for a touchdown.


Not so Fearless Prediction: Bo Chews the $#!T out of some gum and yells at the Refs.


NU - 24


Texas - 17



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I don't care if they have two losses, something about this game has me worried. Perhaps I am more worried now that they have 2 losses than had they been undefeated. Still, I think we will pull it out. 20-13
NU 31- TX 17
I agree with Tomko

Huskers 31

Texas 17
This game will be a test for our offense.

Our defense has not faced a Top 50 offense all year.

If we put up big numbers we will actually have something to build off of.

Nobody respects KSU, SD State, UW, WKY or Idaho.


May the best team win!
UCLA rushed for 290 yards against them. I stand by my 31 points. No way Texas reaches that against this defense.
I could put my tail between my legs and go for a 24-21 game or maybe 20-14, but i really think Nebraska lays down 45 + points on Texas and Pelini cracks a huge A$$ smile when the clock finally hits 00:00. If given the opportunity Pelini will score at will to appease Husker Nation, put everyone else on the schedule on notice and the entire sports world will talk immediately afterwards why Nebraska is the best team in the nation. This will go down as one of our most memorable wins in Husker history. The after game handshake has a pi$$ed off Mack Brown mad they got embarrassed and either says something s#itty to Pelini or he does the quick hand slap and runs off the field. I'll be conservative and say 45-16 is the final score.
My preseason prediction was that Okie State would be our closest regular season game and I still feel that way. They will play well at home. UT game is big in so many ways for us. We have a lot of big time players visiting this weekend for one. I see us being dominant on both sides of the ball but the score won't get out of hand NU 28 UT 14.
Dogham...where do you get your crack?

I am not one who follows the Horns very closely; but when have you ever seen Mack Brown behave with anything but grace?

Can we say the same about Bo Pelini?
I like the optimism that we are going to kick UT's ass, but I just don't think it is realistic. Mac Brown said at the beginning of the year that this could be the best Defense he's ever coached. They are fast and super athletic. Unfortunatly they got caught (just like us with SDSU) looking ahead against UCLA and then lost a close game (28-20) to an Oklahoma who was just a little better team that day. This is not a bad team. This is not even a bad Texas team. Even if they lose to us this weekend I still have them winning out the rest of their games and finishing at 10-3 (with a bowl Victory). This is going to be the toughest test we face this year (hands down). Okl State doesn't have the horses on defense to beat us and Texas A&M is inconsistent at best on offense. I would love a blow out, but it just aint gonna happen.
I think it will be close until the 3rd quarter. Texas is going to come out throwing the ball and after a pic or 2 they will revert back to tiring to run the ball. 17-7 half time led for big red. Texas and Mac Brown being over confident having stopped the 3 head monster back off into a normal defense trying to slow down the short passing attach. that has led Nebraska to there led only to get burnt buy a master of the zone read option play T-Martinez and company. Final score NU 42 TExass 17.
Garrett Gilbert has more INTs than TDs. Not getting any easier for him on Saturday...
I will admit I am not as on edge for this game as I was before Kansas St but this is how it is.

Fact: They are still Texas
Fact: Texas has never lost 3 games in a row under Coach Mac Brown
Fact: The post game handshake no matter who wins will be cordial.
Fact: Husker Nation will come with pride, noise, and class
Fact: This game more than any depends on consistency, versatility, and equal distribution of the football between QB, TEs, RBs, and WRs.
Fact: Talk all you want about the playmakers, the Pipeline has to get the job done up front. Look for all the offensive linemen to make huge key blcoks.
Fact: If ever there was a game for the the entire Blackshirt defense to dig up their inner Suh, this is it. Any idea if the Big Guy willo be on the sideline this weekend to help pump up the defense.
Fact: You'll see things offensively and defensively that have never been shown before this year.

I have faith in the players and coaches and win or lose I know they will leave everything out there on that football field Staurday afternoon. Nebraska wins it, though the game will be closer than the final score says, 42-17.

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