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It's finally time! Pull out your red and support your Huskers in what some people (including yours truely) are calling the most improtant game of the season. Sure Texas is 3-2 on the season, but anyone who has watched them beat us 8 out of the last 9 times we have played (including the last second nightmare we all remeber from last year) will tell you that this one is still circled on their calander. A big win over the Longhorns will pump the team up and help them roll over the rest of this years competition.


In my opinion I think Texas is going to stack the box with 8 guys and do everything they can to stop T-money, Helu, and Burkhead from racking up big yardage on the ground. T-Magic is going to have to prove he can throw the ball in this one making it the perfect time for Niles Paul, Mke Mcneill, and Brandon Kinnie (and the rest of the  receiving crew) to show that they are the class of the Big 12 receivers. I have faith that these guys can deliver and when Texas is no longer able to keep all those men on the line the running game is gonna go wild.


The D should be able to hold Texas under three scores on the day and will hopefully cause a few turnovers giving the O some short fields.


Fearless Prediction: Burkhead runs and throws for a touchdown.


Not so Fearless Prediction: Bo Chews the $#!T out of some gum and yells at the Refs.


NU - 24


Texas - 17



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Let me use your logic on this one. We (Nebraska) are better than Kentucky (That would be your own words Tom) who just beat South Carolina, who beat Alabama. So I guess you would like us to play an SEC team as you see it as a "For sure" win for us. I was sure that was your thinking.
We can certainly beat OU. We beat them last year, and we have a better all around team this year. Indeed we beat ourselves Saturday. Give me one of those dropped passes and it's a tied game. Take away the fumble in our red zone or give me one more of those dropped passes and it's a win. Might as well have put a bow on it like we did for Iowa State last year. We're getting better, but we're not National Championship material... yet.

Tom, why do you hate Bo so much? What are examples of his lack of class you talk about?
I've lost the thread here. Just who are we replying to and what did they say?
Never mind, it's still that guy from Illinois. I guess he's just a pessimist. It's hard to convince a pessimist of anything. If he want's to settle for a bowl game with LSU who isn't all that much this year, Tom is welcome to his low expectations. I hate to see this site turn in to the threads on ESPN.
Yeah....Mark sees lots of GREAT football in New Hampshire.

LSU isn't much? They have beaten 4 quality teams...UNC, Miss St, Florida and West Virginia.

Oklahoma isn't much? We saw what OU was when healthy in 2008 and we saw what the OU MASH unit looked like in 2009.


The team that hasn't beaten ANYBODY is NU.

Bo has been the HC for 30 regular season games and 2 bowl games...and his BIG WIN has been??????????????????

I am a realist; not a pessimist!
Let me use your logic on this one. We (Nebraska) are better than Kentucky (That would be your own words Tom) who just beat South Carolina, who beat Alabama. So I guess you would like us to play an SEC team as you see it as a "For sure" win for us. I was sure that was your thinking.

NO....what I said after the Western KY games vs. NU and Kentucky is "I guess that we've proven that we are as good as Kentucky."

They beat WKY 63-28 (37 points) and we beat them 49-10 (39 points).

At this point we'd have to say that UK is improving. They JUST beat a Top 10 team.

BO folded against an unranked team.

BO has NEVER beaten a Top 10 team.

I don't know if we could beat the University of New Hampshire! Let's ask Mark. He lives there!
Yeah, Nebraska could beat NH. New England in general is just getting back into college football (they want the TV money just like everybody else). But I don't think we're giving Bo a fair shake. One problem is the extremely week pre-Big 12 schedule. But I'd guess that was done before Bo got there, probably dates back to the Callahan days. I'd guess Texas will be ranked before the end of the year. They actually did us a favor in point out our weaknesses. Also, we beat ourselves by the dropped passes and fumbles in the first half. Take away a couple of those and we win since we did a very good job of stopping them in the 2nd half.

Naturally, I'd have rather won but this wasn't a bad loss to very good program who were absolutely desperate for a win. Three losses in a row at UT and the state of Texas starts thinking maybe they don't have the coach they need. I still think we can win the Big 12 North and have a shot at the Big 12 Title. Let's see how we do against Missouri. Oklahoma plays them in Columbia next weekend. We play Mizzou in Lincoln.

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