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What a game! Nebraska takes it against their rivals. Wow. What do you guys think?

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I think Jacksonville on January 1st will be great! I start from SC so I''m most of the way there.
That was the best ending to a game that I have see in veeerrrry long time! Got me pumped! Can't wait for the New Year! We're going bowling!!!!!! Go Big Red!!!
WHOA NELLY! That was a nailbiter!!!!!!!! Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!!
Its been awhile since we played like crap in a game we are a big favorite in, make loads of mistakes and still WIN!

Go Big Red
Loved every minute of it!!! What a great way to end the season. I didn't think we were going to pull it off but I am so happy for Pelini and the boys.

that was no doubt the best husker game since the 1997 missouri game. Alex Henry set the school record and I wont hesitate to name him among one of the best kickers in the country. Also how many touchdowns can Suh have. He may have one in the bowl game too!
Nate, that is an awesome pic.
First of all, CU are not our rivals. Let's just get that straight. Great game, no doubt....looked pretty bleak there for a minute. God, 4th and 25.

Jason - how about NU 20, OU 10 from 2001? Victory over Michigan in the Alamo? Victory over Notre Dame in OT? Victory over CU in 1999 in OT? I thought the game was more frustrating than anything, but glad to escape with the W.
Yes. I agree. COLO is not our rival!! I hope it does not become this either. Oklahoma is our only true rival. As for Mizzou....don't even try that either. Mizzou has only had 1 or 2 outstanding years. COLO and Mizzou are just around for us to stomp on which is what we will do to the both of them next year. I can't remember when Nebraska didn't have to dig themselves out of a hole to win a game. Exciting game though. Funny, while watching the game I said the should fake the field goal and they did and it was a mistake. I also said there was no way for Henery to make a 57 yard field goal as well and they made it. I was off the entire game. Way to go Henery. You should be the Big 12 athlete of the week.

Do you think Lucky will appear during the Bowl??
i dont think lucky needs to. helu did fine with out him. although he would be nice to have... im not sure what went wrong with the offense when they were in the redzone.... one of my buddies say its because ganz is on the take. haha
Where to start? The 2ndary still has a long way to go! That's obvious. So does Kick Return Coverage. We're not do the Blackshirts and favors with all field position we give up.

Why on earth did we try that fake field goal? That should have been a one trick pony. Bo admitted it was a terrible call, and a 10 point turn around. Like I've said about Bo earlier. He's still learning, and that mistake won't happen again.

Now lets talk Officiating. WTF?! That helmet to helmet against our deffensless receiver was the textbook example of why that call exists! Potter was called for it on a far more questionable play earlier in the year. Oh, I know why it wasn't called. They weren't really calling any penalties. If you go back and watch our front 4 on "D" you'll see a holding barrage like I've never seen before. I know holding happens every play, and as long as you keep your hands inside the shoulder pads you'll generally be ok. BUT DAMN, they mugged Suh so badly I bet some kid in Boulder has his wallet! There were several other missed calls throughout the entire game.

As long as we're talking about Suh. Wow. That guy can play. If he does return next year like he says he will, the Blackshirts have found an on the field leader. I'm just waiting for them to actually hand off to him as the Full Back. He's done everything else but try to kick a field goal!

Field goal for the ages! Alex, you won this game. Despite so terrible pass coverage, kick coverage, sloppy red zone play, and some poor coaching , you saved the day. Ganz owes you a steak dinner for bailing him out of that sack!

Trivia question: Who on the Nebraska Blackshirts (1940-Present) has scored twice as many touch downs on Defense than he has on Offense?
You'd better all know this!
I agree Colorado isn't our rival. But if we like it or not, the whole country says were rivals. Nothing we can do. Colorado is the one who made us believe were rivals with them. But I hate Colorado so their MY rival. I honestly think their more of a rival these days then Olahoma. We used to be huge rivals with Oklahoma but we don't play them as often. Colorado, on the other hand, we play them EVERY year. And somtimes were fighting to go to a bowl game like last year. That makes it even more of a rival.

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