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UCLA may have kicked our butts, but once again, their fans were impressed by our fans.

I wonder what F'n fair weather F'n football F'n fans they are talking about?  Surely not the "we suck, bo sucks, and let's whine as much as possible and boo our own team" crowd.

I like this paragraph:

"One thing that was more important than the final score was the character of the Nebraska football program, and that includes their fans. We confirmed this week that Nebraska fans are about as classy as you will ever find. When I wrote on the morning after the Nebraska game last season, I said that I wanted us to be like Nebraska. I wanted us to be a deeply passionate fan base that wore the same color blue and filled the stadium every week and welcomed the opponents and respected the game and set the standard for what a home field advantage looked like. Well, Nebraska took my great fan card and completely trumped it with kind words from their head coach on Monday and #36 stickers on their helmets and a moment of silence and blue and yellow balloons and a banner before the game and more humanity and decency than I have ever seen from an opposing team. And in doing so, they upped that standard for a fan base to a whole new level. If everyone had the same heart and concern for their fellow man as those Nebraska folks, the world would be a far far better place."

The whole article:

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Thanks Country Husker. The tradition of Husker football isn't just about wining. It is also how the Husker have gone about winning with the greatest fans in college football. It's good to read that at least someone still thinks so.

Well said Nice,I haven,t been on much since my dad died,so most of what I have read has been on facebook from my phone. It does my heart proud to read posts like this on here. I know my dad would have been proud

TO won with thugs. It was not pretty.


Our fan base must now transistion from arrogance to humility. Last conference championship in football was 14 seasons ago.

Despite the fact that our Football program is at about the same level as Iowa State in the 70's our fan base still has the reputation of being among the best in the nation, if not THE best.  But that is going to start to erode if we cannot get back the winning tradition.  We can't win with what we have.  Bo has lost control of this team and it almost seems like he doesn't care, like it is a forgone conclusion he will be fired by the end of the year.  His ego is his worst enemy, sticking with Taylor because he didn't want to admit he was wrong.  Every Husker fan I spoke with at the game wanted Armstrong to play the second half.  Every one, including a former Husker player I spoke with on the sideline.  We have slipped into mediocrity. 


Let's face it Dettah. Nebraska football has become irrelvant on the national stage.


14 years since a conference championship?

Very true Randy. TMart was not effective duirng that game but the biggest issue is how badly the Gophers beat up on us. Nebraska football has lost its identity.

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