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Okay First off,,,Dont get me Wrong...I love the Huskers....But some of Bo Pelini's decesions...kinda makes me scratch my dome. first off why would he wanna start Phillip Dillard in the Toughest game of the season...and not play the man the first two games...What makes two weeks a difference? It seems like he doesnt wanna play the Best players?? come on hes a seniot and he doesnt even Start..Bo pelini had a problem Phillip Dillard. ever Since hes been to nebraska. but then wants to bring him out when the it's important to Bo. also just for the Note...Shawn Watson : Must i mean Must Open up the Play Book on Virginia Tech...You cant Expect to be throwing the ball to tight ends all afternoon..Signs of Failure because Honestly the tight ends have the hands but not the speed. Corners need to be more Physical then the Wide Recievers and Please oh Please keep the Pressure on Tyrod Taylor..Cause Turnovers and keep the momenteum on the Huskers Side...Block out the Noise in Blacksburg...and Score as many points as possible to "Shawn Watson= its a game of points not statistic Rankings that doesnt get a Ring..Period its just some dumb bragging sound like Callahan!! But best of Luck to the huskers they just needed my harsh feedback......

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Ummm, perhaps because he was sat on purpose for being in Bo's doghouse. Which seems to be the predominant thought on th ematter. He was being punished. Don't know if it is what happened though, but that is the predominant thought as why he didn't play.

But as to Dillard being picked, it's really a good idea anyway.
1- He was the 2nd leading tackler in last year's Va. Tech game, so, he knows the opposition
2- He is at the Will, less thinking needed and just pure athleticism - which he has
3- He's a solid performer when it come to tackling and doing what is needed on the field.
as far as your "harsh feedback", maybe you should invest more into taking a closer to look to what has really gone on.

Watson has been calling a Vanilla Offense, - so has the Defense been for that matter - probably on purpose, so not to make it easier for Va.Tech and harder opponents to see the entire Husker Offense. If we need to open things up, and Va.Tech is good enough to possibly forcing Watson to do more things, then Watson will, but he won't just because we want to see things opened up.

He did throw in a reverse last week, so it's not like we don't have plays outside of run left/right, and dumping off to TEs.

And why should we care what Offense is called, as long as the chains are moving, and who moves them, and points are being scored?
Ya know Mark...Ill haveta Say that you may be right on the Watson thing...BUT.....The question is Still being Asked.....Why is Phillip Dillard Just now Seeing the Field...?? It doesnt matter about a Dog House...You play the Best Kid..and Everyone knows Phillp Dillard is Better than Will Compton any Day even better than Eric Martin...But now he depends on Phillip when the big game comes and treats him like shit...the first two games...WOW he didnt even get a Second...Thats what Worries me...Quentin Castille Kicked off the Team...Cody Glenn,,, kevin Dixon from the 08 Season...all for Dumb Reasons...Quentin Castille Kicked off team for lying to the Media...He didnt have permission to go home." (Info: from another nebraska football player name: "anonymous" Kevin dixon off the Team have no idea?? and Cody Glenn off the Team for Selling Family only Tickets for Money?? Come on...Hes a great Coach and i Love him but his Ship is Too Too tight to be in a Location Like Lincoln, Nebraska... "Thers not much to do.." And Shawn Watson Better hope he opens up the Playbook because if he doesnt...Zac Lee is Going to Fold...Im Serious i Love the Huskers Bo Pelini....Im just Stressed the Huskers have to Win...And if Rex cant run the Ball... Play Mendoza hes the Sickest Running back on the Team and they dont even see it..its sad.... and lester Ward can run the ball too...but not better than mendoza..also can they play lazarri middleton...he better than ohanlon...Im just Realistic But im Sure the Huskers Will win ifr we play them..not 3 yard 4 yards here and there we NEED BIG PLAYS AND BIG GAINS ALL GAME...
Phil maybe more alright with it than you Latimer.
It isn't that black and white Latimer. If Phil was in he doghouse, and it seems that he was, it also seems that it was a 2 game suspension. Really not that hard to envision, at least that is how I'm taking it.

I think you just need to trust the coaches in doing the right things with the players, as they seem to be case by case - as it should be with coaches and players, because let's be honest, there is a big difference from someone underage drinking, and someone else doing something that calls for instant dismissal.

Those younger players you mentioned will get their reps, but it will come as it should, either with the game out of control, or when Watson puts them in, and he has shown that he will in the 2nd qrtr. I'm not going to speculate on who should get what for PT though, te coaches have that under control.
I always find it funny that guys who watch from the stands/TV think that they know more than the coaches who work with these guys every day. Chances are that Dillard is having trouble picking up the Pelini defense. I know that not picking up the Cosgrove defense was one of the reasons he didn't play as much in his first couple years. As for Mendoza being the the "SickestRunning back" on the team I have know idea where you are getting this. I mean I have deffinitely heard that he is the fastest on the team, but does he know the offense as well as the others, does he read holes as well, does he block as well? Those are all things that make more difference than just his physical abilities. I have not seen him take many meaningful snaps so im not sure as I could really evaluate him, but one thing is for sure, the coaches know way more about their abilities and skills than I do.
Okay Okay Okay,,,,,, Now that Everyone has said what they needed to say???.....Ohh okayy... Now Lets Talk about How...Dumb the Offensive Play Calling Was?? Wow i could have called better plays in the Redzone?? I mean...Helu is the Running back? and we have Zac Lee Running Option Keepers??? WTF?????? Okay and Lazarri Middleton is Sick?? its not the Fact that its a 5 year starter at the Safety Spot??? i wasnt Talking about Larry Asante or Ricky Thenarse...I was Speaking on the Worse Safety on the Team who seems to play every Down... yes oh yes im talking about Matt. Ohanlon yea he Sucks...You heard it from me First....?? i mean who gets burned like that...First off the first rule about playing safety is not letting anyone get behind you...But im not Racist but uhhh...Lets keep the Secondary Black okay...Ohanlon should be playing special Teams....And I love The Huskers and my heart is broken just like everyone else...But i Bet Bo wishes he has Castille now huh...Instead he has Burkhead a Freshman.. ( he isnt bad but he doesnt deserve number 2) nor does he deserve to bring kickoff returns back....Shawn Watson's playbook is basic........and is very perdictable....but too all u husker supporters?? right now go ahead lets hear what you have to say?? give me your excuses....But my main point to all this is....Nebraska isnt playing the Best Players they're pleasing alumni.....Period take it how you want it...but more Speed needs to be on the Field...Especially the Line backers....Wow Slow slow slow.......and more Ohanlon Slow.....ha

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