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Why Taylor Martinez* believes a 70% completion rate is doable

For all those fans that think incompletions are always the QBs fault this story is a good indication that it takes 2 to make a completion.  What do you think of Taylors bold goal....achievable or just preseason hype?

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It represents some confidence on Taylor's part, which is good to hear.  He says that he is completely healthy, and wants to be more of a physical runner.  I wonder if those two goals are compatible?  In any case, he could reach 70% if he passes more to the RBs when deep receivers are not open.  I am getting more optimistic about Taylor, but talk is cheap.  Hopefully, the OL will do its part, and give him a chance to reach his goals.  If he does, we might beat Wisconsin and be competitive at the Horseshoe. LOL.  I am actually getting excited, which is saying a lot for me after a decade of waiting.  Go Huskers!

Taylor has never lacked confidence. What he lacks is throwing mechanics and recievers that haul it in. I have seen alot of dropped passes over the past 3 years. From Niles Paul to Brandon Kinnie, dropped passes have plagued this team as much as bad passes. Taylor's effort this off season, and humility in going to quarterback camps- should serve him well. Now if we can protect him and reel in those passes a little off the mark, good stuff can happen.

On the other hand, it's getting a little old hoping for the best despite the proof that Nebraska has become a mentally frail team. One dropped pass begets 4. One interception turns into 3. Let's hope we have grown up psychologically this off season.

Its about W/L not %

I always felt that the passing game had problems that weren't all Taylor's fault. Receivers made mistakes, dropped passes, offensive line seemed clueless at the worst times, coaches called some questionable plays....... hope all that stuff gets fixed and then I can believe 70% is possible.

This was a good read. I stated yesterday it was reported that Martinez worked with a QB's coach over the off season, so right now it's all about the new and improved Taylor. I hope so. They can only get better right? The kids have their second year in Beck's program. Go Big Red!

All of the stuff coming out of camp sounds really good.  As it should.  If your players don't have high expectations and goals ypu are in deep yogurt.

But I am guessing you could go to just about any teams pages and read the same thing.

We have some serious execution errors to fix from last year on both sides of the ball.  Frankly I think we have the talent and the scheme to play with anybody in the country.

Question is, do we trust ourselves enough to let it happen.  We are about to find out.


Not sure what it means but Taylor is on the Manning watch list.....not everyone that attended the course made that list....good things happen when people take ownership of a project.....let's hope Taylor succeeds in everything he is trying to achieve


That would be a good number if the receivers can catch most of what is thrown there way.

If TM does what he says (70% completion rate) he will have a grand season.   Really, as I've said before, TM doesn't have to reinvent the wheel.......just manage the offense and dish the ball out to the running backs and receivers.  And if the D wants to give him an open through it and DON'T slide.  AND.......hang on to the dam ball!!







Of course Taylor is going to post up a 70% completion rate.  Heck, it'll probably be 75%.

Oh, wait, hand-off's don't count, do they.


Awwww, I still say he will be much, much improved along with the rest of our fairly weak offense last season.

Above average, here we come!  And I mean that in a positive way.  I expect this team to improve and last season we were average on offense at best.

Soooooooo........I am looking forward to some decent offensive line play, less penalties, and less mistakes. 

Roger that Gekko. I'm afraid this year will be another deja vu . Especially because Bo is mouthing his standard team compliments in the absence of real, concrete improvement. With another lackluster recruiting year I'm just not excited. PLUS he is facing the worst schedule ever. No opening season tune-ups like last year. Personally I think this season will define Bo as a head coach. Taylor thinking 70% - what the hell is he smoking?

looks like we gotta bunch of huskerextra people in here glad i came

We escaped from the litr box.

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