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I'm reporting from Arlington tonight, and the Husker village of a hotel I'm in is very quiet tonight.  The last two days have been filled with "GO BIG RED" chants, and "HUSKER! POWER!" call backs, but not this night.  I must say though, that the OU fans I've run into before and after the game were all class.  "Give um hell in the Big 10," and "we'll miss you guys," were often heard.


As for the game.  It seemed to me that we out numbered the OU fans.  Not by a lot, but it looked like we did.  However, from where I was sitting, they were louder.  Have we forgotten how to cheer?  I'm currently without a voice, but there were several Husker fans arround my section that didn't yell at all when our D was on the field, and some others that were yelling when our offense was.  Maybe we need cheer practice like A&M.


T-Magic... or is it T-Tragic?  I don't blame him for the loss.  Sure he wasn't 100% so his running threat wasn't there.  I know he held onto the ball too long and got sacked taking us out of field goal range... twice.  He tossed a really bad pass into the end zone for a pick, and had a couple fumbles.  This loss was not his fault.  It seemed to me that anyone could see that he wasn't working early on, and most certainly was done after the half.  This loss is on the coaches, and at the end of the day the last call comes from Bo.


I almost wish we were blown out though.  Being this close, and playing so badly makes it worse some how.  OU had a great plan to shut down our Offense, not that we made it hard.  Our D gave up a couple big plays, but they were fantastic overall. 


The refs called a fair game.  Couple bad calls, but on both sides so that evens out, pretty normal game stuff.  Holding on Crick and Baker was bad again, but I'll be honest our O-line was just as guilty.  Can't blame this one anyone but ourselves.

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While, listening to Herbstriet he mentioned alot of Taylor's problem was his maturity...loosing sight of his primary and panicking. I have to agree, this time, with Herbie. I felt really bad for Taylor, knowing he was injured as well. Ndamukong Suh put a post on facebook asking "What happened Nebraska?" Alot of the comments were just crude and two-faced in reference to Taylor. But I guess when he is winning again, they will go back to their "T-magic," love for him...makes me sick. Bo should have pulled Taylor and let Lee or Cody have a go at it in the 2nd half.

The Blackshirts were outstanding. The 1st quarter 3nouts were amazing. And there is nothing bad I can say about Alex. They should have kept the ball on the ground, got the yards and let Alex take us into overtime. I agree Daemon, poor coaching.
You and I are again 100% on the same page. Last night's loss was ultimately the fault of Bo Pelini. I don't know if the rumors of the possible transfer were really true and didn't want to pull Martinez out of the game because of it, but there is no excuse for keeping him in there when he was clearly at 70% at best. He didn't have any speed, which basically took one option out of the zone read and OU knew it. He couldn't set his feet to throw because of the hobbled ankle, which amounted to too many passes behind players. I know a lot of people on here don't like Cody Green, but i thought he managed last week's game very well and should have been given an opportunity to do it again. Coach Watson put Burkhead into the wildcat formation and have success, then go away from it in the 4th quarter. Ultimately, due to Coach Pelini's decision making our offense becomes ineffective and the defense had to continually go out there and "bail out" the offense time and time again. I'm really surprised we held them to 23 points considering how much the defense had to be out there in the 2nd half. I also thought the refs called an overall good game with missed calls on both squads. As for Martinez, it was evident again he showed he was a freshman with his decisions on the field. Did Zac Lee's arm fall off? Last year he managed the game well enough to win against OU. More than likely we are still headed to Tempe,AZ, but now for the bowl (payout $3,325,000.00) instead of the Fiesta bowl ($17,000,000.00). I doubt Coach Pelini is getting his checkbook out to make up the difference. Enough of my ranting....I'm pissed and need some coffee.
I had to turn it off......I just couldnt watch us self destruct any longer......
I'm not worried about the money. I've seen many teams make a BCS game and literally drop off the face of the Earth in the years following...
I agree with all the comments so far. Bo lost this one. He should have put Cody in mid 3rd quarter. What is the big secret, Zach Lee either has a broken hand or fractured scull, I guess Washington must have some injury also that he can't hand off to a running back? throw the ball 10 yards? it just seemed the Sooners were in Taylor's head, on his back or knocking the ball out of his hand too much. A new person sometimes see's something different and obvious that could at least manage and inspire hope and we didn't seem to have any thing. The only hand off we seemed to make was to the Sooners. 17-0, we dropped the ball 5 times! throw the ball where there is one husker and 3-4 schooners or throw it away and try again, mmm "well the guys in white seem to catch the ball pretty good." not sure if that throw was behind a husker or timed just right for a Sooner. 17-0 and we lose. really?! REALLY?!
I agree with everyone. We lost this, and although each of the players who made the mistake did in fact make that mistake it wasn't one person's fault/loss. I also didn't understand why we didn't keep putting Burkhead in or just put Green in - it was obvious that for whatever reason (the injury, being a freshman, letting the game in his head, all of the above) that Martinez just wasn't up to what he needed to do in the second half. I believe that either of those boys/men could have done a bit better job and may have actually taken us to a win or at least go into overtime with a tie. I was never one of those people totally ranting on about Martinez's skills - I knew with him being a freshman it was too good to be true. His awesome potential is what people should have been talking about, not forgetting this year but focusing on how good we will be in a year or two and really looking at this year as a huge stepping stone to the future. It was pretty great that we were still actually in the game with all of those turnovers, truely says something about the defense - which will hopefully add to the future powerhouse we could be!
We were outplayed and outcoached. Simple as that.

Would be fun to get Michigan in the Insight Bowl...a preview of things to come.
I talked with several OU fans this morning at breakfast, and they all said, "Man, that Watson cost you the game. You had us beat." Not kidding. I pointed out though, that Bo Pelini is the head coach and if coaching is the issue (which it was) it lies with him.

Why didn't they take out Martinez?
“We just felt like it was the right thing to do at the time,” Watson said. “He’s a young quarterback and we wanted to make sure we showed our confidence in him.” (Watson, Omaha World Herald)

Seriously? This isn't the time to let a kid learn by mistakes for next years gain. This is the LAST Big 12 Championship. The "See ya later we're off for better things with your trophy" or the "Don't let the door hit ya in the rump as you run away" game. This is the game to pull out all the stops. The game where if your starting QB isn't a threat and it doesn't take a defensive genious (and Stoops is one) to realize all you have to do is tee off on the kid, you have to try someone else. The game where if the wild-cat is working, you stick with it until it isn't anymore. Watson said using the wild-cat can make you one dimentional, but that's one more dimention than we had when we went away from it.

Yep, this one is on the coaches. Time to make some changes? If I'm Bo, its time to start thinking about it. We kept Watson so the offense wouldn't be a problem as we fixed the D. Instead, the D has become our best chance to score.
Wonder if Scott Frost would be interested in coming home?
Or Tommie Frazier......
or me.

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