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Check out this pic somebody took with their camera phone at a Tulsa airport. OU is already thinking they won the Championship. Hmmmm.... not yet.

But what do you think? WIll OU win? Score predictions for the GAtors vs. Sooners?

Florida: 34
Oklahoma: 38

Let's hear em!

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I really hope that the Sooners can close the deal. The Big 12 South hasn't made the impression on the National scale that most thought they would. The highest scoring schools in the land have been struggling against schools that depend on Defense. God knows that all of the "Bend, don't Break" strategies don't always work, and the Big 12 has relied on that pretty heavily all season.

I'm going with:

OU: 35
UF: 28

If Florida keeps it close in the 4th quarter, all bets are off. Tebow seems to know how to win the close ones.
Hey, thats nothing mack brown was saying after the fiesta bowl that he was voting TEXAS #1. How in the hell do ya do that??Number1&2 need to play first dont they ?Thats what kills me about voting for the Heisman Winner before the bowls have been played.
Win or lose the debate will go on no matter what. Utah is undefeated, they will cry foul no matter what the score. Not to mention the teams who have defeated both Oklahoma and Florida during the season.

Being a Husker fan I am going with the Big XII Team, hoping the last bowl game will be competitive.

Gators: 24
Sooners: 31
im stuck, not sure which way to BIG XII or go with my gut feelings....hmmmm what to do what to do.....

Florida - 30
Sooners - 33

(in overtime)
I'm really hoping that OU represents for the Big 12. So many other Big 12 schools choked in the Bowl games mostly due to season let downs. OU has everything to prove so they'd better show up. Besides the only thing as bad as USC is a Florida School. Hurts me to say it... but:
Down here in SE Arizona I have come to realize that the rest of the country has no respect for the Big 12. I have all around me bandwagon fans of the USC and Floridas of the world. They all are saying Oklahoma has never seen a defense like Florida's. My reply is always the same, Florida has never seen a offense like Oklahoma's. This is a OU team that set a new record for points per game surpassing the mighty 52 that the 83 Huskers put up. In my college bowl pick em this was the last game I picked and not because I wanted to think on it, but because I saved my previous picks, slept on it for a night, woke up the next day and immediately put in my pick without thinking, Oklahoma.

OU 42
Florida 31
I still remember OU and Boise State

Florida 45
OU 40
I am sticking with my first, and only, prediction on this one.

UF 38
OU 28

Daughter is a Gator grad....I love the Gators and I think that this is their best team EVER!!!!

However, OU has some big guns. I think that the key to the game will be containing Gresham. UF has a TE just like him, Cornelius Ingram who had a great MNC game in 2006....however he was lost for the season and had ACL surgery in August.

IMO, Tim Tebow may be the greatest leader at QB since Roger Staubach.

Shayne says: "If Florida keeps it close in the 4th quarter, all bets are off. Tebow seems to know how to win the close ones."

Shayne, at face value I would feel the same way after UF vs. Alabama...but, interestingly enough, during that game the announcers noted that Tebow was 0-5 when trailing at the end of the 3rd quarter...he's now 1-5. I was very surprised to hear that.

I have been disappointed with the BCS games this season. OSU vs. Texas = chronic sloppy play. VT vs. UC = who cares. Bama vs. Utah = Satan & Co snooze, Tide lose.

Despite the USC first half domination of PSU, at least I felt that I was watching one very good and one GREAT team. Unlike the Tide, PSU never quit.

...let's hope that the best has been saved for last.

IMO, best game so far? TCU over Boise.


PS...with a Bowden now at North Alabama will the NWMOST Bearcats ever win a Div 2 championship?
Ok im tired about hearing out fast the SEC is i mean come on....i honestly think the sooners might be the fastest team in the nation....plz dont freak out what i just said haha...anyways im not sure but i really can't see the gators sticking with sooners in the 2nd half. Although i hate saying this but you gotta cheer for sooners for big 12 pride!


probably wrong but we will see tomorrow i guess GO SOONERS...i guess....
Florida 52

Oklahoma 38

Will be a high scoring game with Florida embarrassing the Sooner D.
Barry's Radio Show

said on a radio interview yesterday that ou averages 91 plays per game and florida only 61 plays per game. is this true? he said florida probably has better athletes overall but he questions whether they can play at OU's pace. He said the key to the game is whether florida has to blitz to get to bradford. he said if their front 4 can beat OU's OL (which he called the best in the country) then it's lights out for OU. He said if not, bradford will pick them apart and burn their blitzes.

he said on offense florida's key is to control the ball and move it efficiently. he said if they score quickly they are playing into OU's hands. Florida wants a game in the 30s and OU wants it in the 50s.

He said the one big advantage for florida in the game is their return game on punts and kickoffs against OU. He said they could well score or change field position dramatically using it and if so, they'll win.

Finally, he said he doesnt like OU's offensive style and does like Florida's. He said the Florida offense is what he'd be running if he were coaching college ball today. He said he'd run an offense where the qb ran the ball on options, counters and draws 10-15 times a game. "old dinosaurs like osborne and i would show these millionaires a thing or two about what good offense is."
I have been reading and hearing so much about this game for weeks now. What everyone has said is how UO has never seen a D like UF's, and that UO has no D. I would have said the same thing about all the Big XII teams before the bowl games. Here is the thing, did anyone in their wildest dreams imagine that the Husker D would hold back Clemson’s 2 freak running backs for a total of 4 rushing yards. Did anyone imagine that the Texas Ohio State game would be a defensive battle? The defenses in the Big XII were over looked this year because of the high powered offenses. Taking that into account I say it is going to be another defensive game and the score only works its way up late in the 3rd and 4th quarter with UO's offensive line wearing down the UF defense.

The two things that may hurt UO is the curse of the Hiesman, and Bradford may be more focused on the fact or rumors that this is his last game as a Sooner.

Oklahoma 28
Florida 24

This game has the potential to be remembered as one of the great National Championships played.

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