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And with that said, we still have a very realistic shot of winning the division and even the conference, and ONLY because Ohio St is not eligible.  They are simply a much better team than Nebraska right now.

Need to win the next three.  I'll be there in Evanston in two weeks.  None of these games a gimmie, especially the MICHIGAN game.

I think it's safe to say Shawn Eichorst won't be giving Pelini or his staff any raises in the near futue....


And Martinez played like $h!t tonight, but the DL is still terrible!  No Sunday afternoon players in that group....


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Who cares? I am tired of following Big Red Football. Too many disappointments. Too many blowouts. Too much Bo Pelini. Tom is gone. So am I. Good luck Nebraska, you're going to need it.

Obama/Biden 2012

Papuchis must go! Since he took over, the defense reminds me of the Kevin Cosgrove defenses from the Callahan era.

If they don't find a way to stop a mobile quarterback, it will be just as ugly against Northwestern and Michigan!

i think the problem is pelini; turnovers......

they did tackle better, but they don't have the personel to play man-to-man which means people like miller run all over them

pelini is not a good recruiter; despite callahan's issues, he was a star recruiter.

we need someone like chris peterson at boise

Did anyone think they were just a better team??  I mean we could definitely make improvements to become that better team, but we haven't.  I have never played football, so I wonder what is the problem.  Is it the coaches?  Is it the players?  Do we just need better coacing - would that really fix it?  I just don't have any answers. 

I do know the turnovers are killing us, but I will be honest I wasn't that disappointed in the defense until the last couple minutes when either they were tired or they just gave up.  Again, I don't have a trained eye but I am not going to blame this one on the defense.  I don't know where the changes need to be made or what will really fix it but I hope that we can find it so these young men aren't ruined for their whole life for the flack they take from the Husker Nation.

Here's the question I've been asking myself all morning.  Is this it?  Is this what we'll get every year?

Win the easy ones,

Lose one that we should have won.

Great comeback against a team that is a name, but having a down year.

Get blown out by the the best teams on out schedule.

I'm seeing a pattern, and I'm not liking it.

Recruiting is a huge issue, but so is Bo's coaching staff.  

I'm with ya Vas.  Callahan couldn't coach college, but he sure could sign players.  Think we could get him to just recruit for us?  jk

I've been saying it for three years.  It's recruiting.  They aren't getting the horses into the system on both the Offensive and Defensive side of the ball.  Thank God, Alabama and Auburn passed on Abdullah and he fell into Pelini's lap.  Other than Kenny Bell, none of the WRs at Nebraska would start anywhere else in the B1G Ten.  Kyler Reed is good at TE (Hybrid), but only when they work him into the game plan.  The DL is non existent and other than Will Compton (physically not gifted, but plays with a lot of heart) the LB and defensive backs are nothing to fear.  Too many undisicplined errors causing turnovers and penalties, which that part falls on Coaching.  I'd love to see what a Chris Peterson could do with a Nebraska program that should be able to recruit better talent than what he is able to get at Boise State.  If he is not the answer then someone else is.  Nebraska needs to go out and get a high profile coach who can "RESTORE THE ORDER".  Should have hired Dana Holgorson when we had the chance (He beat Texas).  If we want to settle for being a 4th to 6th best team in conference every year then that is fine, but let's not kid ourselves on where we are and where we are going.

Abby - Yes, Ohio State is technically a better team, but our defense gave up almost 500 yards of offense last night.  To put this in perspective, UAB only gave up 347 yards of offense against Ohio State this year.  Against UCLA, Nebraska gave up 653 yards of offense while no other team on their schedule has given up that much.  Our defense is nothing short of a disaster.  Even with Martinez's mistakes, the offense still managed 30 solid points, which is nothing to complain about. 

The only way this can be fixed is through recruiting.  Pelini earned a reputation as a defensive guru, however, he always benefited off of another coach's recruits (Frank Solich, Bob Stoops, Les Miles, Bill Callahan, etc).  Pelini has not recruited a single all-conference defensive lineman since he has been at Nebraska, and the defensive line is the most important group in football.  Just look at our recruiting class this year.  Still no defensive linemen....

And if my source is correct, Bo Pelini's salary is right up there with Chip Kelly (#2 Oregon), Steve Spurrier (#3 South Carolina), and Jimbo Fisher (#12 Florida State). I'm sorry, but those teams would blow us out of a stadium right now. So what exactly is the University paying so much for??? We could be using that extra money to pay players to commit to Nebraska (jk) like a certain university backed by a major corporation probably does.

I'm sorry, but Pelini is the most overpaid coach in college football today. Pay me in prime rib, and I'll beat Minnesota and Idaho State, lol!

Add Dana Halgorsen to the salary mix too.  Bo gets paid more than him and Halgorsen won a conference championship in his first year and might be making a run for a National Championship this year [sigh].

you know what i'm sick and tired of hearing all these supposed husker fans bitching about our coach. yea we have one 9 games every year which most programs would beg for. my dad graduated from nebraska and i remember him telling me about tom osbourne and how long it took him to win a national title. as for the recruting issue i don't remember osbourne having top recruting classes every year. by the way do you all want to go back to the callahan disater. shut up support your huskers and give bo pelini time. as for the game we got beat by a better team. i knew that we were going to get beat braxton miller is a great qaurterback and urban meyer is a legendary coach. so congrats to them we will see them again in a couple years.

i wish

this is becoming silly, we haven't been relevant since 2001.

For a program with the fourth most wins, this is embarrasing.

Truthfully, solich was fired for less, at the time, a move i agreed with.

As has been said before, pelini fielded great defenses.....with players callahan recruited.

The yelling on the sidelines with sloppy play on the field isn't helping either

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