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Hey all,
I've been so out of the loop! & wanted to know whether BO & others were still irate over forums, in particular NCIU, & their rumor-mills & leaks -???

Last season/yr BO was really PO'ed & blasting the Husker Forum which operates under the guise "National Cable Installers Union" who he believed started certain rumors,etc.. After being 'outted' & getting so much bad-attention NCIU was discussing changing its name-alias, tho unsure if they did. You see, my hubby Drew cocky-cox :P is a member of NCIU, which in all honestly I find rather CULT-ISH ! It's so secretive (& paranoid), is invite only, thoroughly checks potential members, & even if-once approved they're forbidden to discuss or show the Site/Forum (&it's real-time chatroom during games) with Anyone At All !! Moreover, they must pay-pal $12 a month for the priviledge to discuss NE football, other NE sports (& misc. topics) & varying hush-hush news -supposingly!- to the founder Adam Bahr, an UNIV. of NE ALUMNI Associate who's directly claimed to be connected to the Huskers football team (management or whatnot)...Mr. Bahr says he's "In-The-Know" & from what I've seen & heard to some degree he does seem to have detailed info &/or pre-press stuff , But he's become somekind of figurehead & if you displease him/his forum you're gone...

SO are he & the members of NCIU responsible for the propaganda that esp. BO was so angry over -well I'm unsure becuz there's so many HUSKER forums, chat-rooms, blogs, etc. web-wide & too easy for rumors to be started, fed on & spread like wildfire... But I'm weary of NCIU or any "group" that claims to have the Inside Info for a very very selective, paying, & gagged few..!

Was wondering if BO's anger continues & anything else has gone on in relation to such forums... whats the latest !?

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I can promise you that it isn't Huskerspot that had Bo all upset.  Our little corner in the Husker Web universe is relatively quiet and polite compared to the others.  We do get inside knowledge from time to time (ie I had a player on the team tell me Martinez had quit the team) and even that doesn't always pan out to be accurate (ie it sure doesn't look like Martinez quit the team).  

I'm pretty crazy about Husker football.  Probably spend to much time on here than I should, but even I am not interested in paying monthly to chat about it.  I might love to get breaking news, but at the end of the day, I just want them to play hard.

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