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Perlman disappointed; officials considering what to do with Pelini

Uh oh. Looks like Bo Pelini is going to get called down to the principal's office again....

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This is ridiculous. This is old news stirred up by the media. This was addressed and shouldn't be news. 

Bo appologized to the fair weather fans and boo birds so this will all blow over in a couple days


Yeah, but the big question is what do the "fair weather donor$" think?  I think most fans will let this one slide because, heck, if someone recorded everything we said off the record, we'd all be in trouble. 

The division is still up for grabs in my opinion, however, if the defense keeps giving up 500-600 yards of offense against Big Ten teams, and the OL doesn't start opening up gaping holes for Adbullah real soon, then this incident won't do much to help Bo at the end of the season if things turn south.

I'm flying into Lincoln for the Illinois game, which I thought would be over at halftime at the beginning of the season.  Now, not so sure anymore.....  

Plus, who would they put in the coach's chair if they decided to do something drastic and fire Pelini? 

Papuchis?  Oh, man....

I'm not sure this will all blow over.  If he somehow manages to win the Big 10, he'll be fine.  If he get's us to the game, he'll most likely be OK.  However, I'm not sure he's going to get to 9 wins, and could possibly have a losing season.  He's lucky he doesn't have the schedule of the last couple seasons with this team.  A losing season, and this recording... the seat gets very hot.  It's warm now.

I liked Bo a lot, and frankly don't care what he thinks about the press.  I also wouldn't give a shit about what he said about the fans if he was calling out just the fair-weathers that left early, but lumping us all together and saying the day's coming that he's planning to leave... that troubles me.

You don't fire a 9 win couch, well you shouldn't. 

Man, this is hard for me. I think Bo is a man of integrity. That's not easy to come by these days. The Jack Hoffman play, promising the Florida high school QB as scholarship weather or not he ever plays, these are big in my book. But dissin the greatest player in Husker history, now dissin the fans, giving up over 500 yds of offense in 4 of the last 5 games, giving up over 40 points 6 times in the last 2 seasons (plus 3 games), getting "spanked" in every big game we play in. No Championships. Not even in the National all. 

We have talent. We have speed and athleticism. In the first half of the :UCLA game, the D boys were fighting through their blocks to get to the ball. In the second half, they were just "dancing" with their blockers. The offense was in total disarray. That's on the coaches.

If we go 9-4 and loose the 4 by less than 30 points to "quality" teams, I could live with that. But to not be competitive, to quit in the middle of the game....I just don't know.

I'm pretty sure Callahan got fired for less. 

God I hate having said that.

My hope is that this becomes an eye-opener for Bo. That somehow he realizes that his "schemes" are to complicated and gets back to basics. Multiple appears to be "multiply bad". He has stated that he realizes he has made some real mistakes, I hope he means it. I want Bo to succeed, but he better start now or I don't think he'll be here much longer.

Not sure Bo has the right temperament to be a HC now. DC, maybe. I was not a fan of his style of play, his teams, even when the defense was dominant (which hasn't happened since the days of Suh), make a lot of mistakes and don't play disciplined -i.e penalties, turnovers, missed tackles, missed assignments.....

i wasn't impressed with the late game comebacks last year -since they happened because of sloppy play in the first place, and i think he is getting exposed by ohio state, wisconsin, wyoming, and now, ucla (twice).

sure he wins 9-10; but is this what we as NU fans want? i would like a coach that plays disciplined error free ball, and keeps us competitive yearly-bo has not finished higher than 14th.....ever.......

i say let him go.

Dr. Tom to te rescue,he already knew about the incident and heard the tape. He talked to BO and straigtened him out,also BO has an idea who it was, me thinks it was Greg Sharpe or one of his subordinates[ by request from Sharpe] thhe tape was from the Nebraska sports network,mmmmm makes you think doesn't

Sure Shrinivas lets let another winning coach go[we know what happened the last time we did that] maybe we can become the K-State of the sixties and seventies,keep firing coaches and no bowl games. Who is out there that would take this job if winning isn't enough. Dr. Tom won't be there to bail us out the next time. I am a big Husker supporter and a big BO fan and I always will be. GOOOOOOOOO BIGGGGGGGGGG REDDDDDDDDDD

 it wasn't Sharpe he is a Bo friend thats why Bo felt comfortable enough to speak candidly

Husker Sports network is owned by Pinnacle Sports Productions LLC who owns or is affiliated with Presto Recording Studios- a down town Lincoln company run by two brothers from North Platte, makes you think about a certain Booster who flew off the handle this summer, maybe not that he had the audio clip but that he may have heard it.

just wondering aloud

i appreciate the loyalty, and our point about a winning coach; but is 10-4 good enough at NU?
we have the 4th most wins ever....not only that, pelini has not finished higher than 11th
In addition, we seem to play sloppy ball (penalties, turnover, etc....), and the defense hasn't' been good for over 2 years.

with all that said, 10-4 is a consistent record, but i am concerned that at NU, we need better.

I don't even care about the record or the bowls, but it's the embarrassing blowouts on national TV that perplex me.  Do our players suck that bad compared to Wisconsin and UCLA?  Or are they poorly prepared?  Which is it????

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