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For all you Tom haters out there im starting a petition to ban the pesimistic colorado fan. he's been terrorizing our site for quite some time and i think its about time that he gets off our forum and back to alchoholic's anonymous. So what do you say? Just write yes or no? This one's for you Tom!

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Yes! Bye tom
I was born in Nebraska and am an NU fan who does not like Bo Pelini.

Apparently that is now a crime?

I think that you guys need to worry more about the behaviors of Cody Glenn...why would you want him back on the team? To attempt to win more football games? That is the problem with our "fanatics" who care little about core values and how a player or coach represents a University.

I remember when we took Lawrence Phillips back because Tom Osborne thought that he could rehabilitate him! I hope that those days are gone forever.

I hear what you are saying about voicing your opinion. What is so disconcerting is that you haven't posted anything positive. A Husker Fan would usually be able to find the positive in the program not the negative each week.

As far as Coach Pelini, he is the Coach, like it or not Tom Osborne interviewed Coaches and this is who he picked to lead the Football Program. Like him or not Tom, Bo Pelini is improving the football program. He is popular and liked by the majority of the Huskernation.

Tom get on the bandwagon or don't, but don't be upset by Husker fans who question your loyalty by your negative posts.
I am a Husker that loves living in the land of the Black and Gold. You know what I find ironic there are SOOO few Buff fans here. For a school that has a reputation for some of the worst fans in the country, they are really hard to find. I have absolutely no problem finding Husker fans out here. Every day I see Husker gear roaming the streets of Denver, Boulder, Fort Collins, and just about every other town I go to. Tom if you are a Buff fan, then maybe you should move out here and get off our site. You do provide some interesting discussions but man do you ever get annoying.

As for Bo, what is your problem with him? I suppose you loved Callahan. Bo has the Huskers headed in the right direction. Anybody that can put fire back in a program that one year ago was on its last leg has to be doing something right. I was disappointed to see Bo go the first time, and now that he is back I can't wait for game days.

GO BO!!!...
I agree JD, Pelini has put the spirit back into the program that Callahan sucked out. Just wait till Bo gets the players he wants to play for him, if he's improved Callahans kids like this, cant wait to see what he does with his own.
Zombiecon- Tom is an idiot...we know that. We don't need a democratic petition to let HIM know he's an idiot.
As for Bo, what is your problem with him? I suppose you loved Callahan.

No, I could not stand Callahan. We've gone from one extreme to the other with our Coach.

I'd rather that we have found a balance in between as MSU has with Mark Dantonio or UNC has with Butch Davis. Those programs are getting national this point, we are not.

Bo's first recruiting class is not looking good (only two 4 star recruits last time I checked); but perhaps he can revitalize the walk on program.

In comparison, MSU and UNC (two program that have been very down) have (8) four stars and (1) 5 star and (7) 4 stars respectively.

Callahan was a very good recruiter; he simply couldn't do anything with the talent.

I liked Solich simply because he was TO's guy. He did not fail; his only failure is that he, like just about every other person who has ever followed a Legacy Leader (like Bo, Woody, TO, Spurrier, etc) has been crapped on by impatient fans who expect more!

Solich has now proven to not even be a good coach in the MAC...but he did seem to be a good fit here.

There are always a lot of good coaching minds out there. I'm just not sure that we got one of them. Bo's approach is consistent with achieving short term gains; but can he build a program?

Here are the Rivals rankings for the 2009 class. I don't put too much faith in this; but they are interesting to watch:

There are a few other surprises besides MSU and UNC....Spurrier at #11, Petrino at #16, TAM at #19, Harbaugh at #20 and Mississippi State (Crooms) at #21!!!

The Big 12 North has ZERO classes in the Top 25. The South has FOUR!!

It is always nice to see the passion back in the players...but our big win is over a semi-respectable Kansas team.

I know....they scored 76 on us last year; but they still are Kansas!!

Lighten up, boys!!!

1 USC 16 4 12 0 4.25 2,393
2 Ohio State 24 1 15 8 3.71 2,329
3 LSU 19 2 12 4 3.79 2,160
4 Texas 19 1 12 6 3.74 2,048
5 Florida State 18 1 10 7 3.67 1,820
6 Alabama 16 2 7 7 3.69 1,680
7 Georgia 16 0 11 5 3.69 1,613
8 Notre Dame 17 1 9 5 3.53 1,571
9 Miami 16 1 9 5 3.63 1,544
10 Auburn 26 0 8 17 3.27 1,534
11 South Carolina 22 0 10 8 3.27 1,530
12 Michigan 18 0 9 8 3.44 1,463
13 Tennessee 17 0 8 9 3.47 1,429
14 Oklahoma 19 0 6 13 3.32 1,385
15 North Carolina 19 1 7 7 3.26 1,383
16 Arkansas 21 1 3 16 3.19 1,346
17 Michigan State 16 0 8 7 3.44 1,323
18 Florida 13 0 9 4 3.69 1,263
19 Texas A&M 25 0 4 20 3.12 1,235
20 Stanford 15 0 7 8 3.47 1,214
21 Mississippi State 18 0 5 13 3.28 1,157
22 Texas Tech 20 0 4 14 3.10 1,052
23 Virginia Tech 18 1 2 11 3.00 992
24 Penn State 20 0 4 11 2.95 920
25 Maryland 22 0 3 14 2.91 870
stars dont mean anything. its about potential. tons of four star and five stars peak in high school. and there have been three stars as good as five stars, usually five star players are at bigger schools and get more attention. take matt herian for example (before his injury) he was amazing at tight end and he went to pierce, ne and was only a three star. we dont need to have high recruiting classes. bo recognizes talent
He certainly should after we got slaughtered in Norman.

That game shows us how far we really still have to go.

Let's not fool ourselves just yet!!!
your right were not up to the level of oklahoma but i think bo will get us there, he cant do much with the talent that callahan recruited. the defense is getting better and i still think we should go back to a running offense, even tho the announcers and experts say that college football is more pass now. i dont think we have to be... we should stick to our roots and run it. helu and q can and hopefully cody green will be able to run the option. we wouldnt need the pass then
Cody green will definitely be a good candidate for the option. I live 6 miles from where he goes to school i have seen him he is huge and he is definitely fast. He has an arm but he needs to work on control. He is definintly a good recruit for nebraska. So bo definitely has some good potential coming.

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