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The Big Red is going to the Big House where Brady Hoke has yet to lose a game in his tenure as head coach.  Coming off a loss to Sparty, the Wolverines will be fired up and ready to make a statement as they protect their turf.  Michigan's offense took some huge lumps going negative rush yardage against the boys in green, which might have us licking our chops.  However, make no mistake, we are not the Michigan State defense.  Gardener may not be the best QB we have faced, but you gotta get to him to rattle him and that will be a tall task.

The Cornhuskers are jacked after the miracle catch in a hard-fought game at home.  The defense showed up and offered flashes of the hard hitting, run stuffing & QB blitzing talent many expected before the first game's kickoff.  Can they carry that over against a Wolverine offense that is arguably better than a Purple Cat offense?  Remember, Northwestern went way down the depth chart to field a running back.  Add to that, the Cornhusker offense is dinged and likely without players like Turner, Bell, Long, Long & Cotton.  The offensive line may be a patchwork of this-n-that.  And of course, there is the two quarterback rotation, with both Armstrong and Kellogg prone to tossing interceptions in a scheme that tends toward the pass.  Not how you want to show up in Ann Arbor.

I'm a avid fan of Nebraska football and am pulling for a win every time our young men step on the field.  That said, I hope I am wrong and will happily admit it in this case if I am.  It will be a tough game, fought tooth-and-nail.  In the end, home field is the big advantage....

Blue & Maize: 31
Scarlet & Cream: 24

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Michigan is's just that they SUCK!

this is a difficult game to predict, both teams have been inconsistent on both sides of the ball and both QB's have had turn over problems both teams have meaningless victory's over weaker competition so throw all that out the window

Huskers need this one if they are gonna win their division for the 4th time in the last 5 years

High Octane Grain 38

Wolverina's   28

Soooo, here we are. 6-2 where most thought or hoped for 7-1. Now the B1G stretch run in November begins. Without further ado....some stats to digest:

Rushing Offense--NU 13th   MI 79th

Passing Offense--NU 88th   MI 44th

Total Offense--NU 30th(468yds)   MI 63rd(412yds)

Turnovers Gained/Lost--NU 15/16  MI 16/18

Rushing Defense--NU 85th   MI 14th

Pass Efficiency Defense--NU 40th   MI 30th

Total Defense--NU 70th   MI 28th

Tackles for Loss--NU 6.8 per game   MI 5.4 per game

Bonus ST Stats

KO Return Defense--NU 15th   MI 82nd

Punt Return Defense--NU 53rd   MI 60th

KO Return--NU 40th    MI 37th

Punt Return--NU 114th   MI 80th

Net Punting--38th (38yds)   MI 84th (36yds)

What do I take from all this? Nothing. Ok, just kidding. There are some disparities in a few stats (see rush offenses and defenses), but they are pretty much cancelled out on the defensive side.  Or the other team will possibly have a hard time exploiting the matchup with their ineptitude. Maybe we change the course of the game with our sound KO Return defense.....just kidding. In all, turnovers probably decide this game. The talk that "MI and Gardner are a turnover machine" has some validity, but as you can tell in the stats they've only lost 2 more than us putting us in similar talks.

The biggest problem I see is 100K maize and blue people going ape after a tough loss to their rival in a must win game on an unfamiliar grass field. Throw in 2 relatively inexperienced QBs on the road in an essentially must win game for MI with a OC who likes to get away from what works to experiment with things that likely don't....well, you can see where this is going.

I even sometimes wonder if Bo has lost his passion here. All the comments about the pressure "wearing on them" from a f'ing delusional fan base (having fun here LOL) is not, and has not been the best approach as leaders to a bunch of young men looking up to them for direction. It almost feels like an obsession with the social media and blogs for these guys when the pressure here is very similar to at least a good 15 other major schools across the country. The inexperience in coaching would be where I would point the finger of not understanding the magnitude of being in the spotlight as a major coach at a major university.

Bright side? The new forecast shows a high of 52 degrees and very windy (25-30mph winds).  Maybe, just maybe this forces Beck's conservative hand a bit. Ameer is a stud and still should get his yards even with MI going to be geared to stopping him. Armstrong is gonna have to make a couple plays to win it and can. Maybe this staff finds something from last week and everyone has a come together moment.  It can happen.  Many teams have a "a ha" moment and the tide changes. This is the time to use that springboard.  While neither team is ranked, this would definitely be considered a "bigger" victory for Bo and staff. Probably right behind Okie St in my book. I just hope the magic wasn't all used up last week....the problem is, I fear it has. I am still skeptical until I am shown something different. 

MI 37     NU 23

(Now prove me wrong so my MSU tickets are twice the fun!!!)

I will try to keep this pretty short and not talk about the negative  intangibles of our coaching.  I am basing my prediction solely on two events that took place in the Northwestern.  The first one was when our defense acted like Blackshirts and kept NW our of the end zone after TA's last int.  The second of course was the hail mary play that resulted in the W.  These two plays grew our team and gave our guys some mojo that they have not been able to generate from our coaches.....thusly it carries on to Ann Arbor and we get to see our guys play like Huskers.


Huskers  35

Meeechigun   31

I am undecided. I think that these are two teams that have big problems. In other words, two not-very-good teams. Sure, both teams have some very good individual players, such as Ameer, Westerkamp, Randy Gregory, and three decent quarterbacks for the Huskers, and Gardner and Toussaint and Gallon for Michigan. But Nebraska is 7-8 in road games since 2011 and always manages to fubar any high-profile game on National TV, and Michigan is undefeated at home under their Head Coach Brady Hoke. And they are 5-0 in conference compared with 3-1 Nebraska. My prediction ? Nebraska 29, Michigan 36

Michigan is 5-0 in conference?  Actually they are 2-2. 

Guess that you're watching much football.


What a great game!

I told you guys not to worry.  The U of M is in free fall.  Nice Husker win in AA. 

thanks Ben and good luck this week, just not too much luck ok? ;)

Thanks and same to you boomboom.  It would take a monumental effort for the Spartans to beat the Huskers in Lincoln.

Michigan did not recover from the a$$ kicking that they took in East Lansing.


We were lucky that Pat Narduzzi created the script on how to dismember the Wolvie offense.


Bo and Co. took the script and edged the heartless team from Ann Arbor. Michigan may(?) beat Northwestern in Evanston on Saturday due to the MAJOR injuries that the Mildcats have. Michigan will likely lose at Iowa City and will be CRUSHED by the Bucks.


Not much left of the cadaver that is now Michigan football 2013.

And that's a good thing.  :)

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