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Well, another week goes by. NU falls to 1-3 after a loss to another bottom feeder in the Illini. Sheesh. How ugly was that? Evidently the team thought they were on the paths to greatness after beating winless PSU with talk of lazy practices. Double sheesh. 

IA is back on track after close losses to Purdue and NW. 3 straight wins by 42, 28 and 21pts to get to 3-2 on the year. This is supposed to be a "rivalry game" but NU fans largely disregard that notion. Quite frankly IA fans should too as often as NU loses to them.

IA is currently sitting at a 13.5 favorite which is high considering most of the recent matchups with these two. I suppose it could be close as NU players looks to "refocus". Essentially the last gasp to salvage a winning season. Players "got the message". "Not going to hold back". Any other coach or player cliche's insert here.  

I'm guessing Adrian is back as the starter since it appears Luke is not a downfield pass threat and looks to run quicker than he should. The defense will probably be in for the annual "blood bath". Is there ANY way Frost would start to concede his Ducky-Chippy-Kelly-Mickey-Mouse-Magic-Show-Offense for a more power oriented/ball control approach? Perhaps give the defense some help as well?

You know, I kind of liken this to NU football as now an old run-down car. Say a Pinto. And Frost comes in while ordering Ferrari parts figuring out how to soup up this POS. Nothing really fits or works very well. Instead of perhaps just purchasing a reliable Chevy truck. Slowly adding factory parts until you have a solid, dependable vehicle that runs smoothly. Perhaps you then add a bigger engine, heated seats, back up cameras, etc. Just food for thought.

I don't see how this goes all that well for NU except for maybe moral victory in some fashion. The IA plated Mack truck plods/smashes along....

NU  23   IA  38

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Nice football weather

The same rhetoric each week.  We need to get better at this or that.  The talent is there. Etc.  Yet nothing changes.  False starts at critical times.  HoHolding penalties. The list goes on.  If we are lucky enough to win the toss we might have a short lived lead but after that all bets are off.

maybe we can beat the spread but I would not bet on it.

Iowa 35

Ni 24

Nd it is not that close.

Trying to look for advantages for NU... got none. This miserable year will soon be over and we can go back to "wait till next Year" as wacky would say. 

NU- 14

That cornfield to the East- 31

Huskers hit rock bottom last week vs. lowly Purdue.  The only way to go from there is up....with a big bounce!

            Herbie's Huskers      -     31

     Anthpomorphic Fowl      -     28

The husker team has become a mess. Need to go back to the big 8, and some how the huskers need to learn how to not turn the ball over. All losses were because of turnovers

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