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Another mediocre season. This is Nebraska football under Pelini.


Whatever happened to Nate and Damien?

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No idea what happened to those two but it seems a strong apathy has descended on the Husker Nation.  And why is that?  Because it was another disappointing season, a disappointing bowl coming up, and we are saddled with a disappointing coach who cannot play top ten football. 

Until the new AD starts to feel the way those of us who are old enough to remember what it was to EXPECT to win.  To remember that anything less than a top five finish was a disappointment.  To remember how much fun it was to watch the hardest hitting game of the year....Neb - or lose.  Until SE gets that in his blood we will own mediocrity.  Steve Pederson was right, and I choke on that thought because that was the blackest era of Husker Football in my lifetime. 

Bo cannot win a Big Ten Conference Championship.  He is being out recruited and in the biggest games, out coached.  He was out coached by Minnesota's interim Head Coach.  I like his graduation rate and I do not mean to down play that because I think he doesn't get enough credit for that but he must do a better job recruiting and using the athletes he has.  Fans want to return to the top of the heap.  Our Big Ten brothers want us to return to that level but I just do not see it happening unless there are some major changes in coaching.  I cringed when I saw Craig Bohl had signed with Wyoming because I believe he could have been had, probably not as DC but as head coach. 

I am a bit on the fence about firing Bo.  But after thinking about it I just do not see him taking the program back to greatness. 

Randy - I  agree with your observations. I have felt that Bo IS NOT the solution for several years and I took heat here while stating so.


Nonetheless, my wife is an MSU  Spartan and she and I went to the Big 10 Championship game and watched them dismantle OSU. Got tired of waiting for NU to get a major bowl so I'm headed to Pasadena with her for the Rose Bowl. Should be fun.


We need a new coach unless 7 - 9 wins seasons are the new standard of excellence here.


Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to Husker Nation!

I think it's interesting that Austin thought change was needed and thus ran Mack Brown outta town.  With the exception of the 2010 season, he won a minimum of 8 games every year, won 3 outta 4 BCS bowl games, including 1 national championship, and 2 conference championships, and nobody in the media is acting surprised that he's gone.

I don't think that Mack is gone.

I don't think one should look at Texas for the standard of rational thinking when it comes to football.  They ran Nebraska out of the Big 12 and have come to think they deserve to win the conference championship every year.  They think that if they come up one second short they should get one more.  I used to admire Texas and their success but not anymore.  And now that Baylor, A & M, and Texas Tech are national powers the Longhorns are beside themselves and cannot live with the fact they actually have competition on the field and in recruiting.  It is fun to watch. 

I made the trip to Pasadena in 2001.  Disappointing loss but they know how to run a football game there.  I was impressed.  Have fun. 

To answer the post directly though, I have to say I'll need some time on this one.  I got real excited for this season.  I knew the defense was going to be a wild card, but I expected at least a solid runner up to the scoring explosion.  Then we had the opener against Wyoming and that was a total disaster.  I think that's the game Martinez got hurt.  Everyone said, don't worry, because Wyoming was going to be an awesome team.  Now look at their record and look what happened to their coach.

Not expecting much for next season....

After Chris Brown scorched us for 6 TDs in the 62-36 loss to CU we didn't deserve to be there and we proved it by settiing a Rose Bowl futility record by going down 31-0 at the half.


IMO the demise of Husker football as we know it today began in Boulder, CO on that fateful day.


By our lofty standards, not much to cheer about since.

Could we beat North Central College?


John Thorne is getting closer...a Final Four appearance and one point loss to Mt. Union is an accomplishment.


I don't like the guy but he's a helluva HS and Div. 3 coach.

Whatever he's doing, it seems to be working.  He's proof that coaching is a huge factor.  Success with NCC was almost instant when he took over.

Whitewater 52 Mt. Union 14?


Holy crap; perhaps NCC is not as close as I had imagined.


Looks like it is all Warhawks now.

Yes, Wyoming was not as good but look who they hired as their new coach!  They win.  We will continue along with Bo and not win a Big Ten championship ever.  I can only hope Bo's idea to stop playing the patsy teams prior to conference play will attract better recruits in the long run.  I like the idea but you have to be ready to compete with big time teams in September.  I am not sure we are ready to do that.  Bo, if he is going to stay, must get a DC who can coach.  I don't want a defensive coordinator who chest bumps his players.  I want one who keeps separation and inspires his players.  In short, one who leads.  our current DC doesn't lead.  I had a sideline pass for the Minnesota game and intentionally stayed close to the defensive coaches.  The defensive staff was confused and arguing with each other.  They did not have a clue what the Gophers were going to do.  It was embarrassing. 

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