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IMO, it is somewhat embarrassing to the university that the popular perception is that Mr. Suh and Richie Incognito have become the 2 biggest thugs in the NFL. And now this happens with Carl?


Never expected this from Ndamakong but Richie has been out of control for years.


Can't Dr. Tom do something to rehabilitate them as he did so successfully with Lawrence Phillips, the brothers Peter, etc.


What are the chances that Carl was doing "his thing" when coaching in Lincoln? 100%.


Great win on Saturday but a bad week for Nebraska football.

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If memory serves me correctly there is a current NFL player up for Murder charges at this time. Might just be a bit worse. Also why can't we talk about the good kids we have currently in the league. This list is way to long to name here but we all know who they are. So while I don't like what Richie did I am not particularly embarrassed about it. The good far outweighs the bad IMO

You're OK with the fact that our DC is/was a coke head and spoked weed?

So, Tom, how's the career in politics going?  I only ask that because only a politician, or possibly a Fox News analyst, could draw that conclusion out of what PT said in his comment.   Spoken like a true 21st century American.  Well done.  Way to quash any attempt at a positive viewpoint. 

Tom, first of all the key word is "former". As far as Carl is concerned. His brother moved him on when the bad behavior started.. So no, I don't really care what he did in Florida. Same is true of Richie. As you recall he was dismissed from our team. And I stand by my statement that the good folks in the NFL far outnumber the bad ones. Nor would I put Suh in the "bad" category. But that is just me. Over aggressive on the field, maybe. But a long ways from a bad guy. Sorry to disagree.

Puuuuhhhhllleeeeeaaaassssse we all know you hate everything Husker Tom but even I thought this was below you

I agree about Ndamukong Suh.  In Michigan he is perceived to be aggressive and in the past, at times, overly so.  He did not control his emotions on those couple of occasion.  I believe he realizes he must.  He's a bright guy.  Penalties are counterproductive to his best interest and the interest of his team.  IMO he is targeted unfairly by the league as being a dirty player because of his past behavior.   We hope that does not inhibit his aggressiveness.  There is not one NFL team that would not like to have him.  

We've got Carl coking up. No doubt Bo is aware of his issues but kept him on the staff?


Suh is beloved in Nebraska but he stomps on players who are prone on the ground. Nice.


Ben - It was Richie Incognito who took out the knee of Drew Stanton in the 2003 Alamo Bowl. At least he was run out of town.

PT - What makes you think that Bo pushed Carl out? Revisionist history?

Learn your facts Tom.  Carl messed up.  Bo was told to get rid of him.  Took him awhile but that is what happened.  sorry but you are way wrong here.

Suh stomped on a player once.  It was ugly.  It was uncalled for.  But to say he stomp"s" on players is an undeserved characterization.

Carl was not fired. Told to get rid of him? According to you?


And even if he was told to get rid of him it likely had nothing to do with his use of illegal drugs that most certainly included his time at UNL.


See no evil, Hear no evil?


Perhaps we should change our mascot from the Husker to the Ostrich as many here just love keeping their head in the ground.

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