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Personally, I think we should start out the Big Ten with ending the season against Iowa. I know you just don't snap your fingers and make a rivalry, but they do seem like the best candidate to start with.


If it would become a "true" rivalry, what should be the trophy? oversized, bronze corncob pipe? Just a thought.



And finally, and maybe most significant at this point, when we beat Missouri this year, do we get to keep the Bell forever?

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I would say that we should keep it, until the 2 universities meet again on the football field, in which case, we would keep, keeping it after we beat them again : )
What I don't understand (and correct me if I'm wrong) but WISCONSIN is making a big push to play us in during rivals week.....
Iowa, hands down. maybe its just because I grew up on the western Iowa border, but around here, that will be the biggest game.
A rivalry involves respect, along with hatred, for the other team. That's why the NU/OU game was the best of the year back in the day. With Iowa, it would only involve hatred, on their side. I live in Iowa, and let me tell you, the Hawk fans HATE the Huskers with a passion! Like we care...Playing Iowa will be like playing Colorado. They'll be an annoying knat buzzing around our heads that we'll want to shoo away while we're concentrating on the REAL team we need to beat in order to win the Big 10 Title and head to the National Championship game. That's not a rivalry. That's a grudge match....
Yeah, but the difference between Iowa and Colorado is that Iowa plays good football. I'm from Iowa too, Council Bluffs (pretty much the Iowa side of Omaha) so I know all about how Iowa/Iowa State fans feel about us. I think Iowa has potential as a legit rival
I think Iowa too. We've talked shit to each other for years, and never really been able to back it up on either side. Being border neighbors, as well as big farming states and both claiming to be "the heartland" I think it's ready to explode.

I have also heard that Wisconsin is trying to get us for rivalry week. I'd rather what wasn't the case. Penn State would be good. We still owe them for the 2 beat-downs they served us under Frank. Not to mention the National Championship they cost us with their out of bounds reception.

Trophy... Bronze John Deer Tractor.
But ISU doesnt hate the Huskers witth the same loathing passion Iowa does. The ISU fans have respect. Heck, the Hawks hate the Clones just as much. Ever since Ive lived here, Ive never figured out why Hawkeye fans were so obnoxious. They remind me of Cowboy fans. And for that reason alone, Ive never liked them no matter how good their team was that season. I wouldnt mind play Iowa to end our season, but I wouldnt call it a rivalry because we wont be equal. We'll kick the shit out of them and give them more reasons to be more obnoxious!! Just because a team hates the Huskers doesnt a rivarly make. It has to happen over the course of a few seasons. You cant just say it is because you think it would be the best. Everybody thinks Colorado is a rivalry, and its probably cause theyre the last game of the season and you never know which Buffs team will show up. A good one, or a bad one, or a pain in the ass one. If I had to choose now, Id say our rivalry has been Mizzou as of late since OU and the Huskers got our of sync. Want a rivalry in the Big 10, go wtih Penn State....
Good trophy idea!!! Very appropriate!
One reason why OU/NU was a good rivalry was because it was usually #1 vs #2 at the end of the year. And I feel Osborne and Switzer had alot of respect for each other. Did I hate OU? OH YEAH! Especially Brian Bosworth!! But they had a helluva program. Do I hate the Hawkeyes? OH YEAH! But I hate them mostly cause of their obnoxious fans. They act like they've won the National Title every year in a row for a couple of decades. Do I hate Mizzou and Colorado? OH YEAH! But I think w/Mizzou its a more equal playing field then with Colorado. But its like I said, you cant just say 'let's make Iowa a rivalry!'. It's the game/team that comes down to the wire every season that's the deciding factor on where we end up in a bowl game. Will the Iowa/NU game be a good one?? OH YEAH! It will. It'll be on TV every year. But I still say it'll be more a grudge match cause the Hawkeyes will be trying to make up for the year before when they got their asses kicked on national tv...
With all the history of Wisconsin and Nebraska, but with Iowa being next door I believe either one would be an awesome last game of the season and probably one or the other will end up being (probably not both) bitter rivals.
And also the OU/NU rivalry was dead a long time ag,o no reason to even talk about that rivalry when the Texas divison was brought bad I meant south division. There was only one rivalry that was celebrated in the big 12 and that was OU/tu and thank god next year we won't have to deal with it.
I have an Iowa neighbor here in Colorado, and he call Iowa State the JV team.

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