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Personally, I think we should start out the Big Ten with ending the season against Iowa. I know you just don't snap your fingers and make a rivalry, but they do seem like the best candidate to start with.


If it would become a "true" rivalry, what should be the trophy? oversized, bronze corncob pipe? Just a thought.



And finally, and maybe most significant at this point, when we beat Missouri this year, do we get to keep the Bell forever?

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You're right we did win at home in 2003 score 18-10, but the 2002 loss was so bad It must have felt like 2 losses.
2002 Frank had a 7-40 loss to Penn State. Until we give one back to them.. I say we owe them!

and that out of bounds catch.......
On thing that needs to be brought up is you can't force a rivalry on people. McCartney at CU and then later the Big 12 tried to force feed us a NU/CU rivalry and as well know it didn't work. NU/Mizzou only became a real heated rivalry towards the end of the 90s into the 2000s because they got their act together and started playing good football. Before that, Mizzou was what 1 for 20 something against NU. NU/KU might have one of the longest series, but KU hardly ever held up their end so it never became a rivalry. NU/OU is what a rivalry is meant to be, heated, a respect/hatred relationship (ok, you can just plain hate the Boz, I know I do), and good football every time out with something big on the line.

Now, I don't know whether we'll have a big game vs Iowa, Wisconsin, or even Penn St the day after Thanksgiving, but what I do know is this, it takes time for a rivalry to build, 5 sometime even 10 years. Give it time ladies and gentlemen, we couldn't even hate on ISU and they are closer to Lincoln than Iowa City is.

Also remember this, during the past 15 years, when OU was on the schedule, which game did you look forward to most, the natural rivalry vs OU or the forced fed eat this with your left over turkey day after Thanksgiving game vs Colorado.

I rest my case.
I agree you can't force it, but that's part of why I'm want Iowa the day after Turkey. It takes 5 to 10 years, and Iowa fans and Husker fans have been talking crap to each other for over 20. We can't make a rivalry, but we need to pick who we play on that day carefully.
Personally, I would love if we where to play Wisconsin on the day after thanks giving. Truthfully look at it both the Huskers and the Badgers call them selfs BIG RED, Both have a true connection to Bob Devaney, and both teams have mutual respect for each other. as far as hate goes that comes with losing a few close games. IE Sooner magic, myself even though Iowa is a good team I just don't see them as ever bing more than a Colorado. A good game but never really a threat to Husker dominance,and Penn St well to be truth full Lets face it when Joe Pa retires or dies which ever comes fist. Penn St will not be Penn St, not saying they will not be good it just will not be the same. Iowa fans hate The Huskers only because they know that they will never be as good. Yes we had the BC years and Husker fans would like to forget them. Myself I will miss the games we had with Mizzo, the Buffaloes and the Wildcats. also now with MR. Gill coaching the Jay-hawks It would have added an other Game to look forward to. But none of those games even comes close to being what it means to beat the Sooners. And I have my doubts that any of the Big ten teams will ever fill the void of the Sooners.
As far as a trophy maybe for the Iowa game it could be a Golden tractor and for Wisconsin we could play for the Devaney trophy or a BIG RED Trophy.
I think we should Keep the Bell until they beat the Huskers on the field.
I think you're confusing Wisconsin with Wyoming. "Devaney's first college head coaching job was at Wyoming, where he went 35–10–5 (.750) in five seasons (1957–61). The Cowboys won the Sun Bowl in his second season and won or shared the Mountain States Conference title in his final four seasons in Laramie. Following the 1961 season, he was hired at Nebraska."

Both being the Bid Red is something though, and you're probably right about Penn State after Joe Pa retires/dies. I don't know, I'll just let it all pan out.
Iowa.... aint even close!

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