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OK, we all made our predictions when we first received the B1G schedule, or as I like to call it "The Gauntlet", but a lot has changed since then.  Here's my updated prediction.  What's yours?

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I think VT's schedule is setup to run the table this year.  Unless FSU is as good as the hype they are receiving, which i think they will be improved, but not top 5.  Then VT can ride the wave to the end barring injuries and other intangibles.  I think the SEC beats up each other and no one comes out unscathed.  NU if they can somehow survive Oct 1st, which i think they can if we limit penalties and execute on offense, then maybe some of these analysts who are picking Nebraska to come in and run the show year one may not be far off.  My biggest concern is rushing defense.  We improve on that and T-Mart stays healthy i see big things.
I love the Nebraska/Oklahoma rivalry, but i hope the Big XII stubs their toes and no one comes from there with any chance for the title.
I'm pretty sure he's also not "hey dad, I'm in the locker room calling you".
No doubt... the Big XII (10) is very competitive this season, and as good as the Sooners look, I don't see any team coming out unscathed.  OU will stumble vs OSU at year's end in Stillwater (rare back-to-back trips to OSU to end the season, due to conference rescheduling, and I don't see the Cowboys losing two straight at home to OU after the classic but heartbreaking loss to the Sooners last season).  Both OSU and A&M will trip up somewhere in there.  Mizzou isn't what they've been the past 4 years, and Texas won't rebound that quick (but they'll be good).  Did I fail to mention Baylor, ISU, KU, KSU, or Tech?  Yeah, I did.  All 5 are Play-Doh in the hands of the rest of the league.  2011 is time to shine for OU, OSU, and A&M.
I see OSU coming out of the conference, with the Cowboys going to their first BCS game.

It would be great to have an NU-OU matchup in a bowl game (likely Fiesta Bowl), but it's doubtful for this season.

Chattanooga  W 69-0
Fresno State  W 48-10
Washington  W 52-10
Wyoming  W 66-13
Wisconsin W 35-23
Ohio State W 31-13
Minnesota W 55-10
Michigan State  W 41-20
Northwestern  W 47-19
Penn State  W 34-13
Michigan  W 42-23
Iowa  W 38-16
B1G Title vs Wisconsin  W 43-17

(No speculation on BCS bowl game)

With that many "Ws" you don't have to speculate, the Bowl Game is going to be the BCS Championship in New Orleans.  Unless you mean, you don't want to speculate on the opponent.
Who knows!  The thing that I have learned is with NU you never know what team will show up!   IF YOU GAMBLE, DONT BET ON A NU GAME!   Last year was a great example.  However, we are due to win some big games!  This season will be a good one!  I am so freaken PUMPED!

Let's not forget...Bo and Carl have NEVER won a "big one".


Buddy is right.  You never know which NU team will show up.


If the offense can't get untracked NU is in big trouble.  We will miss Roy Helu.  Burkhead has become a solid RB; however, he is nowhere near being a top back in the Big 10.


By season's end TMart may be working at Walmart!


9-3 would be a very good season.



hey, let's be fair to Walmart employees.  They are expected to work hard, and often to stay off the clock until the work is done.  T-Mart will be working at the DMV.
Daemon, (following said in good will) you went WAYYY too far in depth with your prognostication. (mtruesdell wrote a friggin thesis!)Im thinkin you all take this a little too seriously. (no offense intended. Just my lazy opinion) How about THIS for a prediction?  10-2. By the way, we need more cheerleader pictures. (no i cant contribute. I live on the other side of the world in the panhandle) I believe that since Daemon is the rock star of this site, he should have to do alot of the heavy lifting on this issue.

Exactly...not speculating on a bowl game opponent.


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