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OK, we all made our predictions when we first received the B1G schedule, or as I like to call it "The Gauntlet", but a lot has changed since then.  Here's my updated prediction.  What's yours?

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panhandle FTW (FOR THE WIN)

Oh yeah, I go way over board.  I live in Colorado, and since there is no good sports team of any kind here, I spend way too much time researching and writing about our beloved Huskers!  I'm very aware.  And don't get me started on that mtreusdell fella.  He doesn't have any clue what he's talking about.  I bet he spends his free time playing NCAA 2012 online with his friends.  OK, so that friend is me...


On your Cheerleader issue, not a lot I can do for ya.  Living in Colorado, I make it back for the Spring Game and maybe one regular season game each year.  My seats are not normally close enough to get good pictures of the players, let alone the cheerleaders.  I am going to the Minnesota game, so I'll see what I can do.  This will have to tide you over in the mean time:


Oh, come on now... Air Force has its years...
sure Matt... Sure.
LOL!!! I KNEW IT!! I knew you were gonna do that! You sir, are an evil evil man. (laughing) He is quite the looker though isnt he? Im thinkin... b cup. 

Glad you enjoyed that!  Here's one for you!

I'm thinking 10-2 for the Big Red.  As for even playing in the Big 10 title game, even with 1 loss in conference Nebraska could be left out of the mix.  I have a bad feeling when it comes to Iowa and Michigan only because their schedules ses up pretty well in-conference.  Iowa is at PSU and NU but also have the Michigan schools at home.  As for Michigan, last year's troubles were on defense, I don't think that will happen again.  And their schedule in-conference is even easier than Iowa's.  Ohio St, Nebraska, Purdue and Minn at home.  The road games are even funnier, N'Western, Michigan St, Illinois, and Iowa on the road.  Hate to say it, but their only road toughie is Iowa (MSU, imo, is overrated, just my thoughts).  Going to be a fun year and as somebody else said, can we get through the first month, see how the o-line and new offense looks then talk Big 10.


Lol. WTH are all these fat geeky bas-tuds doin as cheerleaders? I can see the obvious reason, but com on. Unless he tags along and waits till they're plastered he has no chance. Then again, maybe his parents are rich. Or maybe the women are all nearsighted. But enough of your cruelty good sir! I meant WOMEN cheerleaders! And YOU KNOW that!

OHHHHH, My bad!



Wisconsin and Possibly Iowa will be the deal breakers.


Get Wisconsin back in the Championship and on to the BCS! 




For some reason, the game that has me most concerned is Penn State. Cuz you dont know which Jo-Pa team will show up to play. Even if they're unrated, they can either play tough, or play sloppy. Kinda like Colorado. Id like to hope we cruise thru the Big 10 w/easy victories. Everyone is expecting us to fail. They adjusted themselves to take on the Huskers, and win. But in the end....BIG RED WILL PREVAIL!!!!!!!!!! First game will tell.

Chris - I'm thinkin that you've been drinkin.


scUM will DEFINITELY LOSE TO MSU AND IOWA on the road and will be lucky to beat either Northwestern or Illinois.


You've got a lot to learn about Big 10 football!

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