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OK, we all made our predictions when we first received the B1G schedule, or as I like to call it "The Gauntlet", but a lot has changed since then.  Here's my updated prediction.  What's yours?

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Sat, Sep 03

Tennessee at Chattanooga          (W) 42-13                                                                                         

Sat, Sep 10  Fresno State  (W) 34-17

Sat, Sep 17  Washington                                  (W) 30-20 (T-Mart gets dinged up)

Sat, Sep 24  Wyoming  (W) 40-10 

Sat, Oct 01

 Wisconsin   (L) 27-20 (T-Mart goes out with injury, Carnes comes in)

Sat, Oct 08  Ohio State  (W) 23-17 (New coach, and emotional high of getting players back kills OSU)

Sat, Oct 22  Minnesota  (W) 27-17 (I'll be there to help the Huskers win!)

Sat, Oct 29  Michigan State  (L)  23-13 (Carnes will struggle with this team)

Sat, Nov 05  Northwestern  (W) 34-16 (Huskers will bounce back after the loss)

Sat, Nov 12  Penn State  (W) 23-20 (though I could see this going the other way)

Sat, Nov 19  Michigan  (W) 30-27 (the game won't be as close as the score shows)

  Fri, Nov 25  Iowa  (W) 45-17 (Carnes now comfortable with his role as the QB kicks ass)

I agree but I think that we'll sneak past the Badgers! 20-17 Huskers win that one!
I hope so.  I don't see us going undefeated so I had to put a loss somewhere.  It's a tough place to play.

Chattanooga, Fresno: Ok

Washington: Actually, I think the score is closer to closer to last year's regular season beatdown. The bowl game was a fluke. They aren't coming in to Lincoln and having any success on offense.

Wyoming: Ok.

Wisconsin: I'm marking this as an L, too, maybe 17-14. Defenses are too good. Camp Randall puts them over. Wisconsin and Nebraska are very evenly matched, but that's a hard place to win. Hopefully we get a rematch in Indy.

Ohio State: L. 27-20. I reserve the right to backpedal quickly after 2 or 3 weeks of play, but I don't think they're in that bad of shape. Tressel left early enough that they aren't really still adjusting to coaching, and they won't be starting a rusty QB. This is still one of the top teams in the country, unless it gets to them mentally (which is kind of what you said)

Minnesota: W. 40-14. I'm a little scared of the 2013 Minnesota squad, but not this one. 

MSU L. 23-14. Tough team to beat. They have a lot of swagger, and when they get good personnel, they can move and groove. This is the OK State of the Big 10. (I was tempted to say Mizzou, but Mizzou's not as good as MSU.)

NW (Sorry, only room for one NU in this league): W - probably. 28-14. But expect the unexpected.

Penn State L 27-24. Nittany Lions aren't getting a lot of respect right now. That tends to mean they'll be good. Plus playing at Beaver Stadium will be tough. Think they'll declare a White Out? Yeah, I do too.

Michigan: Agree. I am, again, scared of the 2013 team. Hoke is going to be phenomenal.

Iowa: No clue. But it won't be a blowout win by Iowa. It'll either be 30-27 Hawkeyes, or 45-3 Huskers. Got to see how Coker does. Got to see how James Vanderbeek does. Kirk Ferentz has some luck when he has a good QB. Will JV be as good as Stanzi? We'll know long in advance. Iowa could be 12-2 or 7-6 this year. If Iowa wins in Lincoln, it's because Jimmy Vanderbilt keeps our offense off the field. Meanwhile, Iowa fans think that Iowa has one of the top Ds in the country. November 25th, they find out what an elite defense REALLY is like.


So, here's the thing, I put my picks above, but I could see us losing any of the following: Wisky, OSU, MSU, NW, PSU, Iowa. But no more than 3 of them. And IF T-Mart stays healthy and has grown up as much as they say, we'll have a very good year. If the O-Line is even 15% better than last year, we have a very good year. If our team shakes the mental issues and comes out and plays for 4 quarters every week, even against Wyoming, we'll have a good year. But I'm still saying 9-3. Strangely enough, as competitive as the Legends looks to be this year, that might be enough to get us to Indy.


But ask me again on October 2 after I've had a month to watch these teams and see how they do.

Nebraska is "capable" of beating ALL of these teams. In previous years, I could never say that.  There was always Oklahoma, Missouri, and Texas.  Then in recent years, the games I thought they would get killed in were either wins, or very close losses, mainly because of the defense.  The turnaround was the Oklahoma game in 2009.  That is the game where we could say the Blackshirts were back!  Penn State on the road scares me.  Ohio State is done...

You have great points, but I strongly disagree with 

"Ohio State: L. 27-20. "

It's our first B1G game in Lincoln, our house will be louder than anyone will remember in the last 10 years.  OSU will just get their players back, so their emotions will be running on overkill like we did against Tex-ass last year.  A coaching change, even as early as theirs was costs a team "Ws", and this will be one of them.  The only thing that will cause this to be a "L" is if we turn it over a bunch of times.


and lastly, Welcome to HUSKERSPOT Matt!

Okay - here's my shot.

Sat, Sep 03

Tennessee at Chattanooga (W) 48-13

Sat, Sep 10 Fresno State (W) 34-20

Sat, Sep 17 Washington (W) 34-21 

Sat, Sep 24 Wyoming (W) 56-10

Sat, Oct 01

Wisconsin (L) 21-20 

Sat, Oct 08 Ohio State (W) 31-17 

Sat, Oct 22 Minnesota (W) 34-17 

Sat, Oct 29 Michigan State (W) 24-16 

Sat, Nov 05 Northwestern (W) 34-20

Sat, Nov 12 Penn State (W) 27-17

Sat, Nov 19 Michigan (W) 41-31

Fri, Nov 25 Iowa (W) 38-24


Big Ten Championship             Wisconsin (W) 34-20

National Championship            Virginia Tech (W) 41-20 

V-Tech?  I'm not sold on that.
From the Penn State-related site and confirmed by ESPN/ABC Sports:  There are no night games at Beaver Stadium this season. 
So there goes the so-called "intimidation" factor of a White-Out.  To which I find a silly ploy to begin with -- how is 100K white t-shirts intimidating, in the least?  PSU fans can wear all-white all they want, but it matters little at night (since 2000 PSU is 4-4 in Beaver Stadium night games) and it certainly won't matter at all in a day game.  You heard it here.
With that... on talent alone, namely defense, NU wins this game solidly.
Agree with Dogham almost to a "T"....almost...... We lose only to Wisconsin the 1st of Oct. but beat them in the big 10 Champ. game for a shot at the National title. Gotta believe it will be a Big 10/SEC Nat'l Champ game this year. Michigan, Penn State and Iowa may be close too but I think we demoralize Mich St. this year. If T-Mart gets hurt, Carnes takes over and will probably never look back. He's young but he's that good and has good genes.

Carnes looked great at the Spring game.  I don't expect T-Mart to make it through the entire season, so lets hope Carnes learns fast.  


I'd love to see A Nebraska/ Oklahoma match up in the BCS Championship game.  

I don't know what you're smoking, but I'd like some. I'd also love for you to be right! I do think that if the B1G championship is NU/Wisc, the Huskers take it. Wisconsin has a good team, and they'll beat us October 1, but on a neutral field (in theory only - Nebraska will own that stadium), the Huskers win by two touchdowns.

I do agree about Carnes. I'm not convinced that stepping into the spotlight is something he'll need time to get comfortable with. I think he's "Put me in coach. Let's GO!"

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