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I have read a few posts about our recruiting[which I feel is going great this yer] and how or why the SEC seems to get most of the talent. Do most of you know that the SEC has no limitations on how many schlorships they can extend or sign? The Big 10 and other conf. have a limit on schlorships that can be offered. So the SEC if they see a kid they want,they offer him a scholorship,then after signing day,the go through and decide which kids are going to help them immedietly then all the others they just appologize to them ,but tell them if you stck around and prove yourself we might have one for you next year. This is why it seems the SEC gets all the good recruits. Nebraska uses the walk-on program,so if they ask a kid to walk-on and he is offered a schlorship by an SEC program,guess who wins that battle. Just some thoughts here,and am interested in your feedback.

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Like Tom stated, I'd have to look into this issue more, and really break down the numbers.  Seems like scholarships open up at every school once a player knows he's not going to play anyway.

Cody Green went to Tulsa to exchange a headset and a clipboard for some PT.  Expect Brion Carnes to do the same elsewhere.  Aaron Green went to TCU (we should have NEVER burned his red shirt by the way - no reason to).  Peat is now gone, plus several guys on the OL.

The questions comes down to does a guy want to be Jamie O'Hara from the movie Rudy, or move on to a differant school where they'll get more playing time?

When a coach tells a player that he's not part of the plans what real choice does he have?


Quit the team?


Bust his butt and take the physical punishment just because?




Coaches push kids out of the way in all sports in all conferences all of the time. To believe otherwise is simply naive.

Tom,Nebraska has always honored a kids schlorship if possible,there are and have been husker players who for one reason or another[mostly due to injury] that have been able to stay at Nenraska and earn thier degrees and kept thier scholarships,Nebraska's scholarships are not one year ,then renewed,if a player believes he will not get the playing time he feels he deserves,then he transfers or talks to the coaches i/e Cody Green.Andrew green,and a few others.

The SEC signs as many kids as they want,then to get to the NCAA limit of 85, go through and give the scholarships to those who they think will help out right away,then tell all the others,sorry we don't have one for you,but if you stay and pay your own way,one may open up. I realize that it's ultimately the kid who will make the decision to stay or not,but it is still a very shady practice

Kool Aide - I think that you need to check your facts here. The NCAA just made some rule changes in 2011. These changes have had next to no impact on the 7 straight SEC championships.


Be logical...if a kid wants to take the risk of playing on a one year scholarship vs. a four year scholarship it says quite a bit about his interest in going to the school that offers less. Less is more?


Per the article UNL was among the last to make this extended committment to it's recruits.

Big Ten schools offering more security

February 1, 2012


By Brian Bennett |

Players who signed letters of intent Wednesday at many Big Ten schools received more security in their scholarships than in years past.


The (Cleveland) Plain Dealer reported that Ohio State is one of several league schools that awarded this year's recruits guaranteed four-year scholarships instead of the renewable one-year grants that have been the norm in college sports.

In October, the NCAA allowed schools to offer multiyear scholarships as part of a package of reforms. The full NCAA body is expected to approve multiyear scholarships later this month. Big Ten commissioner Jim Delany has voiced his support for four-year scholarships.


Penn State, Michigan, Michigan State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Northwestern and Illinois confirmed to that they have given out four-year scholarships to this class. Ohio State and Nebraska also confirmed on signing day that they are giving out scholarships that no longer have to be renewed annually. Purdue, Indiana and Minnesota are still awarding one-year renewable grants.

"We went and made them four-year scholarships and we'll see where that all goes with the NCAA and some addendums with how you'd lose a scholarship," Michigan coach Brady Hoke said. "Obviously you quit football, you're not going to be on scholarship."

Ohio State athletic director Gene Smith told The Plain Dealer that players could still lose their scholarships if they don't fulfill academic or off-the-field requirements. But the multiyear scholarship prevents coaches from running off players if better talent has been recruited at their positions or who no longer fit the team's style of play.

"You had to kind of figure it out," Hoke said of the scholarships. "You didn't know what everybody else was going to do. I think some time, they are either going to go and make it two-year deals and not four. They were four a long time ago and you decided you didn't want to play anymore, you were still on scholarship. That's not fair to the school.

"I always thought the one-year renewables were fine because in my tenure as a head coach or being an assistant coach, I don't remember guys that their scholarship was taken because of athletic performance. It was something socially. It was something academically."

Thanks for making my point Tom,Nebraskas scholarships are honored throughout a kids college career,unless he does something to have it revoked,i/e breaking of team rues resultint in dismissal,conduct detrimental to the team causing dismissal,quiting the team for reasons other than injury. The SEC schools just decide that a kid isn't good enough,or as good as an incomming player,or isn't as good as the coach thought he would be. End of argument,facts are facts

I still think what seperates the SEC from the rest of the country is that their conferecne is parked right on the most fertile recruiting ground.  Just look at the Rivals top 100.  I see the top prospects coming out of states like Florida, Alabama, and Georiga, so it should come as no surprise that those schools are in the top ten of recruiting, with Alabama and Florida currently in the top three.

As of today, Florida has 26 commits and Michigan has 26 commits.  Alabama has 21 commits and Ohio State has 22 commits.  The difference is their commits are faster and better, and that is the reason why the SEC Championship Game has been the de facto National Championship game the last seven years, and, based off the way Urban Meyer was drooling over Alabama (completely forgetting that he was the HC of Ohio State) during the BCS post game show on ESPN, it probably will be again next season too.

Tom you may have a point there. Let me ask this though. If the SEC is in the middle of this very fertile recruiting area[and I agree to a point] Then why haven't they won every NC game from the beginning? Things go in cycles I believe and right now it's the SEC's turn. If you put enough schools in the same conf in your top ten,one of them is going to be playing in the N.C. I believe that the SEC has run it's course and next year one of the other conf,may start their runs. Whether it be the Big 12 or Big 10,or the Pac 12.. Now mind you this is only my opinion

Well, let's break it down.  The SEC won the BCS title for the 2006-2012 seasons.  In 2004, they had an undefeated team (Auburn) loaded with talent, but got left out because they started the season ranked too low.  They won it in 2003 and they won it in 1998.  Now you have to add Miami (2001) and Florida State (1999) into the mix because, although not SEC teams, they are in SEC country constantly and aggressively competeting for the same recruits.  Texas (2005) and USC (2004) are an obvious exception because Texas and California are also very fertile recruiting territories.

Even if you look at th 90s and 80s, you'll plenty of titles from the Southeast,  Nebraska being the rare exception with their run.  I've heard many Big Ten advocates say the same thing about cycles, but if Steve Sipple's (LJS) article about population shifts is accurate (which I believe it is), then I wouldn't be expecting a dramatic shift to Big Ten country anytime soon.

Since we have only been in the Big 10 for 2 years,I do not consider myself a Big 10 advocate quite yet,I am still running on BIG 8 and Big 12 thinking. I cannot argue to much though about the talent in the south,but there is a wealth of talent in the Pac 12 area also,and in the big 12 region,and whether we want to admit it there is a wealth of talent in the midwest and the East.

Like the weather which runs in cycles,so does football and any thing else that is on this earth,and right now that cycle is in the SEC ,and like the weather which changes,so will football.

As my handle protrays I am a devout,and yes a blind Big Red folower ,You will state your ideas,I will disagree with some of them,and agree with others. SO have a happy day and I will believe the way I do and concede that you will do the same.

The irony is that he picked ND to win "a close one" just before kickoff.


What was he thinking?

UnKool Aide - The implication of your posts has been that it has always been that way at Nebraska. 

The article above draws attention to the obvious. This is a new approach by most Big 10 teams.


It can't be the reason that Big 10 football has been in decline while the SEC has won 7 consecutive BCS national championships.


Lots of schools over sign, I imagine NU has done it too.

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