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PassingC-A-I Yds TD 
Carnes, Brion 11-15-0 173 
Green, Cody 4-10-0 63
Totals 15-25-0 236 2 49 1

Passing C-A-I Yds TD 
Kellogg III, Ron 11-19-0      124 0 23 1
Martinez, Taylor 4-13-1       52 0 23 1
Green, Cody 0-1-0 0 0 0 0
Totals 15-33-1 176 0 23 2


OK, Stats are all I have to go from (that and listening on the radio), but from these stats I would venture a guess that we have some definite issues in the QB position.


1)  I mentioned a couple months ago that I would like to see Carnes in the starting spot.  The stats here show that he can move the ball pretty damn well.  Note the 173 yards and No INT or fumbles.


2)  Cody Green once again reaffirmed my notion that he is in the wrong profession...... unless you can name a profession where dropping things is acceptable.


3)  Even the announcers were disappointed with Martinez' play.  They were trying to sound positive, but couldn't seem to find the correct words to convey how bad Taylor looked.


4)  Kellogg came out of nowhere for me.  Had not heard anything about the kid, but from what i heard and what i've seen of the highlights, he looked good in the pocket, made good decisions, and was able to move the ball well.



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Also, Carnes 40 yards net rushing was another nice wrinkle!  Neither of the "Returning" QB's had anything like that.

I flew back to Nebraska just for the game, so I can say that the stats don't tell the entire story.  There were 2 interceptions from T-Mart that were dropped.  He still has a terrible throwing motion.  Carnes looked as great as he sounded on the radio.  Turner looked great, and Martin switching to D-End looks like a brilliant move.  


Cody is still the kid with the biggest heart, and worst hands on the team.  However, it was all pretty Vanilla.  As we expected.  The weird thing is there was a player with "FB" listed as his position.  I'm not sure what that is.  He was also handed the ball a couple times to run with it, and he even scored.  Not sure who he was or what he was doing.... but I liked it!

true, but Rex is the man!

there are a couple of stars back there, just need to get some meat on them so that they can take the punishment that is sure to come from Big X play.


Even though it was the just a practice, I really liked the way Carnes looked. He looked very natural. The way a QB is supposed

to look. He had poise and I could see him and Turner clicking really well in the future. I still really like what Martinez did up until

his injury last season, but if he can't get his mind right I would hate to watch him be in the game playing like he did at the end of last season with a guy like Brion riding the bench behind him. I still support Martinez though. Lets see if he can figure his stuff out before this fall and then make our judgements. Brion will be a player though, mark my words

The question is who is going to be the best QB to run the FULL offense by the first game. Based on last season,  Pelini showed he's not afraid to start a red shirt freshman if he's the best guy.  I still think it will be Martinez, but we'll see.

I was there thought we were fast but very "spring ball-ish" cant wait to see the new frosh stud class get it and like bo

said I dont recruit to red shirt I bring them to play........It was fun sind the day before it was a freaking blizzard in Grand Island

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