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I just read this article about the truth behind Nebraska's problems. I agree with it 100%.

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I don't agree, for the most part.


The team concept is foreign anymore in any school.  You have your 4-5 star guys who garner all the attention, then you have the "Athletes", and then the bottom dwellers.... The Walk on.


All the highly touted dream players, get all the glory and none of the blame when they fail to do what they are expected to do on the field.  They also have the majority of the Off-field incedences.  Having the rest of the team try to look up to these spoiled "stars" is the tough part.  If you don't believe in the Team concept, because of your status, then having the coaching staff try to beat it into your head isn't going to work. 


That doesn't necessarily mean that the coaches can't coach, it means that the quality guys on the board aren't the kind of guys that you can build around.  Coaches teach fundamentals and schemes, it's up  to the players to learn what is expected of them and then execute what they've learned.  Just ask Turner.  He is just now owning up to the fact that he hasn't been practicing hard because he expected to start.  He thought he could walk on campus and be "The Man" before ever seeing a snap.  He's got talent, and I like to see him succeed, but the hard lesson is sitting the bench. 

My question is why isn't Martinez riding the bench?  He's not an effective passer, he's no longer the speed demon he was last year, he can't run the option worth a damn, and defenses read him like a book.  Time for a change.

If not Martinez then who? I remember when the Zach Lee haters were screaming for Cody Green. How'd that work out?  I agree with the article.  This is a coaching issue.

Lee was recruited to run Callahan's offense, so he was unfairly caught up in the transition. Cody Green was recruited to run Watson's multiple offense, which evolved into the zone read. Martinez beat Green out and Lee dropped to third string. I think I got more playing time than Lee last year.

Martinez, along with Helu, excelled in the zone read when everyone was healthy. Remember Washington, Kansas State, Missouri, Oklahoma State and even the first half of the Big 12 Championship game? We looked pretty good. The offensive success got the attention of the national media.  It was better than anything we did this year, and those were Callahan's recruits.

Now we are a disorganized mess on offense. We are trying to turn Martinez into Scott Frost, and once again, we have a talented Nebraska QB out of his element. And why did we burn Green and Heard's redshirt if Abdullah was going to get most of the back-up reps? Sigh...

I only agree that the coaches are the problem, but no answers or reasons were given in the above article.  Bill Callahan even beat Loyd Carr in the Alamo Bowl. Please don't tell me Bill is better than Bo. However, Wisconsin and Michigan have resembled Bill and Kevin's defensive techniques. Arm tackle the running back, don't hurt the quarterback just don't let him score.  We are last or close to last in all defensive categories. I don't care how young we are every player still runs fast enough, is tall enough and bench presses enough to keep up with anyone else. We beat Penn State, Penn State beat Michigan, Michigan beat us, Wisconsin is not as mighty as they seemed at the beginning of the season.  I don't think the new assistants are as good as those who left and there is no way one man can coach everyone and everything. Thats why you have assistants. Here are a few thoughts everyone is down on Taylor, I'm not so thrilled either but we have very big guys on the Offensive line, always have. I don't think Big Barney is worth is weight as a line coach we always have an excuse there young guys, banged up, new scheme. Tom should teach them how to overcome that, he just said "NEXT".  Why do we not blitz? allegedly the Big Ten is not a great passing conference, they look real good against us. Most quarter backs do if they have time, Taylor is good when he has time, time gives quarterbacks a chance to at least make good decisions and protect the ball.

i agree with the article, we are lacking major defense fundamentals.

all season long, they have had poor tackling, safeties not picking up receivers on the long ball (in a poor passing conference), inability to cover the middle of the field with linebackers....


the offense, as bad as it is, has bright spots. T-mart is making better decisions....

Don't forget that the lack of time of possession by the offense has kept the defense on the field way too long and for too many plays. You get real tired really fast chasing and tackling wide receivers and mobile QBs around when you're on the field for 40+ minutes. Time of possession by the offense is critical, even if you don’t score many points.

totally agree with your TOP assessment


Penn State beat Michigan.


Not true.  Michigan's record is what it is as they DON'T PLAY either PSU or Wisconsin.  They will also play 8 home games.  Talk about luck!


Michigan's 2 BIG losses have been on the road vs. Iowa and MSU.  They also beat Illinois on the road.


That's it...NO BIG DEAL.  Michigan IS NOT a very good team.  Michigan State DESTROYED them.


We simply made a mediocre Walverine team look good.


We had great coaching vs. MSU and terrible coaching vs. Michigan.


Is there any fight left in this dog?  We'll see on Friday.  Iowa will want this win very, very badly.  We need to pick up the pieces and come ready to play.  Fortunately they don't have a mobile QB.  It's Senior Day, we've at home and they don't have a mobile QB.  McNutt and Coker are studs and their defense is solid, if not spectacular.


Looking forward to this becoming a significant rivalry game for us over the upcoming years.  Wish that we had Wisconsin every year too but the BIG gods didn't let it happen.

True, but the D isn't helping itself with their terrible 3rd down %.  If they want off the field, they need to do something about it.


The loser of this game finishes 4th in the division.  That would be a tough one to swallow...

very tough.  step back to say the least.

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