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Was the Ohio State win a turning point or just good fortune Braxton Miller was injured.

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Pure luck...  Although, there must have been a major heart to heart between Pelini and crew to get fired up enough to make the 2nd half a shut out.  Even losing their QB shouldn't have stopped their running attack, as easy as they were gaining yards on us.
I thought momentum had turned in our favor. Braxton being injured just helped us and hurt them. The second half we played to our expected and real potential. Lights out Ohio State got shut out, injuries, suspensions or not they still have quality players. When we have injuries there is no mercy or excuses on us. They scored 27 in the first half and not one, zero in the second half. We could have let the bleeding continue but we didn't we took advantage of Lavonte David's take away, both the offense and defense fed off of it. We still had a long way and impossible way to go in a short amount of time. We didn't let them dictate us we took it to them. We said enough. Slapped them on the head, gave them a wet willie, took the ball away from them and pushed them down. Then we had to be classy and contain ourselves from not scoring again in the last seconds when everyone there knows we could have done so a will. And those of us who bet right won a little money on the spread : - ) So call it 41-27.  Or if looked at it like this we only played half a game and won 41-0. We can beat Wisconsin and any one else in the B1G.

It's not pure luck.  They put together a game plan to have a mobile QB to kill our D, and it was working.  Problem with that (and Taylor Martinez can tell you all about it) using your QB that way can get him hurt.  They took the risk, and it cost them.  Injuries are part of the game, and playing the "what if" game is pointless.  What if Taylor never got hurt last year, what if 2 of the 5 BIG drops in the Texas game were caught?... It's an endless game once you start down it.


The facts are, Our D started making plays and leaders are emerging.  Our O started making plays and Taylor had a great 2nd half.  Rex continues to make plays, Abdulah is coming on strong, and special teams remains solid.


It might not be the best OSU team ever, but the fact is, our team dug deep and found a way.

We can beat Wisconsin and any one else in the BIG.


Russell - And any one else in the BIG (except IU, MN and PU) can beat us.



Amen to those thoughts......there's a lot more than luck involved in the biggest come-from-behind victory in Husker History. There's something to be said for attitude.....I'm guessing most fans (including myself) had resigned ourselves to the belief that we were gonna have an 0-2 start in the Big Ten conference.....glad our players didn't have the same attitude we fans did....
The score was 20-7 at the half.  We didn't shut them out the second half.  They scored a TD on their first possesion.  Shut out after that...
I think it was a great decision to pull the trigger on getting Jean-Baptiste into the game.  I think he was also a spark that the D needed.  the INT was awesome, but he was making other plays throughout the second half.  Should have converted him from WR sooner, but glad that they made the change.  Miller and Bauserman had been fairly even to this point in the season.  Mobile QBs are what gives us trouble.  Keith Price was hurting us with his legs in the Washington game.  Russell Wilson, 'nuff said.  Denard Robinson will destroy the Blackshirts if they don't work on stopping the mobile guys.  If the secondary can start locking up coverage, that should help to put more bodies on stopping the running QB.  It's a long shot, but this team could still win the B1G.  I won't stop believing that until it's over the clock ticks down to zero.  This game is something to build off of, whether it is against a depleted (and when is OSU really depleted) team or not, having the cojones to score 28 unanswered is saying something.

First, we cannot defend a running quarterback very well--look at the Wisconsin game-It is a pych thing--you think you have everyone covered--then the QB burns you with a long run--its kills you as a defense (safety should pick up).  However, put in a "pocket" QB and we will get our sacks, hurries, knockdowns...interceptions/take aways WOW--the game totally changed once Braxton injured himself.  Clearly we were at an advantage once this happened..I think the other factor was number "4"-L. David--Once he ripped the ball out of Braxton's hands the Husker fans literrally fell out of their bench seats and we woke up.  The crowd was a non factor before that play--we just got louder and LOUDER.  The cards fell into our hands the last half however we still had to win offensively during a wet sloppy night and defensively we held them to "0" points in the second half.  We started to have a good rhythm throwing the quick dump off screen passes to Burkhead.  Lets face it without Burkhead we will not be able to setup our passing game he is a "Beast"!!!!!

Hey, it was fun this week taking us into the buy.  Like Bo says the team had a great win however they have a lot of work to do.  Let's hope it carries over to beating the Golden Gophers 1-5.  Otherwise, that would be even more embarrasing...gophers just mess up your lawn anyway. :))


Nebraska sets record comeback vs. Ohio State

Should be interesting on October 29th.  MSU stones mobile QBs and we stop pocket passers.


10-7 again?

Braxton Miller doesn't play defense...I mean our O-line was pushing around Ohio State in the 2nd half. Just something to be aware of. I see that as a very good sign. Our defense still has a long ways to go though, but I think they might be finding their stride. Be hopeful Husker fans, jeeze what a pessimistic group. I love watching Husker football, its fun, lets not forget that, ITS FUN 


- EB

Eric - You've always been a fungi! :-)
It felt like the Mizzou game a couple years back.  Remember, they were up quite a bit then the 4th quarter started and Niles Paul made a huge TD catch, Suh had the big sack, and it was just keeping the mo rolling.  I didn't watch the game, but from what I read and heard, when Martinez hit Burkhead on the 30 yard TD pass ( a check down pass) most felt NU was well on the way to winning.

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