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What did I see?  One sloppy goofy ass game.

We are a team that looks to be every bit as good as a #10 South Carolina SEC team.  Our offense had little trouble moving the ball on them (when we weren't busy moving backwards).  A defense that looked pretty good when the game was close.

But we have got to stop killing ourselves!  Granted the Refs did us no favors, but we can't move backwards on offense.  Our receivers have got to catch the ball.  I know Taylor throws behind, but if that's the best he can give, they have to catch it if they touch it.  (Bell still looks great though).

Imagine how good we'd be if we had a QB.  Magic arm, happy feet Martinez was back today!

I do see some good things, and we could have won this game, but all I can really say is, What a mess.

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Fumbles, blown assignments, penalties...pretty much finding every way possible not to win. Pelini teams are undisciplined...there I said it! 

You called it on our receivers.  Martinez throws funny, but how many times does he get a very catchable ball to the receivers?  Bell is the only one worth a $h!t.  Kinnie will be "addition by subtraction" next year.  A big body like him, and he can never seem to haul in a critical pass for a first down in traffic, yet that small Bell kid puts it on the line.  I know division III receivers that are WAAAAAYYYYY better than Kinnie, so seeing him on the field leads me to question our coaches.  Hopefully Westerkamp keeps his commitment, but who knows where that's going right now.

OL was terrible today.  Couldn't hold a block for more than 1-2 seconds.  Surprised Martinez wasn't sacked even more than he was.  As soon as Taylor gets the feeling his OL won't hold up it's time for as you say "Happy Feet".  Unfortunately, I don't see a bright future for the program.  7 to 10 wins a year will be the max under the current regime.  I would seriously look at going after Oklahoma State OC Todd Monken.  I like running the ball and managing the clock, but that is only effective when you can keep yourself out of 2nd and 3rd and long situations.  Our offense can't seem to do that and we don't have the passing attack to get us out of those jams.  Looking at the recruiting commitments so far, we don't seem to be landing enough impact players to come in and help quick enough.  Big Ten showed again today throughout all of the games that the SEC is superior as much as none of us want to believe it.  MSU at least played well vs UGA.  Yes, the Refs did us no favors, but like the A&M and OU games last year we can't blame the Refs for our implosions everytime something isn't going right in our game plan.

Oklahoma State's offense and our defense gets us in the top 5 and relevent.


I've been saying that about Brandon Kinnie for 2 years.  Seems like a good kid, but can't catch the ball consistently.  He must be a hell of a practice player though.

It was very sloppy and like you said we killed ourselves!  I was so dissapointed in the second half by all that everyone else already mentioned, no words from me too dissapointed!

Pelini teams have no discipline and cannot close....get used to it.  When he said Nebraska was back, he must have only meant "from the brink."

Oh...and I'm tired of Pelini's "caveman" halftime interviews.  Talk to the press like a normal person're the head coach of Nebraska!

Pelini is an embarrassment as a coach and person. Who in their right mind would send a son to go play for that guy?

Tomko your so right about his halftime interviews in todays instance you wouldn't expect any coach to be happy but he could be smarter bore them give what is expected and still be short but not be such a jackass.

I would, if my kid played defense.

I wish I could just "like" comments sometimes, this is one example!!


The Huskers sucked today.  And I agree with Tomko...undisciplined is a good word to describe them.  Those penalties in the second half and Dennard getting tossed killed them.  And Bo's behavior on the sideline was embarrassing.  Anyone who has played any team sport at the collegiate level knows some times you just get screwed by the refs.  You just have to keep your concentration and move on.  Once you start competing with the refs you lose concentration and forget who the hell you are really playing against.  And the game is lost.  Period.  Happens every time. 

I don't think next season is hopeless though.  I want to see Taylor improve his passing.  I would like Bell and Abdulah to each put on about 15 pounds.  I also wouldn't mind seeing a quarterback competition this spring.  If we are going to win the Big Ten we are going to have to pass.  As  we saw with Northwestern, any team can beat any other team in this conference and in order to come from behind a team has to pass. 

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