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Who are you going to miss playing the most from the Big 12?

I'm excited to be heading into our first season in the Big 10, but I will miss playing some of the Big 12 schools, or should I say Big 8 schools.  Here's who I'll miss, and who I won't:


I'll be missing ya!

-Oklahoma.  They killed the rivalry when they formed the Big 12, and now it's officially buried.  I'll miss them most.

-Missouri.  We have met 114 times in football since 1892.  1892!  The third oldest rivalry west of the Mississippi River.  It's been fun especially in the years they were looking good for once, only to be punched in the nose by the Huskers.  Nebraska leads it 65-36-3.

-Kansas.  We also started playing Kansas in 1892, and though we own the series 91-23-3, I never got tired of our Huskers knocking them around. 

-Texas A&M.  I've had a great time tailgating with their fans over the years.  They are good people, they hate UT, and they have an amazing band.  I also respect the 12th man tradition, and kissing the girl next to you after every TD.  Well done A&M.


See ya!

-Texas.  I could care less if we ever play this team again.  From bullying their way into better TV contracts, nearly ending the Big 12, and managing to blame it on Nebraska.  If I ever see you again, it will be too soon.

-Baylor, Iowa State, 10-1 and 86-17-2 respectfully.  They never amounted to much of anything.  Don't hate ya, in fact I don't care enough about ya to hate ya.

-Colorado.  The fans there (if you can call them that) are terrible.  The rivalry never happened, no matter how much they wanted it to.  49-18-2.

-Kansas State.  They worked all year to prepare for us, and it rarely paid off.  78-15-2.  I'm also glad we're leaving them behind as Bill Snyder returns.  Can't stand him.

-Oklahoma State.  You're no Oklahoma.

-Texas Tech.  Don't feel like I ever really got to know ya.


How about you guys?

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Growing up in Nebraska, and now living in Iowa, Im gonna go with Iowa State. Mainly cuz ISU played us so hard, and they werent assholes about it when they won or lost! It was respectful, at least here it was. Now, Iowa, on the other hand....might be a different story...And I miss the old Sooner rivalry from the '70's....Texas: you suck. Add seconds to the clock so you can win. Cheaters. Mizzou: Keep trying. The rest: Colorado: You suck. Im looking forward to kicking the Big 10's ass this year....BIG RED IS BACK BAY-BEE!

I'll probably miss Kansas the most...nice far as Texas goes.....I hope we play them again in a bowl game, representing the Big Ten, and knock the f'n taste out of their mouths......GO B1G RED !!!!!

Texas Tech.  Don't feel like I ever really got to know ya.


Daemon - Maybe you just want to forget 70-10.


I'll miss Texas.  Nothing like another loss to the Longhorns to get the blood pumping.  A hurdle that we never were able to overcome...even last year.  Unfinished business.

didn't forget, but still seeing a therapist about it.


Schools I'll Miss

First and foremost, Oklahoma.  There was a deep respect there and as a fan that loves to talk football, nothing beat listening to a game on internet radio and being on and talking with fellow fans.  You want some cool fans that understand tradition, Oklahoma and Nebraska.

Kansas:  Only because they were the opponent the first time I saw Nebraska play live.  Also, even though they never quite got over the hump, still the series was one of the longest running in the country.

Iowa St:  Every time the game was in Ames, it sent a chill up the spine for a week.

Oklahoma St:  This is mostly a nod to the old Big 8 and Coach Pat Jones who perhaps had the two best running backs of the 80s and still was knocked around by the Blackshirt defense, Barry Sanders and Thurman Thomas.


Love or leave em, I'm indifferent

Texas A&M:  Yes there was the fun game during the lost era, but besides that, ok.  Still a second fiddle to UT.

Baylor:  A throw-in during this good for nothing shotgun marraige

Texas Tech:  Gimmick offense, Michael Crabtree, Leach troubles, barely kbnew you

Kansas St:  Coach Snyder is a descent coach and yes they are an old Big 12 foe, but for the longest time, they had the worst win percentage of all time nationwide (they might still).


Leave them and don't look in the rear view mirror

Texas:  Just look at the troubles brewing with the Longhorn Network.  I thought the new Big 12 would last 5 years, it might not make Mizzou:  This is mostly due to their fan base's inferiority complex.  They would have been in the indifferent category except for the fact that when Nebraska made the jump, all of Mizzou was up in arms and just happened to overlook the fact the Mizzou administration was publicly talking to the Big 10 before Nebraska was.  Naughty, naughty.

Colorado:  Where to start, taking your life in your own hands if you have Nebraska plates or NU gear on.  How about McCartney's "red-letter" day.  Maybe its just the fan base as a whole.  I know every school has their bad apples, but for some reason it seems the bad apples at CU make headlines more often than not.  I know people have gone to the NU-CU game in Boulder and had a grand time, but feel good stories from Boulder trips are way too few and far in between.


I am on your radar with Oklahoma and Texas and Colorado.  Miss ya, won't miss you, and you really won't miss us, you losers.  Glad to be in the Big 10.  Now that I live in Madison, WI I'm getting kidded around about the October 1 game and walking around State Street I'm finding anti-Husker T shirts are popping up in the sports store.  Hope we win, cuz I'd love to see the red faces the next day!

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