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What happened? And what will this do to the team?

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GIJoeRed, I noticed you keep disagreeing with everyone on what happened, do you have some inside knowledge you would like to share? Or do you just like to appear as you have some intimate knowledge of the situation and start an argument. I detect a bit of Hubris from you.
I heard that Cody isn't really a human, but an alien from the same planet as Micheal Jordon. Since they have an unfair advantage over us mere humans he had to be kicked off the team. This is from a very close source. Well, actually not that close being it's from another planet. True story.
I do have intimate knowledge, but not at liberty to say, but it isn't tickets, and it isn't grades., and no cops are involved.

You can ask until you're blue in the face, and you won't goad me into giving up what it is, but it is a situation that came about because a person wasn't allowed to exercise their free will and wanted it dropped. Basically - Cody got blindsided after the fact by people that had nothing to do with it.

btw - I'm not "disagreeing" I'm telling you the way it is - it ISN'T tickets.
Well I won't ask your "theory" period, let alone until such a time I turn colors from wasting my breath.

I do find it rather humorous that you claim to have intimate knowledge, but yet you are sworn to secrecy. Convenient for you, when the story finally breaks, you can tell everyone how you knew it all along.
why you being a tard about this, just because I won't satisfy your need to know? I told you, I was entrusted with the information.

Maybe that's not how you roll, but it is how I roll. Use this as your logic then hero, when the story breaks, and you catch wind of it, you tell me if it was a story that sounds like something I probably knew was the real deal or not. Because of the story, I won't have to claim anything, the details of the whole ordeal will validate why I wouldn't tell you.
Thank You, Jason
Let me guess....somebody has inappropriate pictures of Bo and Cody in a compromising position?

With all the "stuff" that has happened here over the years, nothing should shock us!!

Bo knows Diddly!!
Jason - Got bad news for you...."I" am part of "we".

Happy to see the NU win!

KSWho actually did beat Louisiana-Lafayette by 8 this year so I feel real good about things. A loss certainly would have been hard to take. I never have liked "Who", particularly Bill Snyder.

Did you know that former KSU QB, Brian Kavanagh was from Naperville too?

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