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We failed to execute the most basic principle of offense.  RUN THE FREAKING BALL.  Rex was running wild over SC, why in the hell would you change that formula to having T-FART try to win by passing?  The O-line couldn't hold up to the pass rush, so why keep trying to pass the ball, when all that was going to happen was either a sack or an interception?  The worst that could happen in the running game was Rex getting hurt, but we have back ups that are just as fast and almost as powerful to take up  the slack.


D-Fail....  Dennard screwed the pooch.  He basically handed the game over by his stupidity.  Getting Handsy is part of the game.  Getting ejected for fighting is unacceptable.  It hurt the team and hurt his draft status too. 


Coaching- FAIL.....  Getting pissed at the refs for doing their job is rediculous.  They weren't that bad.  At least they were consistent on both teams.  There were bad calls on both teams, but that is what happens.  Get over it. 


I don't want Bo out as head coach.  I want to give him time to build the team for the 2nd time in 4 years to be able to compete in the BIG.  There may be some dicipline issues on his part, but he is still growing into the job.  Frustration is going to happen when you build a team to compete in one conference, then change mid stream.  Doesn't make the job easy.


More later.


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We lose the heart and soul of our defense for next year...but at least we lose Carl too!

" Frustration is going to happen when you build a team to compete in one conference, then change mid stream. Doesn't make the job easy".........Excellent Point

After a 49-7 loss vs. Bama in Orlando last year I think that Mark Dantonio has decided that he wants to build a team to compete in the SEC. Not a bad approach. Not going to happen overnight.


Urban Meyer, Nick Satan, Bob Stoops and Les Miles are all midwest guys who have built prominent programs in other parts of the country...guys like them should be able to figure out how to do it on their home turf as well.


90% of my issue with Bo? His ridiculuous behaviors.


I'd rather go 2-10 with a coach who embodies the core values of the university and community than 10-2 with a coach who acts like a jerk. As many have stated here if the HC is going to lose control so is his team.


We're seeing it happen time and time again.


How do we beat MSU 24-3 and lose to Michigan 45-17?


Just doesn't make sense other than this "mobile QB" thing.


If the Big 12 is a haven for mobile QBs how is it that our defense has never learned to stop one? Almost bizarre.

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