Introduction to

Navigating the Community: The best way to learn your way around the HuskerSpot Fan Network is to explore, explore, explore! There’s nothing like good old trial and error. But there’s nothing wrong with a helping hand, so here’s a guide to terms and features.

The first thing you'll want to do is sign in (or join if you haven't already!)

Once you've signed in, you'll see a personalized greeting, and you'll be able to use the grey bar at the very top:

Clicking on one of the icons will make the selection drop down:

Each icon deals with a different section. Click on your name to edit your profile and personal settings. Click on the email icon to view messages you’ve sent and received. Click on the icon of a person to view your friends and friend requests you’ve sent and received.


Your home page

Click on the "My Profile" tab at the top to go to your home page. This is your very own page to customize as you wish. You can even add your own blog! It’s simple to upload photos, videos and add your own captions!

Message Boards

There are two places you can post questions to the community.

- Main Forums Page: This page is for general discussions. Click the "Forums" tab to visit.

- Groups: In Groups such as Nebraska Cornhusker Volleyball Fans and Kansans For Nebraska you can post discussions according to topic, and even create your own Group. Click the "Groups" tab to visit.

The Share button allows you to send an email to your friends and so they can respond to your post and join the discussion:


To send a community member a friend request, click on the “add as a friend” link, located under their main profile picture on the upper left corner. Once that person accepts your request, you will be friends and you can track each other’s activity on the community!


Other options

Comments: Comments are separate from message board responses. A comment is a one-on-one message from you to another person. You can comment on another member’s page, picture, blog entry or video. The comment will appear on that person’s page in the exact place you left it.

Photos & Videos: You can upload photos and videos either from your homepage, or by clicking the "Photos" or "Videos" tab. You can upload your own videos from computer, and you can also upload YouTube videos to the Videos section.

You can also insert YouTube videos into your forum posts: Go to the desired video on and copy and paste the “embed” code, located on the upper right, directly into your comment box.


Invite: Allows you to send an invitation via email to a friend who is not yet a community member. Just add your friend’s name and email address and they’ll receive an email from us!


Tags: A tag is a key word. Adding tags to your comments, videos, photos, etc., allows you to search for other pages with similar tags.

You can add tags to any discussion, even ones someone else started!

For Advanced Users: RSS

RSS feeds are provided for a variety of different sections of our Community. You can subscribe to feeds for the Main Discussion area, the Latest Activity, or subscribe to a Group feed, for example. You can use these feeds with a variety of RSS reader software and web-based news readers or personalizable homepages (like iGoogle or My Yahoo!)

Besides offering RSS feeds for content, you can add RSS feeds to your homepage. Your RSS box on the left vertical bar, under your photos, allows you to enter the URL of your blog or another blog that you like. Your friends can see the titles of the blog entries as well as small excerpts!